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  1. Ahem. for all the OK doubters, same doubters on this thread near enough.
  2. Another Central defender, a winger and a striker and we'll be ok.
  3. ST Rick i admire the sentiments behind your post but it's not going to happen. Our board have to back down and just sell the one stand or suffer a backlash from their own fans, IMO of course.
  4. I'd give them nothing if it was up to me. I think that Gordon Scott should seriously rethink giving them the south stand just to earn a few more quid. Listening to your own fans would be a far more sensible policy IMO.
  5. A far more accurate thread than the must go one. It pays to actually know a good thing when you see it even if it doesn't happen as instantly as the impatient, unrealistic supporters would want.
  6. I'd be amazed if Harry doesn't sign a new contract very soon. This is a team on the up!
  7. Has Stephen not already began contract talks? pretty sure i read that.
  8. Jack are James are hopefully turning our home into a fortress and teams won't like coming to play us.
  9. Every game is a big one we can't dismiss any team in the league, if we do that we'll suffer!
  10. We can't count out Dundee Utd because of one game, remember we lost heavily to Morton and then we beat Livvy and DU.
  11. Wishful thinking probably. If we keep him till May we'll be doing really well.
  12. Jack proving his doubters wrong again yesterday!
  13. I doubt they have enough food for me and shull in hospitality.
  14. The facebook page is a good laugh. I just read it, don't contribute. I think all of Shull's aliases are on it.
  15. Getting Harry back and keeping him fit will be a massive boost if we are to challenge for the title.
  16. I will need to shed a stone or two before i could ask for a game.
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