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  1. Based on previous season we will have a few still to come in. I'm expecting two loanees and two out of contract players who have yet to find a club.
  2. The way he is capable if strolling forward with the ball makes him a huge asset in a back three. Can't understand how he doesn't get a start .
  3. Kelty,s experienced players must be really pissed off , getting beat by whats in effect our third team . Well done the youngsters. Can see a couple of them going out on loan .
  4. Should have had Connor McCarthy on the right hand side of the three central defenders and Erahon playing next to Power in front of the back three . We should be defending better . Its going to be a long season.
  5. Need to have Connor McCarthy back for this one. Hearts will be dangerous at set peices . Hopefully Hearts luck runs out , they certainly got the breaks last week .
  6. Maybe Lewis Jamieson. He did well at Clyde . Very fast and works hard to close down defences . Well worth keeping an eye on Inverness,s results.
  7. I think that's how it will pan out . No hurry to sell Ethan , his time will come .
  8. Think we are doing a good job of highlighting the fact that the players are available at the right price . Just need a few more teams interested to get the right price up .
  9. Would be looking for double whats been offered and a decent sell on . Won't be surprised if a team comes in for both . I think we have to let players go if the right bid comes as that encourages others to sign , knowing that they won't be held back if a decent bid comes. Must be others in Ireland keeping an eye on Mccarthy and McGrath,s progress thinking they might fancy a spell at Saints .
  10. I thought it changed to David Hays mid eighties in an attempt to make it a Celtic pub. I'm sure the Chivas Regal Bus used to run from the Hole in the Wa and continued to do so after the name change.
  11. Was stringfellows not the lounge area next the Bob Inn?
  12. Was speaking to a footballer that was playing in a midweek testimonial at Parkhead for Notts Forest during the eighties, after the game the players all headed to Toledo Junction because that was where the action was.
  13. I believe them, they hardly missed a game early eighties and knew most of the away support. Everyone who followed Saints early eighties knew Simon and Slasher.
  14. Because the two guys that went told me.
  15. There was a Saints fan known as Slasher that used to be on the Chivas Regal bus during the early eighties who went down to live and work in London. Used to be a bit of a west ham fan. Pleasant chap, who was one of the two Saints fans that went to the Slavia Prague away game.
  16. £350,000, %25 sell on, a further £150k if he makes 25 appearances and we get him on loan for a season would be a fair deal.
  17. Heard a few Saints fans are over at the weekend.
  18. Killie looking good to romp the championship.
  19. I think we will sign a versatile defensive player shortly. But will chose not to sign any more attacking players until after the League Cup games. Josh Jack, Lewis Jamieson and Jay Henderson will be given opportunities off the bench in the sectional games and maybe hopefully one or two of them might show they have what it takes to be part of the first team squad on match days. Think we will also get a couple of loanees in during this time, depending on how we show up in the league Cup games.
  20. I hope one then that can also play midfielder too from a break up play point of view. Exactly that type of player, with a bit of height.
  21. Heard we had a couple of bids knocked back for a defender last week.
  22. I would persevere with both, whilst they wouldn't be in my ideal starting eleven, they do provide options off the bench. They are also young enough that they could possibly improve over next season. I think both players know they have to improve to ensure a further contract.
  23. I'm thinking we will be a sort of 3 - 4 - 1 - 2 formation with two holding midfielders and two attack minded wing backs. We are targeting a holding midfielder that can also slot into central defence if required. I think the extra height in next seasons team will allow us to make more of Shaunessys long throws. We have definitely kicked on as a squad, as I don't see us involved in the relegation battle.
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