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  1. I do agree that that national team is not what it used to be for a lot of players now. But I think the answer is to be a lot tougher on them. Don't allow them to pick and choose when they play for Scotland when it suits them. The current approach of allowing this clearly isn't working. Players are human beings aswell and aren't completely unaffected by criticism. They should be singled out for turning the country down and they can then deal with the barrage of public and social media criticism which will result from it. Currently the SFA jusy play along with these crackpot excuses to keep the criticism off the players. This only encourages them to pull out and lets them hide beind their excuses.
  2. I'm still a big fan of international football. I go to a lot of away games and there is still a strong appetite for it among the core support. I'll be going to San Marino but not Kazakhstan. I think we've seen cycles like this before. It's just cos we are shite at the moment. McLeish hasn't handled the call offs well. He hasn't shown strong enough leadership and the players dont respect him. They aren't scared to call off. Something that infuriates me about international football is when new managers come in and give it the cliche "everyone is starting from a blank slate". That's basically saying to players like Matt Ritchie "It's okay for you to undermine the last manager and pull out of Scotlands biggest game in years, just don't do it to me"..Then he's surprised when the same players pull out when he's the manager. You need to show stong leadership from day 1. Players who have pulled out for the previous manager shouldn't get a clean slate as soon as an new manager comes in. If you do that you undermine the last manager and provide an opportunity for these guys to do it again.
  3. I said the clubs should come out and condemn it. How is that accepting it? I don't think it's as deep a problem as you think it is. There is a media frenzy about it at the moment because it's topical and there were a few high profile incidents. Its something that will just always exist on some level and there's nothing that can be done to stop that. Any knee jerk reactions by punishing clubs would just be detrimental to the game but I think we are agreed on that part.
  4. If by fix you mean stopping it completely then yes it is impossible. Take yesterday's Birmingham derby for example. 30k people there. If one drunken idiot out of 30k people decides he wants to run onto the park there is absolutely nothing stopping him. It doesn't happen every week. In fact I've never seen it discussed on MOTD before apart from last night so it's hardly as widespread as we're made believe. Clubs can only condemn it and move on. Nothing else can be done.
  5. This issue is something that is never going to be fully resolved. It's like saying you want world peace, it's never going to happen. Unfortunately this notion is too much for many people including pundits and the media to understand. There isn't always an answer to every problem. Sometimes you just need to live with it. There has been trouble at the football since Jesus was a boy and there will always continue to be. The idea of punishing clubs for society's problem is beyond ridiculous for so many reasons.
  6. The media are so predictable on this. Almost every media outlet was in uproar about her asking to come back and spouted propaganda against her return. The media were almost unliaterally in full support of the governments decision Now a fortnight later and the baby's died it's now all the foreign secretary's fault for not letting her in. You couldn't make it up!
  7. Worse than if he had left with 2 months to go in the season? We might have thrown away the title if that had happened. It's never a good time to lose a good manager that you want to keep. But some times are worse than others. I think leaving at the end of a season is the least bad of all the times he could have went.
  8. Hope all the St Mirren fans who were raging at JR for the "bad timing" of his departure can now see what actual bad timing is. Leaving with 2 months of the season remaining when you're on the brink of a treble treble is bad timing. Winning the title, getting promoted and leaving at the end of the season is NOT bad timing.
  9. Why? For calling it as it is? He's been to Ibrox as a manager plenty times before. I'm sure it's not the first time he's been subject to that. Not saying it's okay btw but he should have chosen a time when he got a good result to make that point.
  10. Meltdown of the year last night. Got to love Scottish football for the amount of meltdowns we've had this season. It's funny how the sectarianism hasn't came up at any other of the many times he's played the OF over the last few years. Only the time they get gubbed 5-0 out the cup.
  11. This part annoys me. If she had her citizenship revoked before the baby was born this situation wouldn't be an issue. Why have the British Government been so unaware of this? Do we seriously believe they didn't know she existed up until a week ago when some journalist done an interview with her? We're supposed to have the best intelligence services in the world. Her citizenship should have been revoked the day she set foot in Syria.
  12. There are a few nutters at every football club in the world. Most other chairmen keep their emotions aside rather than dragging the club publicity through the mud.
  13. Gordon Scott has made an absolute laughing stock of the club today with that statement. I'd love to know what the f**k he expects it to achieve. We are getting lambasted from all angles on social media due to his personal vendetta against one section of our support. If an incident happened and the law was broken let the police deal with it like every normal person. Wading in due to his own personal grievances has just embarrassed our club on a nationwide scale
  14. This part just isn't true. There have been no flares or fireworks. What planet are they actually on? There have been smoke bombs but there is a big big difference between flares/fireworks and smoke bombs.
  15. They are all on loan so it is going to be another full overhaul again in the summer. Regardless of which division we are in.
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