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  1. Why not get rid of the league cup in both countries and replace it with the Anglo cup? Or merge the League cups? Same thing really but I always thought that could be a decent option.
  2. LargsBud

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    He's done some job to have stopped the rot though. The club were dropping like a stone. It was never going to be a case of them absolutely horsing this league. If he can get them promoted in any way in his first season it will be a great achievement.
  3. LargsBud

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    You want another loanee from the English lower leagues? Ehm....No thanks.
  4. LargsBud

    Alan Johnston Sacked

    If he does well there i.e. wins the league, our chance to ever get him will have gone.
  5. LargsBud

    VAR. Here's a solution

    How many cameras and cameramen would we need though? If you watch the highlights of our non televised games through St Mirren TV, you can see its a terrible angle, too far away and can tell you basically nothing in terms of fouls committed. This would need to be rolled out for all games and not just the big games. At a time when we still allow clubs in the top flight to have plastic pitches due to the fact they can make a tiny sum of money on it, we are never going to invest the required cash in VAR.
  6. Disgraceful tweet considering hes still a Killie player till the end of the season. Total diddy club if they let him away with this. Can you imagine the meltdown if Morgan had tweeted something along these lines this time last year?
  7. LargsBud

    January Exits

    Don't think we want to emphasise that. If he doesn't want to be with us and wants out then great! The sooner we can get him off the books the better and I'm sure the club are trying their best to do that.
  8. Can't believe people are actually saying they want it to be more expensive. The difference of £10 per ticket for the club will be very little especially when the crowd will be sub 4k and we split the gate. We might be skint but we're no that skint. It obviously means more to a wee diddy club like Alloa. Fair play to the club for trying to get the prices lower. Considering the amount of money the fans have spent following the club this year I think we deserved a "cheaper" game.
  9. LargsBud


    Probably about 4 months too late.
  10. LargsBud

    Stick or twist in January?

    There is absolutely no way we will get promoted any time soon if we end up back in the Championship. It was a miraculous achievement to only spend 3 years in the Championship the last time. It will be at least that again, probably significantly more. People need to get this idea out their head of us going down, spending big money then coming straight back up. It never happens. In terms us us developing into a premier league team over the next 5 or so years it's all or nothing in January. We absolutely have to stay up this season. We need to do everything we can do in January to make sure we stay up.
  11. If anything these are the clubs that it would hurt least. Gate receipts will be a much lower percentage of their overall revenue than it will be for teams like us.
  12. LargsBud

    Alan Hutton “Wondergoal”

    You quoted two left backs in comparison to a right back. Even at that Yes - Hutton is better than an out of position and left footed KT at right back.
  13. LargsBud

    Alan Hutton “Wondergoal”

    Get him back in that Scotland team. He's still miles better than anything else we've currently got.
  14. Good draw. Was hoping for Talbot away for the novelty but I'll take a home draw to lower league opposition any day. Hope we can get a good run of favourable draws this year.