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  1. I think the fairest solution is to just pick the season up from where it left off whenever we can get back to football again. We have 8 games to go. We just play them first then immediately start the new season. We can fit the extra 8 games in easily over the year by having extra mid week games and no winter break. Its obviously not a 100% perfect situation but nothing is. IMO this does the least damage. It would be very harsh relegating a team with 8 games to go.
  2. The club rightly aren't putting out the begging hand to fans unless they absolutely need it. Asking fans to bail clubs out is something that should only be done very few times in a clubs history to ensure that when you really need it the fans come calling. We St Mirren fans have in the past bailed our club out its hour darkest hour and some point in the future may have to again. However at the moment when its not absolutely desperate life or death scenario for the club its right they don't ask just because other clubs seem to be doing it. Be proud that the club is financially responsible and in a decent state at the moment. Fans are going to have a lot of financial worries themselves now and more so in the future when this recession really hits.
  3. If 50% had no symptoms and the other 50% had mild symptoms how did people die from it? Am I missing something?
  4. If anybody wants a laugh go and read the first page of this thread and see the experts on here telling us it's all an overreaction.
  5. Its a cultural thing. As a society we've never seen anything like this before and people can't get their head around the idea that this is actually happening and the government can't protect us. It's tailed off in China because the memories of SARS, swine flu and other epidemics that killed many people in China all happened in living memory. So culturally they know how to deal with stuff like this and immediately go into preservation mode when it starts to take off.
  6. It's worrying the lack of urgency people have over it in this country. Largs prom was mobbed yesterday and there were fair rides and restaurants open and all sorts going on. We are only 2 weeks behind Italy going by the stats and we still aren't in full lockdown. In western countries our lives are so comfortable and people still can't fathom that something like this is actually happening.
  7. It takes more than 2 weeks to start seeing the effects of a lock down. Look at what happened in China. The people dying today in Italy caught it more than 2 weeks ago (pre-lockdown). Some people even take up to 2 weeks before showing any symptoms. Then they spend multiple more weeks after that fighting it.
  8. Getting to the top 6 doesn't make you a bigger club but that does seem to be the most frustrating thing about us. We never seem to have just one good season where we get in the top 6. All the other clubs you mentioned who aren't any bigger than us have managed to do it at least once. There isn't even a single person or group of people we can blame. Its a new manager, players, chairman and board from the last time we were in the Premier League and we still can't manage it.
  9. Come on, give it a rest FFS. Games against the OF are not the ones we should be concentrating on.
  10. Making more money for who exactly? Not more money for my pocket so I don't care. I've been following St Mirren for over 25 years. The 3 best years for crowds and atmosphere were all title wins in the 1st division/Championship
  11. 100% agree. Winning this cup is far better than staying in the league.
  12. Its the perfect tie for us. Home game against a team good enough that we wont be complacent but not too good that we wont beat them. We do need to finish it in 90 mins this time. Its over if we have to go up there. 2-0 Saints.
  13. There was nothing great about that day. I still get nightmares thinking about it.
  14. Well unfortunately we don't have 150k to buy him and 10k a week to pay his wages. It's quite simple really. Comparing Obika to a player we can't afford is pointless.
  15. Recent times? It was 14 year ago 😂 A repeat of that win would be nice.
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