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  1. He's got plenty results against them both over the last few years. Its taken him a long time to master that though.
  2. You probably don't improve their match day experience either.
  3. Managers rarely sign players anymore. Look at Pochettino's interview today. It would be perfectly normal for us to have signed players without a manager. Hence the reason for a DoF in the first place.
  4. On other threads you have been highlighting the fact that our attendances have sharply risen over the last few years. Why all of a sudden do you think people are now no longer buying? The season hasn't even started. The league cup always has terrible attendances at this stage. That's got nothing to do with st mirren, the issue is with the tournament and format.
  5. I agree with this but it's still backing them. I think the original point was that he was accused of not backing the managers. Every manager he has appointed had been given the opportunity to bring in a significant number of players and shape their own team. I believe he has learned from last summer's mistakes and that's why there is more caution this year and a determination to bring in a higher standard of player rather than just any tom dick or harry.
  6. This has got nothing to do with him backing managers. This was a completely separate issue which has been discussed to death on this forum. The facts are GLS has significantly backed every manager he has appointed so far. Jack Ross with the January 2017 squad overhaul, Stubbs with last summer's whole new squad and OK with another whole new squad in January this year. He will back Goodwin. It takes time to get the right standard of players in.
  7. We'd very likely be in the championship right now if Gus wasnt here. Do you think OK could have identified all those players and brought them in on his own in January while trying to manage the team and adapt to a new league at the same time?
  8. It would be just exactly the way it was before. Do you mean exclude non league teams like EK?
  9. The same way it was before. There was nothing wrong with the traditional format.
  10. The tournament has been ruined by the current format . Whether we like it or not the fact is this stage of the tournament is taking place pre season and it will always be treated with an element of pre season atmosphere to it. The sooner the spfl ditch this shite format the better. The attendances speak for themselves. Surely that's a huge and clear indication that the fans aren't interested and this new format has fallen flat on its face. The fact that a team can win a national tournament by playing 4 games of football is a total joke as well.
  11. We are trying to get players of a good calibre this year which is difficult to get. I'm sure if we wanted to we could sign about 6 or 7 diddies tomorrow of standard of players we brought in last summer. When you are looking for quality players on our budget it takes time. We just need to wait and be patient. This cup competition is a farce coming this early. It makes a total mockery of the tournament which relegates it to basically a pre season tournament.
  12. This is what I was thinking. He seemed more optimistic in his previous interview about something getting completed soon.
  13. We have relied on rumour and speculation to explain the reason for his departure. If you look at only the official channels all we got was two sentences saying he had left. There needed to be something more than that. They could have just said we couldn't come to an agreement with him about his living circumstances so we've decided to end the contract etc...
  14. I'm divided on this. As fans of the club we absolutely have the right to know why our manager was sacked. You can't just sack a new manager and appoint someone new within a few days with absolutely no explination. You can't rely on internet rumours to provide the reason without releasing an official explination for it. I think GLS has told a half story here. On one hand he says it was the worst kept secret in Scottish football and we forseen OK leaving. Then on the other hand he says he is raging because it wasn't done at the end of the season. So which one is it? There are clearly things left out here. A clear and official reason for the dismissal of our manager should have been released from the club. Another unprofessional mess.
  15. Ach every manager has their own styles. If he is as successful a st mirren manager as Gus was he will prove to be a great appointment.
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