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  1. How can we talk about anyone being under qualified for the job when the last managerial appointment we made was a PE teacher?
  2. Ffs if the old BoD were still in charge we'd probably be in League one now or the championship at best. That's the direction the club was going. Even when you look at last season - in all likeliness the old BoD wouldn't have taken the punt on OK and would have given it to someone like McIntyre. Look how that ended up? It's all ifs and buts, however the decisions the current BoD have taken has resulted in us getting to the premier league and staying there. They are doing a more than decent job.
  3. Why would you be raging? The budget is the budget. If he doesn't like it he can leave. A club our size cant spend money we don't have. We've been down that road before.
  4. You don't know the difference between top 4 and going for/winning the title? Are you 5?
  5. Ffs he's only trying to talk the club up. There's nothing wrong with that. If we aren't setting our sights high then there's no point turning up. How many season tickets do you think we would sell if our CEO came out and said our aim is to finish 10th for the next 5 years. The man's a saints legend and should be treated as such.
  6. I don't see it tbh. We wouldn't have budgeted at the start of the season for signing a whole new team in January. The fact we did will eat into this season's money. In terms of bigger attendances, that needs to be looked at over a whole season. I doint think an average of 5.5k will be far away from what we expect at the beginning. So it won't be seen as a bonus. We will have the same as we did last summer but hopefully we can spend it far better this year. It can't be any worse!
  7. I wouldn't be certain about that. We effectively spent 2 budgets last season by getting the whole new team to stay up. It was a gamble which paid off but we will be hoping to recoup some of that this year. We'll probably have as much to spend as we spent last summer.
  8. The number 2 doesn't dictate the philosophy or anything that. They just bring their experience and contacts in the game hopefully.
  9. We should go for Peter Huston. Good expericed guy and has been a good number 2 through the years.
  10. McAllister is 20 years old. How can you say a 20 year old has failed when he hasn't been given his chance yet? Kenny MacLean was a slightly above average premiership player up here and has went down to the championship and won the league down there looking like a superstar. Mcginn has done exactly the same. Martyn Waghorn couldny kick his own arse up here and he's went down there and is Derbys 2nd top scorer and one of their best players. The quality outside the PL isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  11. If your main argument for changing the playoffs is based on something that isn't true do you not think it should be picked up on? If you are only talking about 4 games, being off by 2 is significant. The only change I'd make is removing the quarter final tie and not allowing the 4th placed team in. I would prefer 2 home sell outs for the final over going through to Edinburgh or something for a one off game any day. Depending on who is in the final it could get a bit tin pot. Imagine we played ICT. It would be at Perth and you'd be lucky if we got 6k there.
  12. This isn't true btw. We played 38 league games this season. Ayr who finished 4th played 36 league games. If they had made it to the play off final they would have played 4 further games before meeting us. This is a total of 40 games. That's 2 more games than us, not 4.
  13. This has got 2-0 Saints written all over it. I was nervous as f**k on Thursday but the closer to the game it gets the more confident I'm becoming. Got to start Mullen though.
  14. Aye that is ridiculous. It would have riled me as well.
  15. To be fair the combination of the sudden surge in demand plus the ticketing website f**king up would be difficult for anyone to deal with. The staff aren't sent up to deal with situations like this regularly. They are lucky if they sell 500/600 tickets on a normal week and that's with a working online system to help. When everything f**ks up at once its obviously going to cause chaos.
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