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  1. Try Ayr, Dunfermline or Elgin, locally Beith or Pollock could be a long shot....😊
  2. Good result Saint's.......Shame we couldn't build on our early lead,
  3. Very funny, is this meant to be some sort of yolk?
  4. Get the cnut tae f**k Top Cat will be heartbroken..
  5. Brilliant draw IMO.... Cant beat a cup tie with a big crowd against local rivals and similar size club, there a good side but we're improving so game on.... Hope it's a Friday night under the lights....bring it on...
  6. Playing a team of midgets here by the looks of things
  7. Martin O'neil is/was a Sunderland fan, but if I'm being honest and with having worked down there on many occasions I've got to say I think you're talking nonsense Ricky boy...
  8. I know taxi drivers that earn a grand a week for sitting on there fat arses and talking a load of pish to there passengers, do you think they're worth the money they make?
  9. Well deserved 3 points for that 2nd half performance, also I thought Obika and Foley were superb today.,.. The beer's are gonna taste lovely tonight..COYS...
  10. No shame in tonight's result, That's the fewest league goals Celtic have scored at home so far this season... We'll be sitting pretty after the next round of games..
  11. He probably had no option but to say that, he was moaning about inexperienced refs a few weeks back, looks like he's dug a bit of a hole for himself on that issue..
  12. Hard to believe we're 3rd bottom and their 3rd top, next to nothing between the sides today if anything I thought we were the better team, we really need a natural replacement at left back because we really missed P McGinns presence down the right..... oh well another hard luck story.....Feckers.
  13. None of these guys Shullster..... Just the return of a former poster (S C) who lost his sign in details when my laptop broke a few months ago.... I heard you're getting a rough time of it in here just now, need some hauners...😂
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