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  1. How can a Scot not be Scottish?
  2. Inflation is measured on year-to-date so, as prices shot up this spring, inflation could be lower next spring even though prices are higher than now. Prices were still comparably cheap last winter which means that inflation could well reach 13% before dropping when we get to the anniversary of the Ukraine invasion, even though prices would still be higher than they are this winter. His 8% for next spring could be right, especially when you factor in the £400 fuel subsidy everyone's getting which will essentially keep inflation "lower" than it would otherwise have been. Of course, if Putin uses a tactical nuke, all bets are off. [emoji265][emoji3509]
  3. Just take them all at once then you won't have any left - sorted.
  4. Not necessarily mad. Arrogant, power hungry and used to being able to act with impunity - not a good mix when things don't go his way.
  5. As others have said, usually anything at all is a bonus when up against the bigots. However, this time I am quietly confident of getting something from this game, although a lot will depend on who is/isn't available, especially to make the ball stick up front when we have it. I do agree with antrin, this mob are not as good as the other mob, but this is at their patch, not ours. Of course, unless we take the 3 points, the other mob will be accusing us of being closet h*ns and lying down to them.
  6. https://news.sky.com/story/amp/two-men-charged-over-alleged-assault-of-prince-andrew-heckler-12710153
  7. I called the club, they said I've to tell you and Glen to stop being twats.
  8. Slarti

    Paisley Pubs

    Also Ugly Duck has karaoke on Friday (I think) and Saturday (definitely). Abbey Bar has it on Saturdays - that's normally where you'll find me, so you know where to keep away from. [emoji16] The Charleston on both nights, the Balnagowan on Saturdays (not sure about Fridays) - handy if starting at McIntyre Place. Swan normally have a band on late Saturday afternoon into early(ish) evening but sometimes it's ticket only. Anchor sometimes have a band on Saturday afternoons. I don't often go out on Fridays, so can't really answer the Friday/Saturday bit.
  9. TBF, I've know Alan since I was 6 years old (start of P3), and even then he was a massive Saints fan.
  10. Ok, what have we spent the £1.7m on? Extra win bonuses? Let's just hope they haven't invested it in the stock markets, eh.
  11. I don't refer to Finland as Suomi or Hungary as Magyarország, so I've no reason to refer to Ireland as Eire. I just tend to use the one language at a time - that language usually being "drunken sailor". Yeah, Alba is more like ah-lip-ah.
  12. Here's some. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/in-your-area/renfrewshire/st-mirren-supporters-group-marching-28057876.amp
  13. He said his info was from a "reliable source". What he didn't say was a "reliable source of information". Could have been a "reliable source of heroin".
  14. ^^^ Trying waaaaaay too hard - still caught Lucy, though.
  15. Knew there was something weird about you. [emoji16]
  16. I heard that the club is waiting on extra duct tape before they can patch up the dome. Apparently it's on order at ScrewFix. Not sand, it's big bowls of jelly and ice cream we've had our faces in since Sunday. Insiders? Pah! We Illuminati are on the outside, controlling everything like master puppeteers. Maybe NASA could save billions on sending men back to the moon by doing away with the rockets and just use the existing wires you're already connected to the moon with as a pulley system to get them there and back. Just a thought.
  17. Just as much proof in my post as there is in the OP's, so I claim a draw.
  18. Mine are based on the history of "reliable sources" on this forum. I'm playing the odds. Plus the fact that, even though very similar shit was posted a while back, not a word has been reported by the media. Went through the £1.7m? It's probably been stuck in an account somewhere to earn interest.
  19. I'm not too worried about this game, it's essentially a free hit - as long as we beat Ukraine in the last game. Of course a win for us and Ukraine not winning would be nice, even if it is improbable.
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