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  1. You launching a rival thread to Shull's?
  2. This. Just the beautiful music of celebrating fans.
  3. Might be a bit time consuming to show an entire film each time we score. I'd prefer just a catchy tune. Something along the lines of The Entertainer.
  4. Aye, but the better looking, more attractive tae women version.
  5. Nah. Initially I just put the emoji. Then added the words. I also thought about adding that it was a bit rich being called a glory hunter by somebody who ditched the Buds and bought an Arsenal season ticket. Then I remembered Arsenal don't win anything either.
  6. Aye that was one of Miss Saint's little gems I think.
  7. I agree Buddiecat. I actually said a few things this morning that I'm already not proud of. Only difference is that being an auld fud I pretty much only said them to myself and didn't broadcast them on social media. The comment about the fascist guy though does suggest a worrying level of knowledge. I've never heard of the guy, but then I know eff all about the EDL.
  8. I'll just be delighted if we get to the 31st August and he's still a St. Mirren player! I'd love him to extend but can't see it unfortunately. Hope I'm wrong.
  9. Well I can say for certain that this Jersey Buddie (and I think I can speak for Jimmy H too) will be attending many more games next season than we did this. Shame Easyjet don't do gold cards! I moved to Jersey 31 years ago. My last game before I left was a 4-1 Scottish Cup defeat at Tynecastle the weekend before. When I came here I vowed that I would make it to at least 6 games a season. I kept this up for about 15 years until about 2001 when I started following Scotland to away games. Something had to give and my visits to watch the Buds dropped to one or two games a season. After the Levein debacle in Prague I vowed that my Scotland away days were over, but to be honest it's been a pretty lean time for being a Buds fan as well (league cup aside of course!) and my visits still didn't increase from the 1 or 2 a season and even then, more through duty than desire. In all of those 31 years, this season was shaping up to be the first that I hadn't attended a single game. Then Jimmy H and I came up for the Irn Bru cup final. Not only did we have a ball but even though we didn't win I was so impressed by the team and even more so the fans. It was the best atmosphere I had been part of as a St. Mirren fan since 1987. For me it was even better than 2013. After that day there was no way I was letting the season end without attending another game. I could think of no better game than the last game against Hibs and what a day it was. I'm now 51 years old and thought I had finally turned into one of those cynical, bitter auld feckers I detested so much when I was a rosy cheeked optimistic teenager. Thank you to JR and the team for restoring my passion and for ensuring that I will be at the very least reinstating my old vow from when I left all those years ago.
  10. So thrilled about this signing. A real sign that things are on the up and proof of how much the wee man must've enjoyed working with JR over the last few months. Massive credit to all involved in making this deal happen.
  11. Have to say, Brechin's top is a lovely shade of red.
  12. I feckin detested that cheating little khunt MacDonald as well. Horrible player.
  13. A whoosh of extraordinary levels!!
  14. Stevie Thompson didn't play for Barnsley, he played for Burnley. But it's ok to mix them up. They're all the same. Northern shiteholes........although admittedly I've never been to either. As the "trout" on the Barnsley forum will testify, it's ok to comment on things you haven't got a feckin clue about.
  15. What a superb day. From start to finish. The team were fantastic as were the fans. My first time at Easter Road since the 1980s. What a fantastic stadium it has become. Atmosphere was fantastic. Then a great night out in Edinburgh. On the train now from Waverley to Queen Street with Jimmy H. Both feeling very jaded but very happy. Return journey to Jersey has been made all the easier thanks to our fantastic team. Bring on next season!!
  16. If you measured it average away support as a percentage of average home support, I would not be surprised if we were the highest in the country. The teams that take more in number than us, I'd imagine would have considerably higher average home gates, therefore their percentage would be lower. Pity there's no way to measure that.
  17. Nice few days ahead of me as from tomorrow. Fly over to London tomorrow. Staying at The Grove tomorrow night ahead of golf day on Friday. Fly up to Edinburgh Friday night. Meet up wi that plum Jimmy H who's flying up Friday night tae. Few quiet scoops Friday night. Staying at our mate's flat in Edinburgh. Then the main event. Meet up with some old friends and family for some pre-match beverages. Watch our beloved Buds destroy the Hibees. Big night out in Edinburgh to celebrate. Train through to Paisley Sunday morning tae see ma auld maw for a couple of hours, then fly hame. Carlsberg don't do weekends, but..........
  18. I cannae believe we're only getting 900 tickets. That is shite.
  19. It would've mate. The point I was making is that now we could potentially draw our last two games and still finish 8th if Ayr lose on Saturday and Raith lose to Ayr. Both very possible. That wouldn't have been possible if Raith had got a draw tonight!
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