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  1. From Spanish Wikipedia Ricardo Pini Name Ricardo Pini Ivancevic Birth Buenos Aires, Argentina Nationality Flag of Argentina occupation Lawyer Teacher businessman Predecessor Arnoldo Sanchez [edit data in Wikidata] Ricardo Pini Ivancevic is a teacher, lawyer and businessman Argentine current owner and president of the Chilean club Rangers de Talca. Characteristics1 [edit] Lawyer U.B.A. 1973 Professor U.B.A. Head of Civil Law III works 1974 Professor U.B.A. Deputy Labour Law 1975 Member of the Institute of Commercial Law of the UNA Purchase Rangers football team, through Piduco SADP [edit] On January 5, 2010 the Rangers auction process begins. The auction contemplated the federal rights of the club, trophies, sports equipment and passes some players. The minimum bid was $ 500 million. After two failed attempts, the most striking of the participation of businesswoman Gladys González (better known as Cuca), the Club was finally topped the August 26, 2010, adjudicándoselo the corporation Piduco SADP, formed by Antoinette Costa and Monserrat Olivares, wife and daughter of Eduardo Olivares, president Rama Football Union San Felipe, whose advisers and representatives in the auction were Ricardo and Sebastian Pini. The Club was sold at $ 550 million. However, the Third Court of Talca rescinded the auction because of alleged defects in the process. But the November 3, the Court of Appeals overturned this ruling and place the Corporation could take control of the club. After the sales process, and lack of refining certain details of writing, the company Piduco SADP, managed by Ricardo and Sebastian Pini brothers, took full control of Rangers on November 23, 2010. Among the first acts of the new management restructuring and sports club management level were highlighted; an agreement with the Municipality of San Javier to use their stadium while the Fiscal remodels; Sponsor change with a new fashion design; and hiring a new coaching staff along with the almost total renovation of campus. After nearly four years of purchase, Ricardo Pini y Cia. Talquino club centenary lead to one of his worst football and institutional crisis, a rift never before seen between the leaders of the club and the supporters.
  2. I'm flying up from London for this game - first Saints match I'll be at this season. Knowing my luck, we'll win - I'll decide I'm a lucky charm - and I'll then have to keep flying up for the games till the end of the season to keep the run of form going... ...or we'll get pumped 0-4.
  3. Good news is that we can now concentrate on the league campaign...
  4. Take it you're going Roddy? I will be my usual 35 mins late for kick off, no doubt...
  5. There will be a few London based buddies watching the v Celtic game tomorrow in the Famous Three Kings at 12.45. Right beside West Kensington tube.
  6. Ah yes - but when it's good, it's VERY good. 17th March 2013 for example! Welcome to Paisley (from London!).
  7. I think they're more fitted, but maybe I'm a year fatter!
  8. They didnae sit in offices most days pissing about on the Internet...
  9. I agree with all of the above. We did it in 4.5 days (20+ miles for 4 days) and it was a bit of a slog during the day, as we felt we couldn't sit down for more than 5 mins as we had to get to our booked hotel by night-fall. It was still enjoyable, but I would say 6 or 7 days would be ideal. Getting a company to carry your bags would be a must, also. We passed so many folk carrying tents and fully laden backpacks looking miserable. A wee day pack with some waterproofs, water and sandwiches is all you need to cart around with you. Make sure you break in your walking boots before you go - and also carry some blister plasters with you. I had some compeed blister patches with me and they were great. It's personal preference, but I like to wear two pairs of socks when walking - normally a thick hiking sock and a thin sports sock, and that seems to keep the blisters mostly at bay. Hope you enjoy it!
  10. Once again, there will be a few of us in the Famous 3 Kings (right beside West Kensington tube) if you fancy watching the game in London.
  11. For any Buddies in London tomorrow, there will be a few of us watching the Dundee Utd cup game at the Famous 3 Kings, right beside West Kensington tube. You're welcome to join us.
  12. Alison Robbie‏@AlisonRobbie14 mins #StMirren Danny Lennon isn't expecting to make any more signings today, but he is looking at a couple of free agents.
  13. I was at Boghead that day for the 3-3 game. I was about 14 at the time and travelled to the game on my own as I couldn't persuade anyone to come with me! I remember feeling particularly smug at 3-0 thinking I could go back to Paisley and revel in the glory of being a 'real fan' - only for Bone to f*ck with the team and us to lose 3 goals in quick succession. Felt like a very bad defeat at the tiem, even if it was a draw. Incidentally, was googling Eddie Gallagher to see what I could find and stumbled across this article about ex St Mirren players. http://wikipins.org/c/St._Mirren_F.C._players Interesting stuff - even if not fully up to date.
  14. What about Mark Yardley. Legend.
  15. Sad news. Stood beside him in a lift once, and he was massive.
  16. Yes!! You'd get on BBC Radio 6 Music! How's that for exposure!
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