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  1. Don't we have a decent left back in the youths instead of playing a kid out of position at right back?
  2. Was a bit disappointed that I was missing 3 cup games due to being on holiday. Glad I missed this one now.
  3. Last season McGinn was playing alongside the quality of Mallan and Magennis. We really need a quality player beside him asap.
  4. We need some quality in Midfield. Losing Mallan and the injury of Magennis have been a major blow. Priority for must be a baller in midfield.
  5. Fuxake Buchanan..... Might as well start this one.
  6. Great stuff, the way it should be. Fantastic facility we have but unfortunately the compliment is unlikely to be returned with our set up.
  7. More blinkered posts. Buchanan couldn't have made any more of an attempt to head that ball, if he tried he would have bundled the Livy player over and probably given away a penalty. The Livy player was already looking for one with the challenge he made. Watch Gary Mac who looked like he still had a Bankhouse hangover. All goals are avoidable but to be fair, this was a well worked goal.
  8. Love how the the new guy and the cheesy of goalkeeping land the blame whilst fans favourite Gary Mac escapes the criticism from most. Buchan could do much there with the height the ball was fired at the Livy striker, any sort of challenge could have resulted in a penalty. Mackenzie totally goes to sleep and leaves his player to run off him and get a free strike at goal. Poor concentration from one of our best players. I'm sure he'll sharpen up. Samson, not much he could do. It was a well hit shot, low to the ground and near to the corner. It was a well worked goal from Livy. It's still July, League campaign hasn't started yet but it's a big wake up call for us. This isn't going to be a stroll in the park to achieve the playoffs.
  9. f**king tragic. First time I've read about this. Always feel incredibly sad to hear of this with children, will give my wee boy an extra big hug and be thankful for his health. Unimaginable the pain these families go through. R.I.P. Buddie
  10. My wee fella built SMP on mine craft and changed colour seats to display St Mirren FC etc. For the away end had the seats coloured to display "spare stand" because it wasn't used all the time. Actually was "spair stand" but I got what he meant.
  11. It was a strange one as the promise said that this may exclude some cup games. No mention of papping the away fans into the family stand. Agree though, north stand for away fans.
  12. So we hit 1000 season tickets in the west stand. Result, away fans in the family stand. What a stupid f**king idea. Use the away stand for away fans for these shitty cup games. If a small attendance is anticipated then we should close the family stand giving regulars in there a choice of 2 stands. Is it that difficult?
  13. 1. Dundee Utd 2. Falkirk 3. St Mirren 4. Inverness 5. Morton 6. Dunfermline 7. QOS 8. Livingston 9. Dumbarton 10. Brechin
  14. Disagree mate, thought it was a fair challenge every day of the week. Plenty other challenges that were below the belt though. Overall, Dundee were quite rough.
  15. Was a 50/50 challenge that done the damage so no problems imo. There were a few bad challenges in the game, especially from their number 17 and Stellios in the 2nd half but this challenge was a fair tackle. Shame though, he's an important player for us. Hopefully come back strong.
  16. A terrible shame for the little fella and his family. Massive respect for Jermaine Defo for the way he got involve. I hope the other little fella in the north east, Frankie Sherwood, can win his battle that sadly Bradley lost. 2 heartbreaking stories. These 2 kids really brought the cities together. "United by cancer"
  17. Nutter Someone on twitter linked this article as a response. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2161850/Rangers-crisis-Dave-King-apologises.html I think it really could go to another level with Rangers and Celtic in the near future. This guy King seems desperate to fuel the fire and demolish all small bridges that were ever made.
  18. Hearing Magennis may have ligament damage, need a midfielder if the scan results are as bad as they think.
  19. Change of plans for me then, will give this one a miss.
  20. Which is why you're on the forum tonight whilst on holiday... Good exercise tonight, shows we've still a lot of work to do. McCann and his assistant are a pair of bell ends.
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