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  1. Put them on gardening leave and put Alan McManus in charge pro temp Not for me. If GLS is going to pull the trigger get McIntyre in to try sort it out.
  2. Cammy is a fantastic player but maybe everyone is jumping to conclusions saying he’s not wanted and is available for transfer. Stubbs telling him if you’re not happy with being dropped or not happy playing for me then you’re free to find another club doesn’t mean he’s not wanted. The gaffer is quite right to tell any player this. Either you’re on board or you’re out the door. I support this 100% regardless who the player is. Maybe Jackson was telling him to put his dummy back in and go play some football as his body language his moody attitude has been really evident since last week. Last week was embarrassing from everyone wearing the stripes, it was like no single f**ks were given out on that pitch. Yesterday was much better from the players in terms of their attitude and desire to play and fight for the club. They need to remember that they are playing for us, not Stubbs or anyone else on the coaching team. Nothing less than 100% is acceptable and we’ve not been getting that so far. Yesterday was better. If the players get on board and Stubbs can somehow sort the defence out then we will start picking up points IMO. I’m not happy with what’s been on display so far but the chants of Stubs get to f**k after 4 league games were embarrassing IMO.
  3. He must be given a chance, it’s not been good so far but sacking him after 4 league games would be crazy IMO. Hopefully he can sort out the defence as we’ve got some decent players in front of them. If I were GLS I wouldn’t be hitting the panic button just yet, I’d evaluate at the end of November and make a decision. Unless there is some sort of time period where we can get rid of him on the cheap.
  4. I would disagree with giving him the benefit of the doubt regarding trying to work out the best system etc. It stinks of desperation and complete cluelessness already. Let’s try something new every week until we get a positive result.
  5. Anyone who says Kenny Miller wouldn’t improve our squad needs their head checked.
  6. Just back from the game, that was painful. 4-0 going on 10-0. Seriously, if it was 10 it would have been merited. The shape was difficult to work out at times and what I couldn’t grasp is why Willock was frequently in a more advanced position than Cammy Smith. This was baffling and it wasn’t just when we had the ball but when we were on the back foot. What does Stubbs think will be positive about this? I’ve no idea. We need a few signings to get balance right. If Eck isn’t going to feature we really need a left back. Looks like he’s trying to accommodate what you would think are our best players but unfortunately they can’t all fit into this line up. If we’re going with a big target man then it’s Cammy or Mullen playing just off him. Don’t waste one out wide. Playing wide players out wide and someone needs to fight for their place IMO. The defence ! I’m not going to go there or I’ll miss the boxing. We need to improve quickly. Time for a beer.
  7. Livingston at home in a couple of weeks is a far bigger game than today ever was. We got beat, we weren’t expecting anything, we move on. We’ve a great chance to be sitting with 6 points after 3 games, that would be a magnificent start to our return to the top flight. Let’s stay positive.
  8. All non North Stand match tickets should be made available to season ticket holders only. Sell them at a heavily reduced price, fill the place with Saints fans or friends of Saints fans who are not of the bigot persuasion. North Stand only for them.
  9. When you watch it back Samson stuttered about then stood still for a bit, even after all this farting about the Dundee players first touch was almost at Samsons feet. I'm far from blaming Samson but I would say he had more than a 50/50 chance to get to the ball first making up for the defenders initial error.
  10. No idea who the player is but I know there was a Newcastle scout watching Coulson.
  11. No idea but heard we have 2 coming in on next week. Big lad from Birmingham and 1 from Juve. No idea if there’s any truth in it though, find out soon enough.
  12. Glad to hear, this means we’re not in for him. We need better than Shankland.
  13. Love the figures here. 2400+ in the Main Stand that holds 2200... I take it 1500 was the away end that was announced as 1200 ish... And the West Stand had way more than 100 empty seats that you claim. Why do some people get such a hard-on about attendance figures. Anyway, great performance and result, no failures in the stripes at all. You could see it was a big jump in opposition from last season but they really did up their level of performance. Big Ross Stewart was fantastic considering he’s making the move north next week. Cammy Smith and Danny mullen, they don’t half put some shift in. Great start to the season.
  14. 1 from Juve and 1 from Birmingham I heard. Ross Stewart to sign for County on Monday.
  15. You don’t think there’s any chance that the new signings won’t be far off double what Stelios, Nathan Flanagan, Gary Irvine, Josh Todd, Darryl Duffy and Darren Whyte were on in the Championship. I Wouldn’t have thought it would be that far off.
  16. Everyone will have taken a jump in wages after gaining promotion and the new players signed won’t be far off double the wage of players let go so not that surprising to me. Paying £75k transfer fee wasn’t a great decision though IMO given that is around the annual salary of an additional player. Hopefully he will repay his worth and have a belter of a season.
  17. The Spartans first goal, at the time I thought the ball was knocked on by one of our players. Maybe that’s why the ref overruled the linesman? Be intersting to see it again but it’s schoolboy stuff not playing to the whistle.
  18. From what I’ve seen we still have important positions to fill and hopefully Stubbs has a reasonable budget to get some quality in before the deadline. We need to add a quality player to every central position on the park and also another right back. It is early days but tonight shows we don’t have a strong squad at all.
  19. Jack Ross went 1/10 for the Ipswich job.
  20. Can’t understand the negativity towards Stubbs and McIntyre. I’d be happy with either appointment.
  21. If you spend every season hoping to bring in players in January to dig you out of a home, eventually you get relegated. What a load of nonsense. They were in 6th position at the end of December 2016 and in 5th position end of December 2015.
  22. Sacked after 7 league games, 4 of the 7 against Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen & Hibs. McIntyre would be a decent appointment.
  23. Yeh? The same deep pockets that got them relegated after sacking McIntyre? McIntyre would be a very good appointment.
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