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  1. I think the manager is way out his depth. His signings ( or Gus macphersons) aren't doing it for me. We've signed so many players who don t know Scottish football and for the most part they've been pretty uninspiring. We would be been better dipping into the championship and getting some grafters to get us out of where we are It's kearneys team now and the truth is we're stuck with them and him for rest season. I have to say the whole club is a bit of a shambles at the moment
  2. Decent 1st half and should've took more chances. 2nd half after hibs scored their 1st we were terrible. Mc McAllister looked decent but not impressed with the other new guys so far.
  3. After witnessing that tonight, I'm sorry but manager is miles out of his depth. Yeah we can't match teams like Celtic player wise or car wise but OK is tactically inept. We never look hard to beat
  4. Connor Murray is at queen of the south Jon scullion at kilbirnie Jamie McGowan at Dumbarton They were in same 20s squad as Jack Baird and Lewis Morgan
  5. Jimmy Bone v Aberdeen at love st. Ian Scanlon from 40 yards v Celtic. Anyone of the league cup final goals I am Ferguson Scottish cup final winner. Mark Yardley in league cup at cappielow. Lazy run with about 4 Morton players hanging off him. Like a slow motion maradonna v England.
  6. My main gripe is the chairman of a professional club is getting involved in a public slanting match with one of his clubs fans in social media. Very unprofessional in my opinion. He could maybe have picked up the phone and chatted to the individual in question and kept it private. Of all the things to have a go at, a banner that I couldn't even read from the main stand is certainly not one of them. I was sitting 4 rows in front of Mr Scott and I could clearly hear the sectarian songs. I assume he could as well. Has he done anything about that?? I wonder if he made any request to the match commander to deal with it?
  7. Gordon Scott has always struck me as a "it's ma baw: type of guy. Problem is it's not his baw and for a club chairman to have a go at a fan on clubs official Facebook page is embarrassing from him. If he wants a non political stadium. Stop advertising politicians on boards around pitch and maybe do something about sectarian singing from away support.
  8. Two indoor five as ide pitches. A gym . None of which we had at the stadium. We also had a bar in complex at love st along with an aerobics hall. None of this at the new stadium at time of opening
  9. It left us with poorer training facilities than we had at love st.
  10. If we hadn't cut costs when building the stadium we would have an indoor five a side hall in a permanent brick structure but decided to save money and built the outdoor pitches before then spending more money to alter pitches and install and maintain the dome. A short term idea at the time that's cost the club money and also lost us the revenue from bookings every time the dome goes down. And our present chairman was the director in charge of the new stadium build and the one who pulled the plug on a permanent structure at the time I'm led to believe.
  11. The original build at ralston and the stadium was done on the cheap. A number of things removed from planning to build. Originally a full size astro pitch removed for a car park. An indoor sports hall replaced by a bouncy castle dome. The director in liason with the builders at the time was a certain Mr Gordon Scott if I recall correctly. Coming back to bite him now.
  12. St Mirren do have a few youth scouts working within the academy. I would think Rae was talking about a scout in the senior game. I know he had a couple of guys watching opponents for him bit I fount very much that any club in the championship have an extensive scouting network. Rae was a bad manager. End of.
  13. I knew Tam well even though we didn't meet often. He was an absolute gentleman and would always have time for everybody. Genuinely shocked at this news. Thoughts and prayers with his family
  14. Could explain the trying to get Jamie McGowan back from Morton
  15. On loan at Cumbernauld. Apparently out of contract at Morton and either on way back to Saints or off to Hibs according to Morton forum
  16. What's our former youth team goalie done to annoy you? Is it because he plays for Morton?
  17. Alex Neil was never head of youth at Hamilton. He coached the 17s then 20s before taking over 1st team. Head of youth at Hamilton was Frank McAvoy. He moved down to Norwich with Alex Neil.
  18. Morton released grant adam. Ex buddies jamie McGowan in goals for them tomorrow
  19. Reece Willison was on the bench last Monday night. The boy wilson is a good keeper though. Hopefully they stick with him and they don't let him go in a year or so's time
  20. Both players deemed not good enough by us. Both better than what we have now. As is the boy Longridge who was at us to. Him and Russell both better at left back than kelly
  21. I seen jim Duffy in main stand . He must've left feeling confident about next week. Also seen morton goalie jamie McGowan in stand. Wonder if we can get him back and swap him for the other jamie
  22. I wonder if he got searched at whatever team he was supporting today?
  23. Langfield or Craig Samson back?
  24. Chris Smith with a great tip over the bar from Ross McCormack in that survival game at Fir Park. Stopped it going to 3-0 and within a few minutes we'd turned the game
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