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  1. I’ve just called Dundee ticket office. Referee’s inspection at 12 noon.
  2. We had sponsored goals, or was it points, I can't remember? Who ran that last time?
  3. Took my mate 2 hours leaving Elderslie at 5 pm to get to my place at the top of Maryhill Road at Canniesburn. Too much flooding on the Maryhill Road. Turned back. Have digital tickets too.
  4. Tickets easily purchased online for Motherwell's away fans South Stand via the Motherwell website. You have to register. Tickets received by email. Download to phone or print off.
  5. C'mon king of the east coast. I was apologised too. The person who made the mistake called me and admitted it was their mistake and not the ticket office. I'm quite sure a lesson has been learned and this mistake won't happen again. That's good enough for me. We all make mistakes. It's how they are resolved that's important, and this was resolved.
  6. All is resolved. The ticket office should not have suggested I come with the Aberdeen ticket and my season ticket and chat with the turnstile staff. A mistake was made when we were reallocated to the West Bank from our reallocated main stand seats. The transfer to the West Bank had been fully noted on the system and we were still on the system as our reallocated crap seats in the main stand. We are back in the main stand. Alex has sorted us out with (not great) seats for Sunday, and on Monday we are going to discuss options. The option to go back to our seats in the rows immediately behind the dugout is still not there, and is unlikely to be there this season.
  7. Not connected to my problem with a ticket for this Sunday’s game, I got an email today from a Campbell Munro at St. Mirren informing me the “Red Zone”, apart from the few rows behind each dugout where I sit, is being given back to season ticket holders. I replied to Campbell mentioning my ticket problem for Sunday. I’ll let you know if I get a reply. Is Campbell Munro a SLO?
  8. The "Red Zone" is the still blocked off seats surrounding the dugouts. Initially myself, and some friends, were relocated to the outer edges of the main stand. We were sent emails with A4 attachments that we printed and used as tickets. No problems so far. They were not good seats and Alex, a lady at St. Mirren, found us new seats across in the West Stand. Our first game in the West Stand was the Aberdeen game. Once again we were sent tickets to print off. Again no problems. For the upcoming Rangers game no tickets have arrived. I have phoned and been told that no ticket will be emailed. I have to take along my new season ticket and the printed ticket from the Aberdeen game. I have not to scan either, but to approach whoever is attending the turnstile and explain I am from the "Red Zone" and I sat in this seat for the Aberdeen game, so please let me in. I asked if the turnstile staff will be made aware of this situation. The reply was she didn't know. Sunday will be interesting.
  9. Sorry if this is answered elsewhere. Are we back into our normal season ticket seats behind the dugouts in the main stand?
  10. Probably, or else they will reactivate your present season ticket. As they are a new system I suspect we may be given new plastic cards. Perhaps we will require the bar code if we are one of the chosen few who are allowed to attend the first game. They may be covering all bases in case they aren't able to get all new season ticket cards out before the first game. My letter read, "Dear Xxx Xxxxxx, From all at St Mirren Football Club, thank you for purchasing your 2021/22 season ticket. Your purchase plays an integral part in protecting the sustainability of St Mirren Football Club, along with aiding our ambition to grow into a top 6 club. As a club with strong community and family values, your continued loyalty and support is always hugely appreciated and never taken for granted. Your passion and commitment shows us how much you care about this great club, so thank you once again for playing your part. Below is an electronic copy of your season ticket bar code. Please note your season ticket will only be activated once appropriate documentation has been provided to the ticket office with all season tickets subject to our terms and conditions available on our website stmirren.com."
  11. Were we supposed to be able to purchase from today? I registered last week. I even received an email acknowledging my registration with an order number. I looked a few minutes ago and as far I can see they are still only looking for registrations and not orders.
  12. I, and the St. Mirren accountant, will want Killie to win.
  13. Why would we wish Kilmarnock to go down? They bring one of the largest, if not the largest, away support to our stadium.
  14. An excellent way to visualise a scenario, but a draw against Hamilton even if they win their other 4 games, would give us 41 points and they would have 40.
  15. We can only be in a playoff spot with 40 points. Consider one of the scenarios below where lose all 5 games. Killie draw with Ross County and both win their remaining games. Ross county finish with 42 points and Killie finish with 41 points. Hamilton can only achieve 36 points. Motherwell could get 41 points by beating us and Dundee U, and Dundee Utd could get 42 by beating us. We would be in the playoffs with 40 points.
  16. Dear Elvis, We have 40 points at present. If we were to lose all remaining 5 games. Scenario 1. if Accies win all their 5 games they will have 42 points. Then if Kilmarnock win 4, as they will have lost to Hamilton, they will have 40 points . Same as us if we lost all our games. Killie could be above us on goal difference. Then if Ross County won 3 games ( remember they have been beaten by Accies and Killie) they will have 38 points. Then if Motherwell won 2 games (they were beaten by Accies, Killie, and Ross County) they would have 41 points. Then Dundee Utd were only to beat us having lost to the other 4 teams they would have 42 points. In the above scenario we could be in the play off spot on goal difference with Ross County below us. Scenario 2. If Killie win all 5 games they have 43 points. If Hamilton win 4 having been beat by Kilmarnock they would achieve 39 points. Then if Ross County win 3 games again they can only achieve 38 points. In the above scenario we would not be in the play off or relegation spot. Scenario 3. If Ross County win all 5 games they can achieve 44 points. Again Killie can achieve 40 points by winning their 4 games. Hamilton can then only achieve 36 points by winning 3 games. Motherwell could win 2 games and have 41 points. Utd could win one game and have 42 points. So potentially we could be in the playoffs by goal difference. Scenario 4. Killie draw with Hamilton and both win their other 4 games. Killie have 41 points. Hamilton have 40. Hamilton could be above us on goal difference for the playoff space. Ross County would be below on 38 points at most. Scenario 5. Hamilton draw with Ross County and both win their other 4 games. Hamilton finish with 40 points. Ross County have 42 points. Most Killie can achieve is 37 points. We could be in the playoffs on goal difference. Scenario 6. Killie draw with Ross County and both win their remaining games. Ross county finish with 42 points and Killie finish with 41 points. Hamilton can only achieve 36 points. Motherwell could get 41 points and Dundee Utd could get 42. We would be in the playoffs with 40 points. Scenario 7. Hamilton draw with Dundee Utd and win all other games and have 40 points. Kilmarnock win their 4 games and have 40 points. Ross County win their 3 games and have 38 points. Motherwell can win 2 and end up with 41 points by beating us and Utd. Utd beat us and with the draw have 43 points. I cannot calculate any scenario that has us bottom of the league. Are yer glad I’m back?
  17. Unfortunately for us oldies is disnae ha' a lift, but I believe they're leaving the pole.
  18. I've been watching Lord of the Rings on Sky, has Gus got hairy feet?
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