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  1. Aye..........just like that Usain Bolt. 10 seconds of running 🏃‍♂️ And earns a fortune. I’m wi’ the Krankies here. If Usain was to run it in 9 seconds he should get a 10% cut in his wages. That makes sense 🤔
  2. An excellent article Antrin. And the poor dug used to support the Buddies, but we barred folk bringing in their dugs. Cue the usual sexist comment, I've seen quite a few dugs at St. Mirren Park. Indeed, Yardley (the dug) looks far more learned than all of the other supporters. I hope you enjoyed saturday. Wis oor Johnny barkin' at the ref?
  3. Sorry LPM i didn’t see your post before I started a thread, https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49972094
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49972094
  5. You have obviously not heard any of the Conservative party's attempts at their conference to solve the Irish border question.
  6. Haemorrhoids......................................... Not me........................... The big saft southerner fae Sir Michael Place.
  7. So, as Hearts won against Hibs on Sunday to kick start their season, you'll be backing St. Mirren? Sorry, I forgot is was you Elvis.
  8. That should only be the sequence of events if we had VAR. Assistants are encouraged not to make a crucial decision as VAR will confirm what is correct. In your sequence the assistant saw the player offside when the ball was played forward, which he wasn’t. The assistant would be correct to believe the goal should stand if the player didn’t touch the ball, so he asks the referee. My concern is we are told by officials that they can only give what they see. It’s their get out cause when they miss a deliberate handball. So I would like to ask this assistant what he saw as offside as the tv has confirmed the player was not offside when the ball was played forward. If this had been any of our Glasgow cousins there would have been uproar. The officials will be judged by their performances and this assistant should be marked down for saying he saw something that wasn’t there. Seeing something that is not there to be seen is considered worse than missing something that is picked up by tv cameras.
  9. The linesman didn't flag when the ball was struck towards the goal. If the linesman felt at that moment the player was offside that was when he should have raised his flag. That is his job. The officials keep telling us they can only make decisions on what they see. And the only thing the linesman saw was 4 or 5 irate Ross County players rushing towards him. The lineman then believed he had made a mistake by not flagging and he believed he was correcting that mistake with his very late flag. As the TV showed it was a very difficult decision to make, but the linesman, I believe, by not raising his flag earlier had not seen our player in an offside position, and it turned out his initial reaction was correct. Our player was not offside.
  10. This game will be wn by the team who wins the toss and plays with the wind behind them in the first half.
  11. You are stating that everyone on here is at least one year old? Fake news.
  12. What a great idea.......................................... Next year let's sell out 3 stands to season ticket holders and then not turn up
  13. Or from the Irish Times, ”Cork man drowns”
  14. How about those wee ask the audience buttons they have on "Do You Want to be a Millionaire". Surely the audience always knows best.
  15. The bit about the policy regarding swearing in the family is irrelevant as when Rongers and Celtic visit the family stand is not used as a family stand.
  16. Obviously written by a world authority, or perhaps a keyboard seeking attention. If the lad is to flourish perhaps it's our setup that will give him the opportunity.
  17. This is Cody showing Danny that he is taller than him even when he's lying down. Get well soon Cody.
  18. Leave my much older friend alone.
  19. Unfortunately...........................there's no "deary, deary, deary me" emoji to hit.
  20. In the event of a draw would it go to a shootout?
  21. My mate's interested. He's a Dundee Utd supporter.
  22. This picture proves it's aw elderlies on here. No one has asked how that bus jammed itself in there.
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