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  1. Perhaps all four stands is a step too far. I’d allow them to sit on the stand roofs on an icy day.
  2. What’s the odds for a top 4 finish?
  3. Follow the link and you will discover that present season ticket holders have till Sunday 30th June.
  4. I’m old enough now for a concession ticket. Not that the website ever noticed when I was buying tickets outwith the league games.
  5. That was the thinking man’s response. you should have said, ”Are you Tom English is disguise?”
  6. He's an Irish rugby man. Probably hates his own surname.
  7. One is a teacher. The other has a lot to learn.
  8. The feckin’ groundsman should be sacked. 😱
  9. They don’t look happy, do they? It could have been worse, I could have been first prize. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-48348431
  10. Very interesting. Dropped Ball, Law 8 & 9 So, if a defender, whilst both he and the referee are in the box, kicks the ball off the referee then the goalkeeper takes possession with a drop ball. Well, that saves potentially giving possession back to the opposing team. Referees better wear armour plating. Quick free kick and YC/RC - Law 12 Again interesting, Referees will need to get out of the habit of immediately bringing the red card out their pocket as they run towards an obvious red card offence. They will have to take a second or two to see if an attacking player is looking to take advantage. The red card against Dundee may have produced such a scenario. The attacking players will have to learn to be very alert and look to seek an advantage whilst, hopefully, the other team are rolling their eyes at the prospect of losing a player and heading towards the referee to sway the coming decision. What would have happened if after Darren O’Dea made his red card tackle, Mullen had taken a very quick free kick to Lyons, who then continues to head for goal only to subsequently be chopped down again by Darren O’Dea. Is that 2 red cards for the same player. Or, if a different defending player then commits a red card offence, are both sent off? Free Kicks - Law 13 There will be cat and mouse antics at free kicks. So when there are only 1 or 2 players in a wall an opposing player can stand within one metre of the wall. Would there be opportunities to have a 2 player wall encouraging an attacker to stand within 1 metre, and then, just before the kick is taken a 3rd defender joins the wall causing an indirect free kick to be awarded if the opposing player has not retreat a metre prior to the ball being played? The defending team could set up 2 walls of 3 and have them less than 2 metres apart. An attacker could not stand between the walls, or within 1 metre of the end of each wall. Each wall would effectively have its own 1 metre no go area for attackers until the kick was taken. I assume the wall would entitled to move before the kick has been taken. Move within 1 metre of an opposing player and the referee should give an indirect free kick immediately the ball is played. Doesn’t say anything about the opponent having to interfere with play. Less than 1 metre away, the kick is taken, an indirect free awarded to the other team. Slide rules out. If they are doing this in the EPL too, then VAR will be fun. Should result in a few good Monty Pythonesque moments. There is lots to look at here.
  11. Not many St. Mirren supporters can claim being in both Paisley clinks in two different millennia.
  12. No way was there 4 to 500 empty seats in South stand it was practically full from where I was sitting in West stand. I think you’re being optimistic.
  13. Oran was seen in the Asda Coleraine this morning so it must be true.
  14. Shame about that result. If we beat Hamilton then even a draw for them against St. Johnstone will not be enough for them if we beat Dundee.
  15. What explanation could they dream up to convince us of it being right when the eyepox team go bust again that they have 8 home games against their Colt team?
  16. A most important result to watch for next Saturday is the St. Johnstone v Motherwell. Ideally a draw or a Motherwell win. We need St. Johnstone to have something to play for in their last game of the season away at Hamilton. If the above happens, and we need to beat Hamilton, we will stay up without the playoffs with a result at Dundee.
  17. Is that when ye decide to be a gentleman and gie it a wassh before ye dae it?
  18. No,.................................. I don't think I've ever heard that. I don't think you would ever need to encourage a homosexual to get stuck in.
  19. Surely Hamill's two will have to battle it out with Danny's goal from the weekend. If you showed Hamill’s 2 goals it would split the vote. no one player has 2 entries.
  20. Can you book me in for 2039? I’ve got some stories you’ll never believe.
  21. “Football fans have notoriously selective memories and simply still having a team to support soon stops being enough when that team is struggling” The quote above from the article on Dundee says it all for me. I believe the vast majority of St. Mirren supporters understand that as a football club we should always live within our means, and if that results in St. Mirren being in a different league then so be it. The core of our support will follow whatever division we are in. We have always been wary of the “White Knight” who promise pots of money and then disappear when the rewards aren’t forthcoming, and long may that continue.
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