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  1. Would have been 100001 if I had been able to get through ! 😡 I know he is / was an important person to a lot of people and I’m sorry a family has lost a dearly loved figurehead but ffs , every f**king beeb telly channel and all bar 1 xtra on the radio devoted to a whole f**king night of the same tributes was taking the piss . suppose they were just softening up the public for the biggie when it happens .
  2. Travel from Inverness may have been a factor there? We play RC at Dingwall next midweek at 19:45 and it’s further so don’t see how distance changes the kick off time .
  3. Was touched on earlier but am I right in thinking there is no live TV coverage of this game ?
  4. Brian Rice was also there . Let’s hope both weren’t checking out potential play off opponents 😬
  5. Me and Mrs Gilhooley got our first Jab yesterday at Renfrew leisure centre. very impressed with the whole thing, well organised and a lovely lassie administrating the Jab . No Ill effects (yet !) I enjoyed it so much ,I think I’ll go back for another.
  6. “Got any Otters noses ?”
  7. Hmmm , let me think 😐 Would I prefer the children of Scotland to receive the “bribe” of a laptop or Tablet .... or would I prefer them to have a share in a lovely cuddly extra Nuclear Warhead . Or could I chose option 3 .... a share of a mythical bridge across the Irish Sea. Some bribes are better than others .
  8. Yep , McTominay was bad but Wee Meatball had one of his worst games in a Scotland shirt as far I am concerned. add to that , two of the best Left wingbacks in the uk and we can’t cross a f**king ball . All in all , a bad day at the office and we have made an already difficult section even more so. watching us in the final third fannying about with tippy tippy nonsense then three passes backwards and the keeper punts it up the park ..... was like watching Saints 🙄
  9. Gonna be a difficult away game , Israel will be hurting after losing to the Danes and stating the obvious ,we really need to be at the top of our game.
  10. And as for being one sided ? Yes of course it is. I think and have always thought that Kenny was a donkey as an a manager, a bit of a joke figure if you will. Was found wanting at SPL level , now getting found out at this level also. Now if you want , you can put forward the case for the defence 😉 If Dicko is still hiding in the wings, perhaps he might want to help the cause 😜
  11. No problem . Finland Twice . Ranked 13 places below them . Two defeats - No goals Bulgaria Twice . Ranked 26 places below them . Two draws - one goal Luxembourg. Ranked 56 places below them . Home defeat - no goals. England and Wales - two top 20 teams . Two defeats one draw - No goals Serbia - 14 places above them - Defeat ..... but at least scored 2 goals Slovakia - 6 places above them . Draw ... Nae goals . So , in summary, the lost the games they may well have been expected to lose, couldn’t beat any of the teams around about them in the middle rankings and got beat by a country who have just about managed top 100 ranking and with a population half of That of Dublin. Not great no matter how you look at it .
  12. 10 games . No wins, three goals scored in total . Haven’t managed a single goal in four home games since Kenny took charge. Taxi 🚕 !!
  13. Dunfermline flop Stephen Kenny again proves he’s out of his depth when he tries to manage at a higher level than LOI. Guys a rocket ! Thank god we didn’t appoint this guy as some on here wanted. His latest defeat to 16th Paisley Girl Guides surely has to signal the end for him.
  14. So, Covid experts on here , ( there seems to be a few ) I’ve had covid so I’ve been told I will have a level of immunity from that, I’m due to get the jab in the next few weeks so will that make me super duper immune and able to fly anywhere and go to the football ?
  15. I’ve always thought this,, 🤷‍♂️ It’s the 21st century and we still don’t have a better way of immunising people than using a f**king big needle and stabbing people 💉😬 Scree of needles ? Me ? nah ! 😜
  16. Am I reading it right ? Surely England have the worst rate ? N.I. Almost half of theirs ?
  17. Neil McCann 🤞 please let it be Neil McCann 🙏😄
  18. I’d say this would be the best use of a brown paper bag for you know who If there is a BAWA night oot ! 😏
  19. Nah , not me 😂. Was working all day today or I would have been there, I’ll be there tomorrow though 👍
  20. Bascule Bridge We are required to open of Bascule Bridge on Monday and Tuesday (1st – 2nd March) to allow a boat to navigate up the River Cart. Monday The first opening will take place at approximately noon. same again Tomorrow The return journey will see the boat returning downstream at approximately 1:30pm. These time are approximate and can vary. Tuesday The first opening will take place at approximately round 12:30. The return journey will see the boat returning downstream at approximately 2pm. The actual openings will see the road closed for a few minutes only. Regards Jamie McNelis BEng (Hons) CEng MICE Supervisory Civil Engineer (Structures) Environment & Infrastructure,
  21. Yes, that’s why I said Foley. 🙄 the “sadly not “ was reference to the fact he is no longer a St.Mirren player .
  22. We are sadly lacking a midfield general IMO. I had hoped that Foley might provide that but sadly not. The young uns are great prospects but still far too prone to silly mistakes and I wish Erhahon would cut out the silly “Top Bin” drag back ! Would love to see a more experienced hard pro alongside them to assist with their development.
  23. There’s no doubt EVs are here to stay but unless whichever government is in power in 2030 (2035 for phev ) decides to outlaw petrol & diesel cars altogether, there will still be an awful lot of legacy vehicles kicking around for another decade. Last year was the first year where the ownership of EV& PHEV combined reached double figures. with the changes to people’s work patterns in the last twelve months and reduced mileage for most people , this year could see another big jump in numbers .
  24. They should have f**king snipers on high buildings to take the selfish Bastards out 😠
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