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  1. as for the 3 brain cell jibe ? i think you answered that yourself with your last stupid f**kin post !
  2. Of course they were fouls ya f**king clown !! the referee blew his wee whistley thing !! theres the f**kin clue , moron .
  3. Based my opinion of goodwin on what id heard allan preston say ? where the f**k do you get that from ?? Preston is a dick but he DID say Goody was unlucky to have been booked ( you chose not to acknowledge that from my initial post) He did also say during commentary that lennon should consider subbing Jim to avoid a second booking & sending off. Hardly the words of a man who wants goodwin sent off. If you would like to check, you will see that goodwin WAS in fact penalised for TWO fouls in FOUR minutes following his booking.http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25600372 You really are a f**king obnoxious prat arent you ? For your benefit , please find the attached directions to St.Mirren park, you obviously have never been there , you may want to take in a game sometime & see Jim Goodwin play & form your own opinion using your 3 remaining brain cells. http://www.theaa.com/route-planner/index.jsp#fromNode=0%7CPaisley%7C%7C-4.440114%7C55.847258%7CtoNode=0%7CGreenhill%20Rd%7C%7C-4.443019%7C55.851323
  4. Is that the same Gary Harkins who signed for us ?
  5. Does anyone know if DLs contract & TCs contract are on similar lines/ duration etc ?
  6. As i said on the speculation thread, DL was on radio scot yesterday saying he had abudget for players, didnt reveal whether it would stretch to one two or more. Would love to know .
  7. Danny saying on radio yesterday that we have a budget but didnt say whether for one two or more. would love to know.
  8. Allan preston said during yesterdays commentary that Jim Goodwin was unlucky to get booked & his foul on may was retaliation for a previous one by may on him. Probably the fact that the ref noticed that too that got him booked ! Thats said, preston commented that Goodwin went on to commit two fouls within the next five minutes & lennon should consider replacing him. The problem seems to be whenever Jimbo feels aggrieved he wants to exact his own justice . He needs to screw the nut. Deep breaths, count to ten !!
  9. I`m sure anyone who witnessed Mo Camaras exploits in a Saints strip would argue with that !
  10. He has the ability , he knows how to graft, but what does it for me is his confidence. Well done John.
  11. If we have to keep him & we`re paying his wages, then we should play him. The way things are at the moment , beggars cant be choosers & thommo is looking fatigued.
  12. Look. I got it wrong & i apologise. Sorry if ive upset you. i didnt mean to imply your Gay & i`m astonished by your reaction when you thought i had. You`re obviously a very well adjusted heterosexual male who has no interest in people of the same sex. Stay Safe. Goodnight. We can talk again tomorrow if your upset tonight.
  13. Yep. He was bullied out of that game by first division (sorry, championship) players, but then again so were most of the Saints on show !! I love to see our club bring young players through but hes been on the fringes now for over two years & nothing ! Last chance saloon for young Reilly is a spell with a Cowdenbeath type team to see if he can develop into the player most of us want him to be ,but sadly ,im not sure if its there . While hes at it, i`d suggest Three shredded wheat and a big bowl of porridge every morning !!
  14. If your saying he has no intimate knowledge of you then i have to take your word for it. You are obviously very touchy on that subject & i apologise for raising it here. Your life & your lifestyle choices are your business & nothing to do with any other forum members. You should be left in peace to pursue whatever floats your boat. Its a modern world we live in. Be Happy.
  15. So i take it you take my use of inverted commas as implying you & him are the same person ? Not so . i was simply highlighting the fact that your pal seems to have a very "intimate" knowledge of you ( implication intended there !!) & it would appear that i may have touched a raw nerve. I hope you two will be very happy together.
  16. Hibs 0 Saints 3 . Harkins, caprice & Reilly. ( only joking about #3 !) Crowd 9865 425 saints fans, 8500 embra junkies,(the rest are tourists & freebies), 8 planes into embra airport & 6 supertankers moored offshore.
  17. yeah, unlike you & your "mate" naughtius maxius
  18. Are we representative of typical saints fans? broadly yes. Then there`s Stu Dick who is neither Saint nor fan, simply an ill informed lanarkshire knobhead . We have our share of mouthpieces, mischief makers , trolls & even a few (mostly) welcome visitors from the tail o the bank but yes, i think the views aired on this forum broadly represent the overall feeling among true Saints Supporters. We simply need to ignore the uber negative Elvis / Traceys etc on here & keep up the good work , difficult as it can be at times !!
  19. Albion rovers try a brave initiative, double their crowd & ...........win !! Whenever we try to draw in some new blood we usually f**k it up by playing shite, getting beat & f**k off newcomers & core fans alike !!
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