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  1. & this children, is why you should pay more attention at school.
  2. And law & order. Think what this place used to be like!
  3. Hes buying a soccer team in the US. Oh no wait, thats David Beckham, i keep getting those two mixed up !
  4. I think this may be the one & only time Beckham & Lappin have been mentioned in the same breath ! As i said , i liked Lappin. but hes certainly no Beckham !
  5. I liked Lappin, my only complaint was that he always seemed too eager to cross from very deep positions. He didnt take on & pass defenders before crossing across the box rather than diagonaly into it often enough
  6. No. Camara was hated because he was Shite !
  7. Just ever so slightly !! Problem is, i still have a game of 5s on a wed if im not on the BAWA list but i dont like calling off from my game at late notice, as organiser i know how frustrating that is.
  8. Psst ! Yer still a man short for wednesday ! (he says hopefully )
  9. Dont care. McGinn didnt get on so they deserve to get beat .... f**kEM !!
  10. Felt so sorry for the boys today. Unsure about the sending off, might have been shouting for it if it had been at other end. But the penalty claim ??? WTF ! you`ve got the linesman looking across the line & the ref looking directly at it , what does it take to get a decision against that lot ? Thought the central defence were good in the air but woefully slow on the deck. The young left back looks decent & the number four has that midfield organiser look about him. The wee No 11 had a cracking game but all too aften chose the wrong option for the final ball. The youngsters gave it all but when we went down to 10 it was never going to happen. As for rankers ? if thats the future for the blue bigots.... bring it on !! two or three decent players but overall they were a bad lot , Their number 14 in particular was honking. he wouldnt get a game for our Fives on a wednesday !! Oh, & Thomas Reilly ? Sorry Bud,simply not ready for SPFL football & i`m not sure you ever will be.
  11. If theres a hire in it ......mibees aye !
  12. OK. Its a shitty day. Your choices are: Braehead with the wife/hubby/partner of choice. Watch the Saintees game on telly Paint your spare room. Or for only £4 , get down to St.Mirren park & support the young Buds. I normally give games with the old scum a wide berth, but today i will make an exception. Hopefully we can stuff em & add to their miserable weekend.
  13. Johns big brother in one of the biggest games of his career today. Good luck to him & his team , just a pity he wont have the opportunity to slam another past Mcgregor. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26908665
  14. Target has got to be a top 20 place. If he achieves that he would be ahead of AC Milans` Ricardo Gillies. Btw, wouldn`t it be great if Thommo managed to get up alongside the Great Dougie Somner ?
  15. Thats almost humour. Shouldn`t you have checked with the jokes about deceased police on here first before posting? You never know ,there could be a brothers cousins sisters son who posts on here who may be offended. After all, she was someones Mum ,wife & granny ! Anyhow, RIP Sue.
  16. Just looked at the photos from the jags game on tuesday . I notice that several of them were wearing underarmour vests. FFS ! What is happening with the youth of today ?? MAN UP !
  17. Just gets better !! http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rangers-release-full-year-report-reveals-3397513
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