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  1. Btw , F S , add ma miles as well thank you !
  2. Condolences to Dereks family, knew him only from his time on the Knox street bus, Always a character. Forever a Bud.
  3. Do i get my miles added for saturdays aberdeen game ? Plus an extra 274 yards for the treacherous journey from the Bull to kilty to county square ?
  4. Found you the perfect number plate, it even has your age on it ! £179 on careg.com.
  5. Arrange these words into a phrase or saying ............ off.. piss.
  6. Anyone got a spare £35000 ? https://www.regtransfers.co.uk/main/secureordering/orderregmark.asp?web=1&searchpage=homepage&searchtype=2&regno=S41 NTS&regprice=29495&index=0&st=&plateid=67031073&criteria=s41nts Oh bollox , the link didnae work. It was the reg S41NTS for £29495 +vat Try this & type the number in. http://www.regtransfers.co.uk/main/searchs/searchresults.asp
  7. NAC HON OVO IS1 c**t Do you think i could sneak this past the DVLA
  8. M74 extention, M80 upgrading, while embra struggles with the pish A720 city bypass ??? Yeah Bias, that would be about right.
  9. The Forth bridge project got the go -ahead coz the old ones fallin down !. & those same "easties" opposed the Embra tram system but were out-voted by everyones favourite labour westminster sub committee !
  10. Just thought i`d resurrect this thread in honour of everyones favourite monobrow..... bad luck last night Marky boy , Fud! :
  11. Managed to catch Sky out for the Lying f**kin bastards that i always thought thay were, the benefit of holding on to all your communications & printing off incriminating e-mails, just a pity i didn`t tape the lying f**kin telesales guy who gave me three months "free" sports channels then took the money from my account. I can continue to say that sky are a bunch of lying bastards without fear of prosecution because i have the documents to prove such. f**k off murdoch and your stitch up merchants !! Have a nice day ! Btw , that aside, hasn`t it been a really nice day
  12. Sky are a bunch of Lying Bastards. Oh btw, hello to fffs this beautiful sunny day.
  13. I was at the East Fife game. Do pre -season friendlies count ? Do i get a loyalty card ? is there going to be accurate records kept? Whats the f**kin point then ?
  14. Another delivery of pish , where d`you want it ?
  15. Pinned , Unpinned... who gives a f**k ? jist keep spouting on a daily basis & we`ll keep it up there ! Ohhh Matron !
  16. Well why should today be any different ?
  17. Aye, ye can take the boy oot o` Paisley ......
  18. What he meant tae say was, " i was going tae buy one, ya pie !"
  19. Dont worry, it was pathetic attempt at humour ! Yeah i`m going. I`ve never been to newbrockvillewestparkgazebostadium. Thought i`d give it a go. Also goin to accies game next week
  20. How much is it ? FFS Shull, how did you get in here!
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