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  1. I've signed up. Finally been won over.
  2. Solid player at this level, plenty of experience & filling a position we often ignore. Welcome aboard, Ben!
  3. Well thought of at Ross County, can't see him signing and dropping a division unless he wants to be closer to home..
  4. Is there any evidence of Rangers players being attacked? Rangers fans occupied more than half of the stadium, it would be hard not to celebrate in front of them if you're on the pitch. IF turns out to be true that Rangers players were attacked, then I'll happily accept that I am wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating on the pitch, particularly after winning your first trophy in 100+ years.
  5. What's the problem? I know I'd be invading the pitch if we hadn't won the cup for 114 years. The only problem is when the Rangers fans join in absolutely seething from losing a last minute goal..
  6. Might be alright with a decent pre season, won't be first choice I wouldn't imagine.. Welcome back, David!!
  7. Strange seeing David Barron appearing for Stranraer today..
  8. Did anyone from SMISA ever Google 'Buy The Buds' before setting up the campaign?
  9. Versatile and solid, plenty room for development too. Good decision.
  10. Is this how it works? £10 a month for 1000 people = £10000 £10000 over 10 years = £1m (which will be paid back to Gordon Scott for the majority shareholding) Then we have the £2 a month kitty for the future amounting to £240k in 10 years time. With SMISA taking out the loan to cover the cost of the 28% shareholding, £380000, how will that be repaid? Is this also taken out of the direct debits?
  11. Have the opportunity to ask Gordon questions over the next couple of days. Happy to ask anything from anyone on here although I'm still getting the basics myself. What exactly does the £12 a month eventually amount to? The £10 for shares and £2 p/m into 'the pot'? How does the 'one member one vote' work and what kinds of things will they be voting on if Gordon has the majority shareholding? What happens if people cancel their direct debits over the 10 year period? Will the deal take place as soon as the target to commit is reached? Will we be self sufficient in 10 years time if we achieve the target to buy the club? Does Gordon stay on the board when it goes through and he's repaid?
  12. It's all about respect. In my workplace, I'm asked not to post anything/give an opinion on social media about what is happening with competitors or else I'd get the boot/disciplined whilst under contract. It would be all over the newspapers and I would upset a lot of people/customers if I did. Football is no different. It's quite unsavoury knowing that some players' are paying attention to other matches when their focus should be on ourselves keeping afloat, particularly when it's guys like Agnew/Carswell, who played next to no part in our match to proceed to post their support for others. Again, there's no real problem with footballers using social media, they just need to be shown how to conduct themselves on it whilst attached to our club. The fact that they're being told how to behave publicly by the CEO epitomises that.
  13. I believe it was my Tweet to Scott Agnew that started all of this. I completely understand that most of our players will be supporters of other clubs and watching their matches but find it completely unacceptable for them to post support along with Union Jack emojis and the likes. I have no problem with them using social media and did not intend for them or expect them to be banned from using it totally, but a lesson on how to conduct themselves whilst under contract at the club would be ideal. Alex Rae included, he's one of the biggest culprits.
  14. This could ruin our club. I certainly won't be joining.
  15. *Feel free to shift to GN or relevant forum! Currently writing up my dissertation at Uni, with the subject of improving fan attendance and engagement in Scottish Football. Just thought this would be a good place to ask supporters what else both St Mirren and Scottish football can do to improve the matchday experience and bring more supporters through on matchdays? All thoughts & views greatly appreciated
  16. You are allowed to play a certain number of over-age players. Not sure how many, though..
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