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  1. Fairly sure the intention was for him to always be a squad player hence why he’s on a one year deal. I haven’t seen anything that suggests he’ll break into the team but if injuries mount up who knows.
  2. Don’t think it’s been mentioned but Goody’s decision to give Magennis the armband rather than Paul McGinn is a master stroke. McGinns a leader regardless but giving Magennis the captaincy means he knows himself that his standards can’t slip and he needs to maintain the level that we know he’s capable of. Right wing, left wing and central mid yesterday. Outstanding performance from him yesterday. Expecting a big season from him now.
  3. Ridiculous to think we’re going into this season with just Baird, McLoughlin and MacKenzie as our centre half’s. Nobody had heard of Mcallister until a couple of weeks ago. Gary Mac is injury prone and McLoughlin is only here for 6 months. Another centre half is needed more than a striker now that Cooke isn’t as bad as first feared.
  4. May would be a good signing if he’s played through the middle. He’s still a natural finisher but he gets played out of position at Aberdeen, so he’s never in the right place to score. Similar to Stewart at Killie. Played through the middle, gets a good goalscoring record goes back to Aberdeen, punted out wide again and he’s shite.
  5. YouTube Compilation! Get in! Even if it’s just for the tune! He does certainly look like a sitting midfielder that’s comfortable in the tackle.
  6. I see Dundee signed Johnson from Well today. We must be the only ones left for May at this point.
  7. About to complete our pre season and we can’t even fill our bench. Questions genuinely need to start getting asked about this transfer window. Pretty pathetic.
  8. Praise the Lord!! Actual speculation!!! Testify!! [emoji119]
  9. It’s in his Instagram story. You need to click on his main photo in the app and it’ll show you. He may very well be on an early flight tomorrow but right now he is still in Holland.
  10. Going by his Instagram he’s still in Holland at a music festival by the looks of it. Don’t think it’s TRNSMT [emoji28]
  11. I know, mate. Imagine not being able to draw a line under it and move on under our new manager whilst breaking a legal arrangement. [emoji849]
  12. f**k sake!! Is this shite still rumbling on!?!?! GS maybe needs to grow some thick skin and let shit die. From arguing with fans through the clubs official Facebook account, accusing them of spitting on unconscious opposition fans without a shred of evidence and now this farce. Stop spitting the dummy out and geez a f**king signing!!
  13. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4457308/st-mirren-reject-200k-bid-for-keeper-vaclav-hladky-from-qarabag/amp/ 200k bid rejected apparently.
  14. Still an absolutely quality player if fit and playing and would certainly fill the void left by McAllister. Can’t help but feel he’s just getting a warm weather camp out us and will end up elsewhere.
  15. This is soul destroying Monday morning news!! Wtf!!
  16. Pretty pissed that we weren’t able to come to a compromise. If a similar commute to last season was on the table then I don’t get why we go with it and have a bit of stability. Ambitions of Top 4/Top 6 and we can’t even hold onto a manager. Back at square one. Again.
  17. Looks like that’s it then. OK’s tried to move the goalposts and the club questioned the motive. Still think a compromise could’ve been met. Once again all the momentum built up absolutely evaporated into thin air. f**king. Hell.
  18. Good to see something positive out of this week. Incredible bit of business getting this guy back.
  19. STV stating it’s over his commute. Surely this has been put to bed. GLS demanding he moves over? Do Tommy Wright and Stephen Robinson not commute from N. Ire as well?
  20. We haven’t even kicked a ball yet and my pre season optimism has already vanished. What a pile of shite this has become. Momentum lost. Square one.
  21. Like to see us get Scott Wright on loan from Aberdeen and also Nelson from Sunderland, maybe JR could send him to us this year rather than our rivals. Liked the look of both whenever I’ve seen them over the past couple of years.
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