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  1. Really happy with that. Some of the youngsters looked experienced beyond their years. Impressed with Coulson and Macpherson (the conveyor belt keeps rolling them out) Lacking up front a bit but impressed with front 3 rotating about and looks like we’ll be playing a similar brand of fluid football to last year.
  2. You make it sound like the people who have pulled out are being petty as if they’re squabbling over the ‘silly small things’ as you put it. Allowing the club access to 50k of ring-fenced funds is a pretty dangerous precedent to set I believe and it was never proposed that this would be the case somewhere down the line when people signed up for it. I certainly wouldn’t class that as silly or small. As for the quarterly spend projects some of them are just a complete waste of cash. One of them actually being so bad it put us at loggerheads with the club, leaving them with no choice but to ask the fans to reject it.
  3. Pretty sure people that have put their money in are entitled to feel aggrieved at how it’s being managed and therefore subsequently cancel their £12 DD. We find ourselves in a situation where money that was ring fenced for the sole purpose of purchasing shares and nothing other than the purchase of shares is now being eaten up to pay for a new surface at Ralston, I personally feel this should be at the clubs expense and not the fans. Hence why people feel the need to pull the plug. I still pay my £12 but have been seriously considering cancelling. Frustrated at the fact every single quarterly spend gets thrown away at a handful pointless projects. Understandably this has all been put through via a democratic vote but frustrated nonetheless.
  4. Once a snake, always a snake.
  5. Miller would be a good bit of business depending on him not taking too much out the budget. We still have a fairly young squad and having someone with that experience and mentality is exactly what we need.
  6. I’d rather have meaningless games than shite, boring games, which is exactly what you end up with by the time you’ve played the same team 4 fecking times!
  7. Shame. In an age where retro tops are all the rage and the World Cup is full of vintage kits we go and get Particks strip from last season.
  8. Probably should’ve but he laid the foundation for what Lennon has achieved, the club as a whole have really kicked on since they got the Scottish Cup monkey of their back. He achieved that. The Championship is a notoriously ruthless league, no team has a god given right to win it. Too many teams come down and expect to waltz back up, ourselves included.
  9. Don’t understand the disdain towards Stubbs. Didn’t get Hibs out the Championship but had them up there finishing second behind a rampant Hearts and in a tough league to add. We off all should know how difficult it is to adjust to life in the Championship after relegation, I think he done a decent job off it. Scottish cup semi in his first season then winning it in his second season. We could end up with worse.
  10. Self indulgent, pretentious bullshit. Bye, bye snake [emoji216]
  11. Let’s not beat around the bush. Someone has clearly been acting on behalf of JR behind the clubs back to manoeuvre a move to Sunderland and I’m assuming JR will have given some sort of go ahead to this whilst away. Sunderland have then plastered it all over the media without conducting themselves properly and shat all over St.Mirren. The club release a statement to save face and give permission for a conversation that quite clearly has already been had. JR might not be solely responsible for the conduct of his representative but this leaves a pretty sour taste. I personally hope Sunderland rot in the lower leagues of England for a very long time. Viva Robbie Neilson!
  12. I also find it quite funny that as soon as we start comparing him to Alex Ferguson that he goes and does an Alex Ferguson on us [emoji30]
  13. What an absolute clusterf**k! I’ll await the outcome before passing judgement but this isn’t looking very positive on Jack’s side. Unless his agents going out on his own and putting words in JR’s mouth.
  14. Take it we still don’t have any mods for the forum yet? I’ll take on the role, delete this guys account and resign. Won’t cost you a penny.
  15. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/paul-mcginn-set-st-mirren-12574706.amp
  16. Domestic season hasn’t finished yet. Contracts haven’t expired yet. Identical to this time last year when JR was linked with Dundee. Let’s all simmer down and enjoy the weather.
  17. Romped the Championship and took Hearts to third in their first season back in the Premiership. Would hardly call that an imposter. There’s no speculation, just who I would like.
  18. Shame to see Jack go, if indeed he does. Robbie Neilson for me and we move on. All the best Jack.
  19. A couple of million to spend in the English Championship will get them absolutely nowhere. Seems to me like Ipswich are looking for a man who can get a team punching above their weight without actually backing their manager with any decent finances, hence why the Shrewsbury manager also seems to be high up the pecking order. Without proper squad investment you’ll get exactly what you deserve down there. Mid table mediocrity. For that, I’m out.
  20. Not overly fussed about the Old Firm getting both stands behind the goal although I can certainly understand the frustration of those getting moved. The thing that will frustrate me the most is if my season ticket price sky rockets to subsidise the cheaper south stand tickets. Regardless of the extra 100k being brought in.
  21. The powers that be will probably still send us up to Inverness [emoji849]
  22. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing. Don’t think anybody could’ve foreseen the sort of weather we got that led to the Dundee Utd game getting called off. This game could easily have been chalked off by now. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
  23. Any word on Dobbie? Big miss for them if injured.
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