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  1. The best keeper i've seen for Saints and we have generally done quite well for keepers over the years i've been a supporter
  2. Even if they did I'd tell themto ram it
  3. Not overly enthused by Dunne and Main would be a terrible signing. Hopefully it's rubbish
  4. This is true but for me he still looks fit and up for it. Also think playing/training with Burke would be a big positive in the developement of Jay Henderson and Lewis Jamieson if he stays. I don't really understand the big push to bring Naismith back
  5. I would just like to thank Ronnie and Shull for reminding me why I stopped coming on this forum. Supporters of the club the player is leaving are never a good source of a players ability. I was told by a Motherwell fan that Tait was past it and was a crap signing and that hasn't been true at all, I believe the RossCounty fans said the same about Fraser and he's been solid as well and i'm sure there's a lot more than that
  6. Writing players off after less than a week training isn't going to help these guyts be a success. I'd rather sign young hungry guys like this than the same old has beens looking for another meal ticket. Stubbs also said he hoped to get some in before we went to Spain but would have to be patient on the more important higher profile signings!!!
  7. Interesting to hear Jack say he is signed more as cover for the defence. Knew he had been playing there for Hamilton though. Also interesting to note he was coaching the accies under 15s so maybe brought in to help with that as well Judging by his interview on Buddievision he's a fit strong scary guy who I wouldn't want to mess with on the park.
  8. Think that was only for tackles that are just mistimed. Think in this instance it was only a yellow as the keeper was right behind him and would probably have saved it. I actually thought the ref was very good yesterday however it wasn't that tough a game to referee. How good is it to see the team play in first gear and still comfortably see out that game. Cigars were out for the 2nd half and 3 very strong subs. Eck was my man of the match however can't fault anyone who says otherwise
  9. In fairness it's not the non-league side that released him It's Newport who are a League 2 side who are doing fairly well I believe, Just knocked Leeds out the FA Cup last week. Can't hurt to have a look at the guy and see what he's got
  10. Agreed. I couldn't believe some of the stick he was getting. He badly needs a goal for confidence I think. That was a great performance today at a very tough ground on the worst playing surface I have seen for a while. I'm struggling to understand GC_SMFC points about the first half.Up until the the final 3rd we were miles ahead and never in any danger of losing that game. A lot of people talking about the goals(and quite rightly) but I want to mention the cross from Stelios from the first, Absolutely perfect and a strikers dream. The 2nd was a terrific finish by easily the best player on the park for me in McGinn followed by a terrific celebration. Lastly I want to mention the fun I had watching the 3 bitter rejects Walsh, Hutton and Carswell resort to kicking our players after chasing shadows for the majority, how Carswell wasn't sent off for his i'll never know. COYS!!!
  11. I'm with you I took out a month subscription to see what it offers and some of the interviews have been excellent. The Gary Mac1 and Gordon Scott 1 were a good listen
  12. Absolutely loved that yesterday appart from the first 10 minutes. Thought we played really well and deserved to win the game. At 2-0 down then Eck going off I thought we were gubbed but Stelios was a lot more like his old self. The midfield were excellent as were Cammy and Reilly. The Naismith interview is pretty much bang on except I still don't see this foul he is claiming for in the build up to the 2nd goal. Never seen any of the issues amongst the support and haven't really heard the full story but on the whole the atmosphere was amazing and it is a joy to be in with the smactive guys.
  13. Thank God he never playedfor us. Onto the bitter one. I love how he says at the start that they don't mind if they get beaten fair and square, when we beat them fairly in the first game he moaned constantly. It's all pur propoganda to hide the fact that had they put away their chances they wouldn't have had to complain about the ref.
  14. I've not been Jacks biggest fan but I have to say this is for me the best run of performances he has had. There are still the occasional heart in mouth moments but I have been impressed. Davis has looked good since coming back, a couple of rusty moments but on the whole very good
  15. Pretty sure this was addressed on the last update from GS. The company that Joma use to iron the badges has been blamed and changed to someone in Scotland for next year. My badge on mthe away top I got was coming off, but I took it to the shop and it was ironed back on by the kit man and i've had no trouble since.
  16. Funny to see Steve Aitkin taking pish. Got to be the most biased set of highlights i've seen in a while. Think big Stewart has a part to play and I think he will come good, but for me his role should be replacing Sutton and not the other way round. Thought most of ther team played well yesterday but an off day for Liam and Lewis, it is tough to play 2games on international duty with the 3nd in Latvia and expect them not to be leggy. For McShane was the best player on the park absolutely strolled it, he semms to be either the best player or the worst when things arent going his way.
  17. Was encouraged by that result today. Without playing as well as we can we came up with a 3-1 win against a good team today. Seen a lot of players mentioned like Liam Smith, Morgan and McGinn rightly so, but a player who I thought had a good game when he went on was Kirkpatrick who is a player who will only get better as the season goes on. Baird and McCart played well with a couple of lapses but on the whole both had a good solid game and Samson has won me over as I wasn't sure about bringing him back. Just watched the game back on Alba and Cammy Smith nutmeg on Dobbie was a thing of beauty!!!!
  18. I was unhappy at signing Gow. He was poor in most games, however up until McManus assault on him he was playing his best game for us. He could be worth a punt in the championship. I haven't seen any mention of Genev either is he away?
  19. I can't comment on his spell as manager as it was before my time. However if he has made an offer to the club it is a bit poor they never replied whether it was a yes or no. He has done enough to deserve at least that common courtesy
  20. I would like to see him stay. With a full pre season and fully fit he could be an asset in the Championship. There were some flashes yesterday and that's why Motherwell resorted to kicking him. McManus tackle on him was an assault and should have been a red card and it was made it even sweeter when wee Mallan scored.
  21. I'm finding the lack of respect being shown to Ozzie shocking here. He took a really bad tackle in the first game against Thistle at Firhill and has been playing through the pain from that for us. He then got an even worse tackle in the same place by the same player. I also think this is a big loss to the team on the pitch.
  22. The thing is for me with respect to the so-called dive, I have watched it umpteen times and can't make my mind up so how could the referee be 100% certain to commit to a yellow card
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