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  1. Saints supporters in oregon? Theres one here in Eugene . Tried to covert hss,s brother once but he wanted to stay a gloryhunter.
  2. So glad i dont have to suffer this shite any more,makes redneck country music almost bearable
  3. Hope he doesnt get stagestruck or become a jinx.(just mixing up the puns in this thread)
  4. Thats no the tam steward i remeber,dout he,s reffed a game down the racecourse.
  5. How about its all over now baby blue by bob dylan?
  6. if its a tribute to the 87 cup winners will we have clydeside buses advertised on it?
  7. Haud me back for that one,whsts that in dollars?
  8. Get to the O2 tommorow night ,3 great bands ,the toi comedy of errors and preacher .if you want some good rock music.
  9. Id like to contribute .are there any plans for us faraway fudds to be able to sign up,dont think DD would work over here(usa)
  10. Went to one of the 5s tourniments remember getting gordon mcqueens autograph and other saints players on the programme,unfortunatly its long gone.
  11. Will this work in the states div? Papa johns is all over here.
  12. Get up to king tuts on friday night to see my mates comedy of errors support lifesigns
  13. My first game was at hampden,not a cup game but against queens park . Would have been around 69 or 70 was just a youngster but very impressed with sitting in the old main stand. Cant remember if we won or not but i was a bud for life after that.
  14. Merry christmas from across the pond,hope santa helps us out with 3 points and brings us a new hope for 2016. COYS.
  15. Ffs he,s been the boss for ages now and no won a game,feckin boooo
  16. While we,re at bring back Isma77
  17. if he had im sure mossad would have found him before now. he,d still be dead .
  18. I do miss some of the old posters,syd and the sandman and some others,some of the present posters are offputting posting the same oul crap all the time(lord pittiful) for example.
  19. How far is local ? Will they deliver to oregon .im tired of the american pish they serve over here,want some scottish american food
  20. The only ex manager we should be asking back is ferguson the only one that sparked a fire under a team and the town
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