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  1. He'll need to send it by text as he's banned today [emoji849]
  2. You see, the thing is here. Until non-restricted crowds can get in, it will be pish sitting apart from your usual mates or sitting apart and only a few of them in. It's the right thing to do to stream the games until restrictions end imo.
  3. Leaves us, if you believe JG, Jak in goals, Mason, Joe, Connor, Tait back 4. Durmus, Connolly, MacPherson, McGrath midfield and Dennis and, eek, Erwin up top. And a very poor bench. 3 points incoming [emoji41]
  4. FWIW I think we will retain Fraser and Durmus and JDH will be off. Fraser was in the press saying talks are progressing. JDH and Ilkay have been conspicuously silent and we know for sure JDH has had a decent offer, in our terms, on the table for months. I'd be shocked if he signs now. With Ilkay I have no idea other than a gut feeling. Both will be a loss but not irreplaceable imo. Nobody on our payroll is that good. Sign or move on lads.
  5. Brophy can strike a ball, as can Dennis. Big Jon tends to be powder puff. Him and Dennis also have good movement. The jury is certainly still out but I'd like to see Brophy and Dennis buzzing about as a pairing, balls in to feet and over the top to chase. Time will tell.
  6. We should sell him before he's out of contract [emoji38]
  7. Writing was on the wall when Murray Davison booted him 10 mins into his debut. Chabbi mk2 unfortunately. Frustrating all round.
  8. I like Jon, and he's done well for us. Does a lot of things very well, but for a number 9 he is powder puff with both feet. If someone could explain "putting the laces through it" to him, and it worked, he'd be a huge asset. I think Brophy coming was a signal of intent. In Dennis and Brophy we have 2 forwards who can smash a ball goalwards. Having said that, especially with Dennis's and Brophy's injury records. I'd happily keep Jon and play him alongside whichever of the other two was fit. I don't think the big man would be hard to deal with for a one year extension.
  9. I wouldn't argue with that and I would have liked him to stay. He clearly has issues though playing about 120 games in 7 years with 62 coming in 2 years. And he is not featuring much this season, so I think we lucked out? [emoji1745]
  10. Having played 3 games and not scored all season suggests his move to Dundee was a great move for Saints. Also didn't realise he was "Scottish". Born in England and sounds English. Anyway, bullet dodged.
  11. Foley played 30 seconds for Well. Been injured since. No idea about Mason, never mentioned in any injury update. Think he's maybe away back down the road. Other than a good performance in Cup vs Sevco he's been rotten anyway.
  12. Totally agree Pod. Be a fair few casualties around Paisley imo sadly.
  13. I heard it was getting done up, in 1st lockdown, never re-opened at any point so I fear the worst Tommy.
  14. f**k all Munoz, f**k all. Well maybe the Court Bar still being shut [emoji38]
  15. I dont think the formation worked tonight. Fair enough giving it a go. Motherwell are not a bad side, false league position. As much as we wanted to win tonight top 6 is still in our own hands. 5th is gone. So we either make top 6 or end up bottom 6 with no drop worries and popcorn seats looking down. Aim would be finishing 7th with more points than 6th. Huge positives were the unexpected returns of McGrath and JDH. Both safely navigating the game uninjured. Had Dennis not got crocked we may have had a better goal return of late, but it is what it is. I'd have bit your hand off for this when we lost 6 in a row or whatever it was at covid time or indeed the start of the season. Relax and enjoy a relegation free season and look to build further for next season lads.
  16. I dont think Bet365 have any clue about the injury issues and have failed to notice the unflushable turd warming up for its annual survival gig. I'd have it 6/4 Saints and 7/4 Turd.
  17. Thankfully all Renfrewshire themed and we avoided Gary Gritter and Jimmy Graville..... [emoji12]
  18. I'm no medic, but for me that's a dislocated shoulder and a long spell out the team. Devastating for him and us. Very much hope I'm wrong.
  19. I don't think "dropped" is the right term. He's come in for 1 game to replace a guy who has been brilliant. I think he'd have been gobsmacked himself if he started tonight.
  20. Goodwin says achilles injury and out for season. Hope that proves wrong especially as McGrath now looks like a lengthy absentee.
  21. A tough watch tonight but reality check required. We were the better team until the bizarre injury to McGrath. A complete shit show afterwards although a very soft penalty ended the game as a contest. Ref was rotten throughout. A hard task on Saturday now. Dennis out and possibly McGrath for the season. Brophy has injured a foot, no idea how long out. Maybe Quaner will be back. I fear for top 6 if McGrath is gubbed for the season. No relegation fears though so let's see how we get on!
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