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  1. That was just plain stupidity from Tait. Bonkers
  2. 4-6 weeks out. Could be doing without that. Think him and Erwin could be really good.
  3. Sheron is a dumpling. All he does is bundle folk over. Terrible signing that can't do the basics
  4. That was horrible. No idea whatsoever. Thought Dennis looked good and Connolly is quick. I hadn't a clue what tactics we were employing and neither did the team. An easier 3 points St Johstone will not get. Real lack of fight or shape. Terrible
  5. Pace, dribble Shoot, Defend Pass, Physical Would be my guesses [emoji1]
  6. All very positive. Just what we need. Interesting times ahead for the right reasons hopefully.
  7. Oh aye, forgot Thommo [emoji1787]
  8. Been a while. Sam Parkin was ok. Basher or Yards before that. This is the first year we've been a threat from set plays into the box for donkeys.
  9. A truly horrendous day that. Me and my dad decided to leave at 2 nil, and promptly got caught on camera walking behind the goals when the 3rd went in! Decision well and truly vindicated [emoji38]
  10. I got mine and my boys. Pure nonsense pish imo
  11. Must be a recent change. I passed a week or so ago and the simple branding was still up.
  12. Me too. Hit and miss it would seem. I have got it up and running though without help or emails!
  13. Dare I say it he seems a tough tackler who can play a bit. On the books of an English premier (yeah relegated) team and one for the future. A bit of an Abercromby type maybe. Ducks for cover [emoji1787]
  14. Good signing imo. Might have had a shite time down south but the johnnies are spewing we signed him. Good Scottish league pedigree and a good age. Good luck Joe
  15. Good signing imo. Might have had a shite time down south but the johnnies are spewing we signed him. Good Scottish league pedigree and a good age. Good luck Joe
  16. Distant past. Just unfunny shite now. When you make your unbroken run of every wrong claim wrong, to, well, must be hunners. Time to f**k right off imo
  17. I'm all for Ryan staying, great player and versatile. However having watched his injury taking place over and over, I dont think the guy tried to do him. It ended up clumsy as Ryan's footwork beat him. Was just unfortunate imo. Very unfortunate. I do hate Accies right enough, dirty bastards!!
  18. He'll be gone with best wishes unfortunately, just a case of where. I think we would all like to see that be out outwith Scotland. Sadly not a lot we can do if the bigot pound starts festering into his bank account, which would also sadly tarnish the memories of many Saints fans very quickly. He might come back to end his career here. That worked well recently for a certain defender who we all wish nothing but the best!! Please head south of the border Vaclav! A top keeper and hard, but not impossible, to replace. A great 18 months for us including the unforgettable shoot out heroics to save our skins.
  19. Indeed. We definitely need to become harder to play against but at what cost? I suppose it's about getting the right mix of players. They also absolutely don't shit the bed against the cheeks either, regularly taking points off them. Something we seem to fail spectacularly at on every occasion sadly.
  20. I thought he was great in his first game till the red card. Then kept hoping to be right. As you say the specs celebration after scoring vs Dundee made his time memorable. But not enough to re-sign [emoji1787]
  21. You may well be right Ged. Be a shame though but not undeserved.
  22. Maybe cos we agreed to sign Halkett, then did a u turn? Dunno but I get your point. To be fair Livi keep unearthing unknowns for peanuts that are better than what we have. Maybe some back handers going on or just right place right time? Look at Lyndon Dykes for example. Either way their bubble will burst sooner or later and they'll slither back to the seaside leagues. Just particularly annoying for the time being!!
  23. Yeah Erskine is done and jury out on Lamie but seems Well bound.
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