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  1. Out of my 6 guesses, i got 2 right which is why i very very rarely bet on football.
  2. My guess is City and Liverpool both to win by 2 goals. Leeds and Burnley to lose by 1 goal. Wycombe to win by 1 goal. Blue Bigots to win on pens, thanks to the extra amount of practice kicks they got in midweek
  3. 😂😂😂 you sound upset, maybe with 2 of your teams losing on pens in the 1 week had upset you 😂😂😂
  4. Given the amount of practice they get at pens all season, I for 1, is amazed they lost 😂 Also the Germans have always been good at pens against teams that wave the Union Jack 😂
  5. I am in Pitlochry and a Don fan gave the biggest cheer of the night when the Germans scored. He then bailed out mins later for some reason. I went for a pee just as the pens started so they knew I wasn't 1 of them . Going back to the hotel and a car went by playing loud Irish music for some reason 😂
  6. Think this was the same ref that gave Accies a foul in injury time that they scored from denying us a top 6 last season. Nice to see him upsetting Goodwin again
  7. A predicted result with nothing between the teams for the 4th time this season. Decent crowd of 4554 since few away fans.
  8. The lack of cars on the duel carriageway is certainly a blast from the past.
  9. I agree with the score but with very few away fans, midweek, wet, and game pointless, crowd of 3500.
  10. I wouldn't hold my breath in believing that Main can / will continue the good form in his last few games into next season. As for Brophy, most of his injuries seem to happen when nobody is near him on the pitch, so i certainly don't have much faith in him staying injury free next season. Hope they prove me wrong but we will need a 4th striker at the club regardless.
  11. I noticed that yesterday. I demand to know where my name is
  12. How i really hope he will stay with us for next season.
  13. My 1st league win of the season in my last home game of the season Main goal was a belter, and fair due to the bud with Main name on his top on in W1, going nuts with div after the slagging he been getting Shame about the 2 job worth stewards who wouldn't let 2 young boys around 12 yrs old to go from the west stand to the south stand at H/T. Not allowed, not allowed was their answer 👎 Also, after being told on the tannoy that the players would be coming back onto the pitch after the game for the players and fans to applause each others, i seen the hospitality seat were empty, well free bevvy is an excuse đŸē but also the director box was empty apart from 3 people standing at the top of the stand ☚ī¸
  14. Need to 🙏 for Seville I will be in Pitlochry that night so need to pick my pub carefully.
  15. In press him and Jones returned to their clubs as they're injured. That makes last week win more important if they are missing the rest of the season.
  16. Bold effort but it is Saints v Dundee, not Dundee v Saints
  17. Well between us, we have covered all options unless the game gets abandoned
  18. As this will be only my 6th and last league game at home this season, i am hoping for my 1st win 2 draws and 3 defeats so far ☚ī¸ Will guess a 2-1 win for us
  19. Noticed today that every player we have apart from Dunn was available to play today. Made a different from last week when the manager was saying we were short of players due to injury
  20. Having read some of the post prior and at the beginning of the game, i assume it was pointless for me to continue to watch this game We were the best team by a mile today and deserve to win. If i was a Fake Saint fan, i would be asking how after 90 mins plus, our keeper had 1 of his easiest game this season.
  21. I was in manufacturing so no chance of me working from home. Common sense say more hrs per day working = more leisure days off.
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