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  1. I would like to thank shull for putting those highlights up for viewing. Good to see what the wee clubs grounds are like.
  2. Film my son on his 3rd birthday with the top. Wish i still had it for my grandson. Best saint top even imho.
  3. Well we all know of 1 fan that does want to listen.
  4. If Baz was getting punted out if his seat in the west stand for a bigot, then I am sure he would have a different opinion to the right and wrong of it.
  5. There nothing till you get as far as the Vic Bar just past the fire station. Don't think Harry Bar in the Glynhill ever reopened after the covid shutdown.
  6. Have done it is the past but now between my age, knees and bladder, no chance now especially as I live down by Escape now.
  7. You could just have said you disagree with my opinion, without the Jeezo pish.
  8. As a retired old fart, the times of the games suit me but the Interest is just not there at the moment. Maybe because of the time of the year or maybe because it should never have been held there. Maybe change when all the diddy teams have been put out.
  9. Suits me since it gives me time for beers after the game before the last bus to Renfrew
  10. He is, but shame about his saving penalty ability 🤪
  11. After watching Brighton being cheated out of a pen by var, I now have no faith in it at all. Get it in the bin and just let the ref on the pitch decide instead of someone watching a telly.
  12. Now 8 pens against us in 15 games. Since the Don's now seem to get 1 every other week, a bet on Xmas eve on pen 9 looked good 🤪
  13. Managers are no different from players if there money to be made by them moving. If he goes he goes, life goes on.
  14. Hope the players and staff enjoy the break and come back fit and ready for the games ahead.
  15. Tommy

    Paisley Pubs

    Bet he needs to Google that date 🤪
  16. Doesn't matter what the refs do now on the pitch, whoever is sitting in the var office seem to be the person deciding. It will take a lot of funny handshakes for the Tics to lose the league now.
  17. Great stuff. 3 **** in the bar and 1 bailed out with 3 mins to go, must be part of the subway loyal 😂 not 1 of them would even look me in the eye before, doing and after the game. Plenty of lavvy paper so bar must have thought it was a usual european night for the **** 😎
  18. Need to close them down quicker, I feel they get to much room but happy the now, more than the few **** in the bar are 🍺
  19. Has Brophy ever scored for us at home ? I can remember some excellent goals by him away but can't recall any at home
  20. Now I am going to have to get my fat arse off a sunlounger at midday for this game. Just beg the team to make me not regret it 😎
  21. Either could Livy a few weeks ago at the same ground 😂
  22. Our players when crossing into the box should be aiming for the blocking player arms in future, rather than our so called strikers, might help our pens tally 😂
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