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  1. Well i don't have any problem buying on the day. Turn up at the ticket office or the kiosk at the back of the west stand., buy ticket and walk 10 yards to the turnstiles. It's not as if the home end is ever full.
  2. I like it and noticed the sizes only goes up to 4XL. Just as well big Yardley doesn't play for us now
  3. Motherwell have just under 4000 sold and i am sure Ross County have sold more this season than last season but think there were fans who didn't buy because they didn't want Mackay as manager at the time. With us only pushing 3000, looked like our failure of the top 6 last season is costing us.
  4. There were 1 Swedeturn 18 M/C still in action when the place finally closed in Jan 2017. Around 35 yrs it lasted I was working a Gidding & Lewis VTL that was 36yrs old when the place closed. Spent 5 days in Arbroath learning about it in 1981 when G&L had a base there.
  5. Working manual machine to going to CNC is certainly something you and i will know about. What a CNC m/c can throw out now is amazing, considering how many different m/c a lump of metal would have to go through in the past to get to the finish product.
  6. Tommy

    Paisley Pubs

    Pool table in Gabriels now. Must have lost around 12 seats for it and personally i hope it is only there till the football restarts. £1-50 a game and people next to it certainly wasn't happy about it.
  7. Fair due , didn't know that but Sunday at home is better than a Tues/Wed night. Away end will be full for sure.
  8. Look good to me. I can only see 1 midweek game at home which is good compared to the amount we had last season. Average gate will likely be higher with the amount of Sat games.
  9. Costa Rica 1 up v New Zealand. Greive starts the game. Live on bbc website.
  10. Starting for New Zealand v Costa Rica. Costa 1 up in 2 mins and game is live on the bbc website.
  11. The price of taking the car over on the ferry will likely save you doing that
  12. I was planning to go down south for a week break soon, so now looking like England is off the list as well as Wales Isle of Man maybe
  13. Too many Celtic players, ex Celtic players and Celtic supporters in the team imho Plus the English players as well I shocked the wife by coming home from the pub early, so that is both of us upset
  14. I would say no. He had 2 spells with us and by all accounts he couldn't wait to leave both times. Have a feeling Goodwin will take him anyway.
  15. The Fakes have decided to close their family stand this season, assuming for everybody apart from the bigots.
  16. Best team lost and shafted by var 👎
  17. Come on Ukraine, as well as pissing off Putin, you can piss off those weirds speaking Welsh punters
  18. Throw it in here, an excellent display by the U21 in Belgium in getting a 0-0 result.
  19. Certainly taking the piss, but i still reckon it will be a sell out, or close to it.
  20. Since most, if not all other teams home fans pay at least that amount in walk up price, why would our home support go down and not the other teams home fans ? We have been the lowest price for years and at the end of the day, it is only an other £3 every 2nd week. I agree the cost is expensive but we will still be 1 of the cheapest ground in the top league to get into. Certainly more wins at home would be enjoyable.
  21. Glad we haven't resigned him but he must have a great agent who can get him a 2 yr deal considering where he been playing (sometimes) in the 1st 4 yrs.
  22. I was in Pitlochry recently and the hotel i was staying in couldn't get a chef, so couldn't open the restaurant at night. Brexit been a disaster the manager of the hotel said. Plenty of shops and bars also had sign saying staff wanted.
  23. Since saints fans will never agree on this subject, why not let the bigots decide. First of all, put out a club statement saying you will get 2 stands, but if you break the law by any means, the next time you visit, it will be 1 stand for you. Charge them what they charge us, and any saint fan who buy a ticket, even if it is a concession, give them a decent discount for any other home game of their choice.
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