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  1. Well I walk past the **** pub in Puerto De Carman today and gave them my annual 1 finger salute 🖕 and if that makes me a bad person, I don't care 😂
  2. So let kid the players on it is a league cup game we are playing
  3. 1st heavy pitch of the season and our players looked well knackered long before the end. I really hope that is not something that will continue during the winter months. 2 up front just doesn't work and no offence to Main, i prefer it when he isn't in the starting 11. Only bright part of my day was finding out the Court Bar was opened after the game. Thank F for Lanzarote next week for me 🍺 🌞
  4. A few reasons. The shambles at the start of the season that gave the impression that from the chairman down, nobody seems to know what they were doing. Being out of the country for nearly 5 weeks during Sep, Oct and Nov meaning i would miss a few games. Can't be arse with midweek games in winter since my old bones now feel the cold. Not interested in looking at the bigots at both end of the ground 3 times a season. Be lucky if i make 6 games before the split because of the reasons above. Got used to watching games in the house with my feet up having a few cold 🍺
  5. Beaton is the ref for Sat. Hope having a lot of Irishmen at our club doesn't effect his decisions
  6. Elvis will be more upset than the Well keeper
  7. Flynn sleeping and leaving Watt with to much room.
  8. Went down today and got my ticket for my 1st game since we beat the Hearts more than 19 months ago. Since it will be my 1st game at Greenhill Rd without a season ticket, i assume i just put the end of the ticket with the barcode in the slot to gain entry 🤔 It been so long i forget what need to be done
  9. Wonder if Tony is having a good laugh about it after he got kicked under the bus by the chairman earlier in the season
  10. Ist half we were good in spells but never in the game in the 2nd half. Only 2 shots on target is a poor return considering how well we played in the 1st half. Maybe having no left footed player for the 2nd half had something to do with our poor display.
  11. Maybe the cash on offer is not just a good wage, but also a percentage of any fee we get. He then get cash from us and his new club
  12. The poor bit of the 1st half was the Pen. Everybody in the pub knew where Dykes was going to put it [Our manger should have known the same and have someone else take it} He been putting every pen from when he played for Livy to QPR hard down the middle. He got lucky against Austria, and he must have known the ex Hibs keeper would have been wise to how he take pens.. At the end of the day, who cares, Dykes did play well, and we got the result we wanted and played well for most of the game .
  13. Watch the game in Gabriel today and the roof must have came off the building at around 6-50 pm 😂 Brilliant moment when the 3rd goal went in 2 of my grandkids has Polish Blood in them, so hopefully they wont get annoy at me giving the ref verbal 😂
  14. I have around 500 miles worth in my tank so I'm OK for when I return home next week. Glad I tops up before I came here 😆
  15. Fuel doesn't seem to be a problem here in St Louis, and forecourt showing 2.99$ a gallon 🤑
  16. 2nd half make it worthwhile for me getting up at 6am. Just need the golfers to perform a miracle later to piss off the Yanks in the sport bar later to really make my day 😂
  17. The Don's pressing of us is giving us no time on the ball. Something will need to change or we are in for a painful 2nd half.
  18. Early start for me if I want to watch the game, since I am in St Louis and local time is 6hrs behind the UK. Maybe just make it 7am for the 2nd half
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