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  1. Evening Bigjerseybuddie, glad to hear youre well Even better you are getting up for a game. Love to meet you for a pint, dont know my shifts yet but i`ll PM you my mobile. Normally get a pint in the Court Bar before the game so happy to catch you in there.
  2. first player in britain to utilise GPS system.....paul mcgowan in 2013
  3. archie gemmell 2 time winner of European cup with Nottingham Forest....ex Saints player
  4. aye, marching season doesn`t start til may.................................
  5. DAFFY duck...................................aw naw we`ve re signed Darryl Daffy
  6. I know there was a "gentleman<s agreement" that Jordan Kilpatrick couldn`t play yesterday,anyone know if the same with Cammy Smith. ? Pretty sure the wee man would be well pumped up to show OK what he missed and knowing our luck he`d probably score against us.
  7. To the tune of Copacabana by Barry Manilow His name is Oran, He is a showman, He`ll get the saints playing football, Home games ? He`ll win them all And while he tries to be a star, He`s come from over thar, Cross from the big scoreboard, You`ll hear the Saints fans roar, They were hungry for success, and now they`ve signed the Best... At the Feegie,The Feeegiedooommeee, The hottest spot north of Rome, At the Feegie, feegiedome, Saints playing with passion was always the fashion, At the Feegie !......... Jack Ross was God............ better with music in the background
  8. given that moaning bastart Gerrard saying they dont get decisions it`ll be 4-1 to Sevco. 3 penalties and a blatant off side Baird sent off for aiming a kick a Morelos, 5 saints booked and McGinn-S carried off after a waist high tackle from Ryan Jack
  9. first section to get looked at is space between main stand and family stand. i think we could increase hospitality numbers on matchday and use space during week for coffee shop[think this has been suggested before numerous times by LPM], as well as increasing fans there too[not standing]believe architects looking at it. Money may come from chunk of what we get if McGinn or Magennis move on from hibs or us
  10. mccoist has cancelled his talk sport show in london tomorrow, unveiling?
  11. might be a job for Alex Rae as his assistant,knows the club well............................................
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