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  1. I was speaking with a Hibs fan in a pub a few weeks ago who said Hibs would get a further million if Villa gained promotion this year, and saints would be due a third of that. He was hoping that Villa didn't get promoted, as the alternative would be a percentage of profit on selling him to a premiership club, which would be more than a million. Again saints would be due a third of what hibs get.
  2. And one against Aberdeen. ( Hope he doesn't sign for Livi )
  3. Can't make the game tomorrow due to an Aunt's 70th! Anyone going by train from Glasgow should buy a return ticket from Queen Street to Blair Atholl(£20.20 ), and a return from Blair Atholl to Inverness (£22.30) ( you can buy both from Queen Street ) - Not cheap, but about £15 less than buying a return from Glasgow to Inverness
  4. What a player Lewis Morgan is - could be wrong, but I think that's 3 times this season that he's scored two goals from outside the box, one with each foot?
  5. Maybe they want to have St Mirren fans in all parts of the stadium. I'm certainly not going to waste my Friday night time making an unnecessary trip to Paisley.
  6. Barnsley Forum thread .. http://barnsleyfc.org.uk/threads/st-mirren-fans-view-on-our-link-to-their-manager.264799/
  7. Thought that the ticket office might be open after the Falkirk game, so that it doesn't get too busy before the game...
  8. I'd agree with this - for the last nine games, we were top of the form table with 18 points - Morton got 4. We'll be fourth favourites at about 7 or 8-1 behind United, Caley and Falkirk, with Dunfermline and QOS not far behind us.
  9. I thought that Gus was the same as Danny - Contract not renewed at the end of the season?
  10. Replaced ticket, but was unable to view the seating plan - the website is very Tommy Craig
  11. Interesting take on it from Jon McShane: Jon McShane‏ @JonMcshane9 4h4 hours ago More Cry me a river Danny Lennon... imagine every boy I seen him shaft came out in the press and spoke about his lies and deceit #potkettle
  12. Announcement regarding streaming not allowed. Any caught will be chucked out.
  13. Kid Jensen on Top of The Pops tonight wearing a cracking "Super Saints" t shirt. Available on the iplayer
  14. Really hope that there is a peaceful resolution to this issue. The club should realise that there are supporters who consider how it deals with issues such as this to be as important as producing a half decent football on the pitch. i was on the train to Cappielow the other night and was personally disgusted by how the police in my carriage threatened to throw young supporters off at Port Glasgow for merely singing pro Saint Mirren songs. I'd imagine these same officers would turn a blind eye to old firm supporters singing songs that are actually illegal, simply due to being out numbered. I can easily believe that this young man was treated unfailrly when celebrating the equaliser So get it sorted Tony and Gordon before you lose any more good will over what appears to be a storm in a tea cup.
  15. Currently sitting on the soap dodger express at central. Not many fans on the train tbh.
  16. Well done Saints. Jack Baird talked about as a future international by Rob McLean!
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