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    Devanski reacted to oaksoft in Big Boris, Our Prime Minister   
    Well that clearly puts paid to any accusations that Boris had no intention of trying to get a deal and only wanted a No Deal.
    It'll be nice to see some of the hysterical shrieking toned down a bit.
    Whether he'll get it through parliament is another issue.
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    Devanski reacted to antrin in Big Boris, Our Prime Minister   
    Poor Scotland if this the level of your intellectual badinage... 
    I am there April to October - and at other times.  I hope this helps.
    Aye.  I did think of using some of my loose change to buy something small.  Elderslie, perhaps?
    It was a Scotsman, I think... in the quote.
    JM Barrie - that would be the famous Scot who rose to fame after he moved to... er… London?  To live out his impressive life then eventually die?  He knew of what he wrote, perhaps.  Barrie could never have been as impressive had he stayed in Kirriemuir - who, in Kirriemuir, would have been worth impressing?
    And as for the other two sentences... 
    … you just didn't see enough of this great city or perhaps you didn't have the time or money to afford it - or had no social life?  Dismal, it isnae.
    Maybe its all down to luck?  I was lucky in work when I came down (earning more than any jobs in Scotland offered) and I moved intae a hoose that had a few people in it - so already an established social life.   Unlike yourself I have never been career-orientated, so that comment disnae apply.  I can do work, make enough, chuck it and do other stuff.  There was variety... broad choice in London.  It's been a blast.  But I've even been known to chuck working in London -and go elsewhere.  Once I got paid 25% of my daily London rate to work  in Scotland,  24/7 each week as my week's wage - which I kept at for 10 months - cause I was up the hills and enjoying myself.  I ended that cos I got homesick for London.  Honestly.
    It's warmer and drier than Paisley, too. 
    Your final sentence says more about you, Bud, than anyone else.  Is any Scot who lives anywhere on earth to be tarred with the same "sentimental" broad-stroke brush?  
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    Devanski reacted to chalky1 in They Should Have Been Capped For Scotland   
    Campbell Money got his cap in friendly I'm sure. It was Scotland v League 11 select, I'm sure it was to celebrate 100 year centenary or something like that. game was played at Hampden and on the telly. I'm sure the league select won the game
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    Devanski reacted to Sweeper07 in The Fans Are Needed.   
    He's back coming out into the open once more with another of his aliases to defend himself… still as thick as . . . . . the emoji's were especially for you !  
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    Devanski reacted to St.Ricky in W7/North Bank Treatment   
    You shouldn't need anyone to tell you how to behave. I sing, I shout, I clap and I stood in the North bank. 
    I didn't feel a need to swear. I didn't feel a need to shower hate on the opposition. 
    The police have enough to do without having to concern themselves with a group of (mostly) young lads with a low threshold of self control. But.. somehow the group have caught their attention. In that you only have to look at yourselves for the reasons why.
    For the umpteenth time. I love the noise..I love the colour that W7 guys are bringing to the ground. Doesn't mean that I have to agree with all that is said or done. Get used to it. In life others have opinions. We might not agree with them but it's usually wise to ask ourselves why they feel the way they do and ask...was it something I/we have done.
    In my case, I know what I have done. I have had the temerity to ask you to consider behaving better than the fans from other clubs you criticise. In many ways, you already do in my opinion. 
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    Devanski reacted to shull in A Sectarian Free Europe At Last   
    This Thursday could be one of those glorious nights for Scottish Football. 
    The two sectarian Clubs knocked out of Europe, one after another, all live on BT Sport. 
    And I get to view it, all for free. 
    Will be having a Chinese or Indian meal while watching the demolition of the Bigoted Yins. 
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    Devanski reacted to oaksoft in The drugs don't work. .   
    Once you have done this come back and let me know what kinds of adverts Google thinks are appropriate for you?
    I hear that snake and IOBS get inundated with Viagra and cannabis adverts
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    Devanski reacted to whydowebother in The One Upmanshippers   
    Fairly sure you condoning this completely contradicts this thread you started.

    As long as you’re happy with people firing in to people you don’t particularly like, that’s ok ?

    Aye right.

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    Devanski reacted to Isle Of Bute Saint in Stay well clear   
    When it comes to con men yes I do everyone should know. Mistake is another thing we all have admit it you will get respect. 
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    Devanski reacted to St.Ricky in Thugs and St Mirren - Not in my name or the Club   
    Nothing sesational about a young boy being harrassed, attacked and essentially robbed is there? Is that now normal? Not in my book.
    I do agree that whoever it was then they were in the wrong.
    I don't accept the premise put forward elsewhere on the thread that this would have been classed as "high jinks" at any time.
    As far as I read - both fans and the club had extended support - difficult for the latter to have done so if it had been far from the ground.
    Of course, one could argue that that part was journalistic licence - I prefer to believe that this showed the true spirit of the fans who came to his aid and the club.
    Old fashioned - possibly.
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    Devanski reacted to saintnextlifetime in Nothing changes...........Older drivers   
    Don't you think that , at some point in the not too distant future , all cars are going to have these fitted ? I know many new cars now have some form of tracker in them but how long before it becomes mandatory. .
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    Devanski reacted to Bud the Baker in The Politics Thread   
    The Nazis were never Socialists that's just a red herring.
    George Orwell summed the Nazis economic policies up best by saying that the rich had nothing to fear from them unless they were Jewish.
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    Devanski reacted to faraway saint in Is it bad to be a Sevco Troll?   
    Yep, that's the answer, usual bitter and twisted ideas with no substance. Run along ya doddery auld Cnut.
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