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  1. chalky1

    Alias Use on The Forum

    Jeez oh Jaybee, you call me a dummy, tell me to go back to school and now you are having a go about my height, lol
  2. chalky1

    Alias Use on The Forum

    Think you need to go back to school and listen to what the teacher tells you about finishing, emm, what did he say again? Anyway I had a great dinner
  3. chalky1

    Alias Use on The Forum

    Please keep me out of this
  4. chalky1

    Alias Use on The Forum

    Little do you know that I have challenged Ricky with his posts on many occasion, but hey if you want to start with the insults that fine with me
  5. chalky1

    Alias Use on The Forum

    Can you refresh my memory Ricky to when your posts either challenge or inform
  6. chalky1

    Ticketmaster Data Breach

    These breeches happen all the time, it's normal procedure to tell the customer and issue a new card. Just a pain if they cancel your card and you have to wait until the new one arrives. Most customers will be okay.
  7. Never happen, EPL doesn't need us and there isn't enough money to be made from a 1 off or 2 leg game
  8. chalky1

    Tennents Sixes

    Paisley Ice Rink, before my time Can only remember the Lagoon
  9. chalky1

    Tennents Sixes

    Would love them to bring this back during the winter break, went when I was younger and it was a good day out
  10. chalky1

    St Mirren 1 Celtic 0 sept 1989

    They where, the game was featured on Scotsport the next day, I'm sure Jim White had a wry we smile whilst introducing the game
  11. chalky1

    St Mirren 1 Celtic 0 sept 1989

    There was a couple of time when we played Celtic at Love Street and Ranger where also at home we would alternate early kick offs. You could be right, think it might have been a 2pm kick off
  12. chalky1

    St Mirren 1 Celtic 0 sept 1989

    http://www.thecelticwiki.com/page/1989-09-09%3A+St+Mirren+1-0+Celtic%2C+Premier+Division A wee match report
  13. chalky1

    St Mirren 1 Celtic 0 sept 1989

    But Celtic still finished with 11 men as Burns got sent off after being subbed along with Kinnaird, you are right Kinnaird then appeared at the tunnel in his towel watching the game. If I remember correctly the big talking point was Kinnaird being able to stand in the tunnel and watch the game and not how Celtic kept 11 players on the park after Burns was red carded whilst being subbed
  14. chalky1

    Indians in Space

    I watched it when it first came on, decent show but some parts I don't get, i.e The Technology, I know it's a reboot etc
  15. chalky1

    Indians in Space

    Need to remember and watch it