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  1. Might see him included in the squad, possible Griffiths recalled if fit. Think it will be Che Adams upfront with either Nisbet or Christie alongside
  2. 1 win isn't going to change my fear when I hear the dreaded words of a reporter stating our opponents are in a bad run of form. 40 plus years watching the Mirren, lol Just happy I've got nothing to moan about tonight, lol Good 2nd half performance again 10 men, moved the ball about well and used our spare man well
  3. Growing up in the river's area as one ice-cream van left the street another was only moments away, Thinks it Berts (Him and his Son) Palumbo's , Mario's and the the walls vans. Might also been 1 or 2 others
  4. Mines arrived this morning, nice we wallet with it
  5. Still waiting, will just use my barcode and my phone in the meantime
  6. I'm sure it stated online you could only by 1 ticket, might need to ask someone who isn't going to help you out
  7. Also on their websites, BBC especially is terrible
  8. Believe this is bazil's idea (29secs) He is going to introduce it to the forum too 29 words maximum on any subject to make your point and that's it If you had stopped at 'it', you'd be bang on 29 words, lol
  9. 3 goals, 3 points and top of our group, not great but always felt we were in control
  10. Good performance, clean sheet and a win. Onwards to the next game
  11. Now the SFA own Hampden there has been talk about re-developing it. Keeping the main stand but bringing the other stands in closer to the pitch. This allows for increase in capacity and freeing up the surrounding area to help with parking etc.
  12. Manhatton's (Library) and Afton aren't re-opening at the moment. Think both are looking for new owners
  13. It's a sellers market just now, I know 1 or 2 work colleagues who are trying to buy and everything is selling more than the value off the home apparently. It may be a ploy selling slightly less than value to generate initial interest. It might be better to look at an estate agent where you only pay commision if the house is sold
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