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  1. Looks more like a poem to me, never heard of it before
  2. They've been doing a lot of work lately around the Old Gas Works, a good few weeks now
  3. Wonder if he will threaten to cut their wages etc just like he did at grangemouth?
  4. I'm just peeved off with football being played any day that ends with a Y. International football for me was always Sat/Wed. Got my tartan army membership but haven't purchased any home tickets yet for this campaign. The last few campaigns I haven't been to as many home games, mostly due to work.
  5. Scotland don't do it the easy way, lol
  6. Don't want to put a damper on things but Keep the frigging noise down
  7. The person that sits there might think we are picking on them, lol I am waiting on e new thread asking if anyone has a decibel meter and wants to measure the noise levels, lol
  8. Also the guys in West 1 & 2 are good for starting a song also. Once your signing you just hear around you signing. What we need are 7 individuals who happen to have a decibel meter each. Each person draws a lot to see what section they have to stand in front of and measure the sound. For the results to have a significance then only Season Ticket holders can measure the sounds of each section as some people on here will not accept the result from someone who has purchased a match day ticket to watch their beloved saints.
  9. And as usual the off-form team play us and win by 2 or 3 goals, lol. Would happily take a 1 - 0 win
  10. That was my first thought when I seen it
  11. Had my first beer in 10 weeks last weekend, 1st went down a treat, after 3 beers I decided to head home after work. Doesn't bother me if I have a drink or not, sometimes I wake up on Sunday and think I'll head to the pub for a beer or 3. A few hours later i'm still in the house not bothered that I haven't went out.
  12. Yeah, bud, never understood that mentality of carrying a weapon.
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