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  1. Keeps the gap and also offers great return if we now win these games
  2. Would we be able to afford 30K just now, maybe get him in sooner?
  3. Number 4 with Red Numbers, then 2 with White Numbers
  4. Bought mine weeks ago and presents have been wrapped for nearly two weeks. The joys of staying in with very little to do
  5. Whoops, he's like the boy De Boer, so good you'd think there where 2 of them
  6. Kind of remember Fergie but early 80's started going to games with my mates, so plenty I can't remember Manager - Alex Miller - for consistency of cup runs and challenging for Europe 1) Campbell Money 2) Tommy Wilson 3)Stevie Clarke 4)Tony Fitzpatrick 5) Neal Cooper 6) Paul Fenwick 7)Billie Abercrombie 8 Billy Stark 9) Frank McGarvey 10) Frank McAvennie 11) Peter Weir Subs 12) Gunni 13) Lavetty 14) Mark Fulton 15) Doug Somner 16) Jackie Copland 17) Paul Lambert 18) Hinchcliffe Probably found it easier to name a squad you didn't like Shull Potter and Elliott would be my Captian and VC, lol
  7. I would like to see the high street with some sort of covering and large wind breakers at the top, open it up to more bars and restuarants. Knock down both the Piazza and Paisley centre and start again with local businesses and parking. New cinema, new museum etc all nearby. Students using the pubs etc I would look to bring the Phoenix shops and into the town, move the car retailers down abercorn street, move all the local industries to Phoenix. You would then hopefully have local shops, pubs restaurants with parking in the town centre. Morison, Aldi B&M etc on the outskirts of the town centre. massive car dealership close to the town. your then close to other transport links.
  8. Don't think the last two pre-seasons have helped, managers appointed later than expected. Players who potentially we're linked with then sign for another club. Just now I'm blindly optimistic, lol. Come transfer deadline day (whenever that is) I'll be eagerly anticipating the 35 yr old free transfer
  9. Justin? At least on par with out wage structure Booommmm, thanks very much, I'm here all weak, with double matinee on Saturday
  10. Always taking it to far, lol
  11. Just wondered what fans would think if they received a birthday message from St.Mirren players on their birthday? Today I'm celebrating mine and at lunch time I logged onto check my emails and received birthday messages from the following football clubs 1) Scotland - wee message from Stevie Clarke 2) Barcelona FC wishing me a happy birthday 3) Liverpool players Robbo, Gino, Lovren, Matip, Brewster, Mane and Ox all wishing a happy birthday. Highlight Ox holding up the Champions League trophy, rapped up wishing me a happy birthday. I know the messages and videos are generic and everyone receives the same email but it certainly was a suprise and did put a wee (Large)smile on my face. Are St.Mirren missing out on something. The other clubs I follow and go to games when I can. St.Mirren is my team. I know junior season ticket holders normally get cards but just wondered if fans would appreciate a wee 1 minute video posted to them.
  12. Should you no be in your bed practising for this night shift malarky? 😀
  13. I used to love nightshift, more selfish reasons though, stopped me going out and saved me money. I worked 10pm - 8am. I would normally get home have my breakfast, go to bed, set my alarm for about 5;30, would always wake up before then. To me it was a better sleep as I woke up naturally and not with an alarm going off. It will take you a few weeks to get used to it, for me I would probably try and get up early on the Friday about 1ish so your weekends are kind off normal. Just need to be careful that you don't waste the Friday after work and Monday before work
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