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  1. Revels 😄 Or is that just standard if you get the coffee flavoured one?
  2. Maybe they know that the league will be declared and that we're finishing 9th, lol
  3. Think it is at early stages, if players have been self isolating for between 7 to 14 days depending on family circumstances then yeah, I think it could be done. All we need is the Janny to unlock the doors, switch the power on and then come back at at the end of the game. Simple!!!😂
  4. Seen this morning on SKY sports, Aberdeen chairman stating that the SPFL are in talks to show all games live on the telly if games are played behind closed doors. Could we tell the club that we would be happy to pay £5.00 Pay per view, simply added to your sky bill, then monies passed on to the club. Most of us spend that at the ground when buying our pre-match or half-time snack. Club would the receive approx £20,000 each home game with very little expense. Just an idea!
  5. The top that I ordered 30 mins ago has now been dispatched. £5.95 to send it from Greenhill Rd to Ferguslie Park Avenue 😂😂 Sod the just giving page, everyone just order something online, Robbing [email protected]@@@@ds 😂
  6. Nobody needs to have heard of you, 5 mins to set up a Just giving page, you started this thread yesterday, rather than people coming on and having a go you might have been suprised to see how much could have been donated. Club shop is still open online, just ordered another top for my grandson that is on sale Just do it, the rest will follow
  7. How is relegation determined in SPFL 2?
  8. Is that a circle in the center of the pitch. Yir a gardener with a light switch 😂
  9. Am I correct to assume that you are in isolation 😀 All these Joma strips from their catalogue
  10. I'll bite first It's RANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Agree bud, my role is Finance with customer services, seen as vital because customers are calling up worried about how they are going to pay etc. Also Tesco where starting to segragate teams who site beside each other. all staff who can work from home have been told to work from home, so as to free up more space within the office.
  12. Probably right, my employer (Tesco Bank) have given me 12 weeks off with full pay due to being classed as vulnerable (Type 1 Diabetic) and also my wife has been given 12 weeks off with full pay because partly of my situation. There are some employers who are trying to look after their staff but a lot are looking for guidance in how to do this.
  13. One of my all time favourites Brilliant
  14. been given 12 weeks off due to a medical condition full pay, can't grumble Looks like cancelling or booking another cruise with P & O
  15. 1989, went to Berwick for the league cup game, think it was a Tuesday night with the knox st bus, hadn't been feeling to great before it. Got to the ground, started throwing up all over the place. Got taken to hospital. Supporters bus picked me up from the hospital. Got back to paisley in the early hours. Then spent the next few days ill in bed. The end
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