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  1. Unbeaten this season or lifetime? 😂
  2. The number of stripes on the shirt has never really bothered me, 99/00 & 12/13 had decent amount of stripes, and both were winning strips. As long as its Black & White stripes, also prefer white shorts.
  3. Only thing wrong with the current top is that it doesn't have stripes on the back or Red numbers
  4. Poll tax , early 90's, wisnae that much to get in, lol
  5. I remember years ago, sheriff officers turned up at Queens Park to arrest players wages for non payment of Poll Tax. Queens Park just laughed at the officers. Don't know if it's a sad day for football, could well mean that Queens park could become a decent football club. Continue with their development of young players but are then able to cash in when selling them.
  6. I never noticed it earlier. When did it get lit up? It was getting built Wednesday morning, I didn't think it would light up until the big switch on this Saturday
  7. Couldn't care, only interested in St.Mirren and Goody, lol
  8. Seriously? I think he has been brilliant, yeah nothing great at the beginning but the last few games I've attended he's been one of our most consistent players. I would like both, you know what your getting with JB but is it good enough for the SPFL?
  9. How long will they continue to invest those sums of money? Another season in the Championship and surely it can't be a viable business?
  10. I would just stay on the bus, lol. Not looking good, who knows maybe an upset on the cards 🤔
  11. chalky1

    New Member

    You smelt it, so you dealt it, so it's YOU, lol
  12. Axel Foley,lol Probably my only negative comment on Foley so far this season, a couple times he should/could have shot but always looks to pass. Still think he has been a bargain find though
  13. Think I can beat that, Grandson was at his first ever game today via the Panda club, got his picture taking with Captain Marvel, Danny Mullen & Ryan Flynn, Captain starts his first game of the season (Strolled it), Mullen gets his first goal and Flynn misses his first game, lol. He loved it and can't wait for the next home game. Savour the moment pal is what I should have told him, lol
  14. is it 100 pipers or chivas regal?
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