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  1. No sure, the guys taking the measurements looked well dodgy. I mean they measured the width of the pool, not the size of the fish
  2. Is there now not more technology in your mobile than what was on the Apollo mission to the moon, lol. Scary technology
  3. I now download my music, I can hear the track before purchasing which works for me. Also subscribed to a few youtube channels so get to know about remixes etc. Still look at the record label, producer, artist and remixer though. that will never change, lol
  4. For me it's music, used to buy lots of 7" vinyll when a kid, then moved on to CD singles with my CD decks. used to love a Saturday going to Tower records, HMV in Glasgow. Our Price, Stereo 1 (Upstairs) and Record Factory in Paisley. Taking a gamble on a remix cause the producer or remixer had done a belter of a song/remix a month or so before. Getting home and finding it was also a cracking song. Download my music now. yeah its convenient but not the same. I've converted a lot of it to MP3 format, got tonnes of musice on my phone, along with my own personal mixes of music I like but nothing bet going to shop and finding a tune.
  5. Limo, haha, we went to the game and home from the game on the Disco Bus. Kids went in 2 hired limo's and adults went on the disco bus. Thankfully I didn't have any kids so I was on the disco Bus
  6. I thought it was a Red, also if Devlin had been booked for his dive then he'd have received 2nd Yellow in 2nd half after his altercation with Power Thought the Ref was poor, no excuse, we weren't great
  7. I can remember watching Scotland 15's at Ibrox around 83/84. Midweek game against West Germany. I'm sure we lost but can't quite remember
  8. Tennents soccer 6's, original format not this Masters nonsense at the Hydro
  9. Scotland national team v Scottish Premier League select
  10. Napoli and Barcelona had a banner before their game tonight. Several international teams have said they'll not go to Russia if they're drawn against them in the play offs
  11. I've not screenshot it today yet and will probably forget later, lol. ps phone is right beside me
  12. I get not selling to OF fans online but to me it makes more sense if away fans can log on and purchase tickets on our platform, simple email sent with barcode or PDF format. This way we get the money straight away, set a deadline no tickets can be purchased online 3 hrs before kick off. Notify away team to post on their social channels how many have been sold or how many can be purchased at gate if doing this.
  13. My only issue is why can't they activate my season ticket for today, I've purchased my allocated seat. would save the hassle off downloading a PDF, cuts out any hassle for people who may have outdated mobile phone or not have a printer. Not a gripe against the team, just a genuine question
  14. Never had any issues purchasing tickets online for games my season ticket doesn't cover. Today's game my email arrived instantly after purchasing it on Wednesday night. I've opened up the ticket and downloaded the PDF and have checked several times it can be opened on my phone. Now doubt will check a few times this morning, will check again just before leaving the house and will start to have doubts as I approach the turnstyle. My fears will be releaved as I enter the stadium and no doubt 15 mins into the game I'll be wishing I hadn't purchased a ticket (only kidding about the last bit).
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