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  1. chalky1

    Latest Scores

    Martin Tyler hates Liverpool, did you hear him at the start Talking about how Norwich won the second half at Anfield 1 - 0. Doesn't get you any points
  2. Only ever go into the bank if I need to deposit money into my account and then use the machine for a quick deposit. Never quite understood why they shut at 5ish when the majority finish at 5pm most days
  3. I nearly caught it last Saturday, in the new pub Braga in Paisley, mate bought the round and got charged £27.00 for 6 pints of the stuff
  4. Don't think so, I'm sure the shop must have something, call them, if they do just collect it before the game. I'm sure there are Black & White scarfs in the shop
  5. I'm not so sure, most people that side of the clyde might either go to the city centre or carry along to the Fort/Forge. Could potentially hit Clydebank shopping centre
  6. Only 3 players who I would class as 1st team Regulars. Hladky, P McGinn & Flynn. Not really been impressed with Andrieu, a constantly injured CB, 2 loan players and 2 fringe players, oh and the captain
  7. Just seen it on the news, quite a shock, 39yrs old RIP buddie
  8. Lol, I was thinking Wow Shull's music variation is very varied 😀
  9. What the head line was regarding The singer, well that's my prerogative
  10. I've got saved on the box, will watch it later, heard it is good
  11. Started watching The Outsider on sky Atlantic, TV series based on a Stephen King novel, 2 episodes and I'm liking it
  12. Everything is fine on here, there appear to be male usernames but deep down we know they are fannies. Whoooopppppssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. chalky1

    Latest Scores

    Was just about to say I can't see Arsenal scoring and bam 1 - 0 Arsenal
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