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  1. Don't buck your trend, your posts are great, I need my daily fix of wise inspirational wisdom
  2. I seen him at Asda Linwood, finished my shopping and went straight to the clubshop and purchased my season ticket. Why else would he be at Asda
  3. At Mexico 86 it was clearly Ball to Hand, Clearly to close and the ball was struck to hard for him to get his arm down
  4. Think it is the way now, can't remember the last time I bought a newspaper. I just read your posts of wisdom & current affairs on here and I'm sorted
  5. Hopefully a few of the fans who turned up yesterday will hopefully come back on a more regular basis. With Additional crowds bring additional revenue which needs to be spent wisely. As mentioned here and on other threads, a few decent players in and we could be propelling ourselves up the league. More prize money for finishing higher up the league as well.
  6. Would love that to happen but not sure if we could afford 7 or 8 quality players
  7. The play-offs would have been a perfect opportunity to test it. Totally agree with everything you have said. Too many decisions went in United's favour over the two legs that were clearly wrong.
  8. Well I Received two of my reset emails Yesterday (5 Days waiting) and received my confirmation email that my season ticket seat has been purchased yesterday as well. Defo much room for improvement with everything that has been listed above. I got my ticket on Tuesday evening and only the one lady serving at the desk. Would have made more sense to have two separate ques. One to pick up pre-paid tickets and one to buy your ticket. Spent close to 30 mins in the que and it could have been a lot less if it had been organised properly.
  9. I believe there are some problems with that Chinese company and 5G coverage Or is 5G astro turf
  10. Mines was the same, I just clicked on update, then open. all done in a matter of seconds. We'll keep you updated
  11. I'm still waiting to receive an email so I can update my password and log on to my account. 3 times yesterday and twice this evening. Usual pish, now looks like I need to go along tomorrow night when I finish work to purchase my ticket. Absolute f**king shambles. Think I'll send the club an invoice for wasting my f**king time
  12. I'm working to 5:30pm today, I want my seat, lol
  13. There was a post on Facebook stating that the website wasn't working and that tickets go officially on sale tomorrow. Season Ticket holders have until 5pm to book their seat.
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