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  1. Didn't know he made teams look [email protected] Didn't know he wins in the air Didn't know he hates the ton or pass everywhere 😀 Only kidding but it's a No from me
  2. Could be good with the coming promo for kids to attend the Family stand along with 3 adults Me personally I wouldn't want a scarf, don't wear them, would rather have 3 points
  3. Or I could just use my season ticket and watch it from my seat in the West stand 🤔
  4. So Greive crossed the ball and then ran into the box and headered his own cross, that's not smart that's [email protected]@king brilliant Need to have him for anytime assist & goalscorer next game, lol
  5. Thing is at times we do play some decent football, just not enough. The long ball is often just giving the ball back to the opposition
  6. Tartan Army membership renewals are completed by January 2023, then new applicants. Then whats left after that to the general public. We normally by the season tickets for all the home games, then if someone can't go we give the ticket away. Bit like help a buddie, lol
  7. Cave (Botton of New Street)normally have a band on I think, Kenneddy's Anchor & Welly have Karaoke. Bull Inn normally ok. Swan is an older group I think. Start top of Neilston Rd and do the pub crawl and either go straight on at Kennedy's or go left and go up New Street
  8. Perfect strip for a gravel park
  9. Church, more like your shed, you show reruns of Songs of Praise and pretend it's karaoke cause the words appear on the screen 😁
  10. Watched the parade go by the house, wasn't overly impressed with this one. Seemed to be lacking a bit of everything
  11. No sure, the guys taking the measurements looked well dodgy. I mean they measured the width of the pool, not the size of the fish
  12. Is there now not more technology in your mobile than what was on the Apollo mission to the moon, lol. Scary technology
  13. I now download my music, I can hear the track before purchasing which works for me. Also subscribed to a few youtube channels so get to know about remixes etc. Still look at the record label, producer, artist and remixer though. that will never change, lol
  14. For me it's music, used to buy lots of 7" vinyll when a kid, then moved on to CD singles with my CD decks. used to love a Saturday going to Tower records, HMV in Glasgow. Our Price, Stereo 1 (Upstairs) and Record Factory in Paisley. Taking a gamble on a remix cause the producer or remixer had done a belter of a song/remix a month or so before. Getting home and finding it was also a cracking song. Download my music now. yeah its convenient but not the same. I've converted a lot of it to MP3 format, got tonnes of musice on my phone, along with my own personal mixes of music I like but nothing bet going to shop and finding a tune.
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