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  1. Click on Activity on the top menu, think it is then my Activity Streams, then select any of the topics from the drop down menu. Hopefully find your thread and you will see the names etc of who posted.
  2. chalky1

    Golf and Golfing

    Hit the ball up and down the park 9 times. 1 way it's a par 4, back down it's a par 3, then par 5 etc. At least this way you should be on course for sub par round. Only need 3 clubs. 1) Driver 2) 7 iron or less & 3) a Putter . Saves you money, this way you can get the gardener or window cleaner round more often
  3. Goes straight to a penalty shoot-out so I don't think a draw is relevant
  4. chalky1

    World Cup Classic Songs

    1974 Scotland with 'Easy, Easy' is another favourite
  5. chalky1

    World Cup Classic Songs

    Mines is 'I Have a Dream' Spain 82 World in Motion Italia 90 is another belter though
  6. chalky1

    Sunday sun

    It was posted on facebook by a saints supporter, it is also on the Sunday Mail. Stuff was posted on Friday by the club and we weren't far away from the 4000 figure
  7. chalky1

    Hospitality Prices for forthcoming season

    Never thought of that
  8. chalky1

    Hospitality Prices for forthcoming season

    It's something I just don't get, category pricing, it's the same meal with the same number of people sitting at the tables
  9. chalky1

    Time to bin Interstadia

    You may find that the seats you are talking about are registered to someone else, they have until a certain date to renew their season ticket before it becomes available to everyone else. This is what happened to me last season. Moved from the Family stand back to the West stand but had limited choice due to when I purchased the tickets.
  10. chalky1

    The Upbeat St Mirren Thread

    If only Scotsports was still on the TV, whoops my mistake Positive Thinking Just be good to see how far we have come and where we can go during the next 12 months, a lot of positive things about Stubbs in other forums, Jackson I like as well, could be a bit of a dark horse with the training. Good to see an attack minded player doing some coaching Onwards & Onwards some more
  11. chalky1

    League Opener

    Don't want Rangers, it should be a day for us to celebrate returning to the top flight, 3 stands full (almost) with saints fans.
  12. chalky1

    League Opener

    Where else, we should be unfurling the Championship flag
  13. chalky1

    League Opener

    Dundee for me
  14. chalky1

    No tight offsides at world cup

    Games kick offs at 19:45 and finishes at 23:52, if this is the way forward. We have already seen VAR get it wrong. It's a no from me
  15. chalky1

    Should st Ricky be in the sin bin

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