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  1. 3 goals, 3 points and top of our group, not great but always felt we were in control
  2. Good performance, clean sheet and a win. Onwards to the next game
  3. chalky1

    Latest Scores

    Now the SFA own Hampden there has been talk about re-developing it. Keeping the main stand but bringing the other stands in closer to the pitch. This allows for increase in capacity and freeing up the surrounding area to help with parking etc.
  4. chalky1

    Paisley Pubs

    Manhatton's (Library) and Afton aren't re-opening at the moment. Think both are looking for new owners
  5. It's a sellers market just now, I know 1 or 2 work colleagues who are trying to buy and everything is selling more than the value off the home apparently. It may be a ploy selling slightly less than value to generate initial interest. It might be better to look at an estate agent where you only pay commision if the house is sold
  6. Lets protest outside the ground and ask for fan ownership of our club, Ohhh Waaaiiitttttttttt!!! Lets just protest, lol
  7. Have enjoyed watching some of the series as they run through each year of the 80's
  8. I work within the Credit Card industry and deal with customers, some of the scams are just unreal. Had a customer who has paid thousands to a crypto currency agent. Hermes, Royal Mail, umpteen dispatch company's. Even had a customer insinuating that I was part of the scam and how did she know that she was speaking with the bank. I had to tell her she'd called us, lol A big one just now is an automated voice stating their has been an overseas transaction of between £300 - £600 and press 1 to speak with someone
  9. Set a date. I propose 30 February 2022, gives plenty of time to prepare
  10. Probably topped up their meter with a stash a 50p's, lol
  11. I've got a HDMI extender, something similar to Magic Eye connected to my mini-box. Runs from the bedroom to the kitchen, works just the same. Will see if I can see what it is and post here. It was my mate that fitted it when installing the TV's, he had two spare from a homer. I'm sure you need to run a phone cable also. We've had this in the house for almost 2 years
  12. I've just removed the majority of my sky package (lost interest in watching football and watching a lot of stuff on Netflix and Prime which you get on Sky, phoned up and would only reduce it by £5.00, been a customer for years. Was ready to tell them where to shove their package as they were wanting to charge an admin for me removing stuff from my package. I never get the agent who offers to reduce the price. I tend to get the call back later asking me why I downgraded
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