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  1. Can’t see anything happening but usually the club send a tweet out when business has been concluded so we can go to bed 😂
  2. One of the reasons I started going to games was through free tickets through primary school, and I know a few others the same who still go(and we’re all in our 30s now), great initiative! The 70 pound under 12s season ticket was great too! Made it easier for my parents to keep their son happy 😂!
  3. About 2 hours ago mate, seen someone share it on Twitter, absolutely laughable and sums up the media in this country.
  4. Fk every single one of them, they can cry about it all they want. The suns story on it is just a mouthpiece for Celtic, so shockingly one sided journalism but hardly surprising. FTOF
  5. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/stephen-robinson-wanted-sensational-motherwell-27614338 ooft😂
  6. I don’t see it an issue at all, you wouldn’t take a loan unless you could pay it back.
  7. Sorry just don’t believe for a second we could go from being in the top 10 best ran clubs in Europe to 1 million in debt in such a short space of time. Why do these rumours appear when the performances on the pitch have been below par 😂
  8. He’s been available since the tail end of last season.
  9. Martin Boyle also there, In the same row, further down.
  10. Was underwhelmed when we signed him and he’s done nothing so far to change that, reminds me of Morias the way he try’s to run with the ball, and zero end product. I really hope I’m eating humble pie in a few months time but I honestly can’t see it.
  11. Best away top & unveil in my lifetime by a country mile! Very impressed! You’ll probably find a lot of people with no affiliation with the club will end up buying it as it’s rather appealing, and one you’ll see saints fans wearing 20 years down the line. Might buy 2 😂
  12. Hopefully not Dublin mate, was over for the Scotland game and the place rinsed me dry😂 almost a tenner a pint in some places. I’d take anywhere down south.
  13. Fairly enjoyable trip should have more pre season away days like this, fairly missed them!
  14. Shame we can’t get a stream for this, I’m sure crusaders usually offer a streaming service as well!
  15. I’d be more than pleased with Gallagher always liked him when he was at livi
  16. At a time where the club are looking to cover 100k to stop the of taking 2 stands, I doubt safe standing or filling corners will be on the agenda. I do like the idea of filling the corners as long as it’s used to earn revenue (not from seats, from cafes, office space etc) pointless doing it for more seats when i think we’ve only sold the stadium out completely once.
  17. The outrage and self entitlement from the ugly sisters is worth 100k alone
  18. Apparently off to fleetwood with brown
  19. Went last season and booked up for next month too; looking forward to it, good trip and a class night out 🍺🥳
  20. Hibs have been letting him train there since he hasn’t been paid by the Turkish club.
  21. I like Ethan but this sort of unprofessional stuff can get in the bin, still a young boy but needs to screw the nut.
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