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  1. Hibs have been letting him train there since he hasn’t been paid by the Turkish club.
  2. I like Ethan but this sort of unprofessional stuff can get in the bin, still a young boy but needs to screw the nut.
  3. Certainly, I’ll be watching from Tenerife ☀️
  4. Powers either gonna get sent off or kill someone 😂
  5. Smart man, much you due? took us for the draw 🙈
  6. You’d of thought it was Motherwell chasing an equaliser before they scored, gutless performance.
  7. Awful. Absolutely awful. From top 6 to a relegation fight, we get what we deserve
  8. First sub in the Robinson era I’ve actually been pleased with 😂
  9. If he was half the player he seems to think he is, he’d have got the move he seems to crave every transfer window
  10. Good game for a neutral but comedy defending by both sides, Deano showing why he’s backup keeper, 2 howlers. Game still there, but feck me🙈
  11. Apologies if already been mentioned but seen in a couple of interviews with SR that it was Jim Gillespie that sold him the job. For the amount of criticism kibble have received and some rightly so, you’ve got to applaud Jim for giving a helping hand in bringing SR here 👏
  12. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/stephen-robinson-handed-bumper-st-26294880 highest paid manager
  13. I’m happy with Robinson, wouldn’t have been my first choice but miles better option than some of the other names I’ve seen over the past 48 hours 😂
  14. In charge for 13 games, first 6 he’s banned😂😂 love it
  15. Well least we know if he does leave and we lose momentum the forum will got back to numerous threads of kibble slating🍿😂
  16. Think we’ve came out stronger from this transfer window, sore one losing McGrath but feel kiltie is more than good enough to fill his boots, finally got some pace in Jones also, would have liked to have seen erwin away with the lad Bowie in but not the end of the world. Feel much better this deadline day than I did at the of the summer window, plus I turn 30 at midnight so if you see me tomorrow feel free to buy me a vodka 👀😂😂
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