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  1. Not like the club to do things arse backwards 😝😂
  2. Foley & McCarthy for me, was thinking young Cammy but in what I’ve seen in McCarthy we have a player there. that should bring us good money in the future.
  3. Noticed the club are giving out prizes for their “be in that number” promotion, has anybody yet to get theirs who’s renewed? I renewed fairly quickly but still not received an email just thought it was a bit weird they’re dishing out prizes with people who have spent good money not been added to the competition yet... 🤷‍♂️
  4. Going to take a lot to top the meltdown you’re currently having tbf 😂😂
  5. Nothing ever adds up with accies, swindled out a million only a year or two ago, have little crowds, yet offering refunds. Just doesn’t make sense to me. Something about them and livi, that I just find very fishy fishy.
  6. Oor turn. makes sense, I definitely would not want temp reconstruction, glad the club see it that way too. needs to be full time reconstruction, total farce just to suit hearts, get them doon.
  7. Better than a kick in the stones !
  8. Didn’t they say they where doing something in regards to friendlies and cup games next season? I’m sure they came out and said that a few months back.
  9. Good change from seeing advertisements for OF renewals in the town
  10. Another self interest idea, think it’s rather unfair to Brora and Kelty.
  11. 28/36 not too bad. Ashamed that I forgot about DVZ with Ireland 👎😂
  12. On the latest covid update mate, here’s a screen grab..
  13. Looks like GS is now involved in the league reconstruction chatter, as well as asking fans their thoughts on it, I really hope we do extend the league, and not on a temp basis to help hertz, ideally I’d want a 20 league which play twice, but absolutely no chance of that happening considering the tv companies want 4 OF games a season. But even a 16 with a split (I know) would maybe make things a bit more exciting. also well done to the club for actually asking what fans ideas are since we are the customer instead of self interests which hearts seem to be pushing all over the media.
  14. Either the 4-1 from the great escape season, love the video after the game full stand going for it, on a weeknight too, what a challenging shift the next day was 😂 my favourite goal is from the 3-2 with big yards skinning their defence 😂
  15. Boyce acting like a wee prick as well was good to see, also shout out to the wee hearts fan who spent the full game watching our fans trying to get a reaction, don’t blame him to be fair😂
  16. And for being badly short of options too!
  17. Are you joking me, he played brilliant in CM, getting stuck in and winning a fair few balls.
  18. Doubt I’ll sleep tonight after that! Great result, class performance, Come on you f*cking saints ! since we’re all in a good mood feel free to sponsor my kiltwalk for the st mirren foundation 😜😜 https://glasgowkiltwalk2020.everydayhero.com/uk/matthew-19/wizard/share
  19. You are sooo rattled by this it’s amusing me 😂
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