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  1. Newton played half a game v Ross County and was hooked at half time. Our defence is not new. Apart from left back replacements we are using players who have been with us for a while. As far as Cornell is concerned? The problem is that a goalkeeper's mistakes are amplified, (even in their own mind), because generally, they lead to a goal.
  2. Got to say the nom de guerre is somewhat ironic but I agree that there is NEVER a need to "tailgate". Speed limits are maximum, not minimum. But it is just as dangerous to sit in a lane designated for overtaking and, thankfully, new powers are being allotted to police to clamp down on this.
  3. If you can stand being involved with the Sun then make your opinion known. http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/5032995/Poll-What-do-you-think-of-Scottish-Footballs-rebrand.html
  4. Great news L S. It's not just young guys who don't know how to drive in wet conditions though. I'm amazed by the number of people who think it's fine to drive at 20 mph in the middle or outside lane of a motorway. Driving to the conditions isn't all about speed. Plenty of room in front of you and move into the inside lane unless it's unsafe. This way you don't get irate drivers doing idiotic things.
  5. The reading of the old Sunday Sport doesn't attain a degree in journalism. It does, however, give an insight into the workings of a certain LS. BTW.. It could be that Jim Goodwin will be found in a Lancaster bomber found on the lunar surface. Sit tight and I'll see if my mole can break through the moon rock and confirm!
  6. No. You actually asked..... This typifies your track record. Sit tight and I'll let you know when it's announced as this must be kept confidential.
  7. I know what you mean. All those idiots on the wrong side of the road gets to me too!!!!!!!!
  8. Lightning Strike As Sevco Players Train Freck me. First a bus then a train? I know Sevco came off the rails last year but,..... What is it about transport?
  9. Nothing. Including getting someone to replace what he could give to the team.
  10. No, they didn't but this is close!
  11. Guffaw, Guffaw! PM's are wonderful things. I won't hold my breath though!
  12. I would be jealous but fir the fact he simply spouts p!$h and I haven't seen even one exclusive. Claiming to send PM's is a great way of saying nowt then claiming you got it right.
  13. If you ask Lovestreet he'll tell you it's "Bubbling" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvYkrdrJonk
  14. Wur ye askin fur too much for the journey Shull?
  15. I've been in hiding for a couple of days. Partly in horror and partly in reflected shame but I can't agree that Imrie was the best on show. For all we were deservedly beaten, for me, there was no one better than Gary Teale.
  16. And it would appear they may have shipped more loot with this shuffling under the radar. From today's Daily Record. Meanwhile, the Ibrox club last night confirmed they have reached a mutual agreement with Fran Sandaza to terminate his contract.
  17. The Freudian slip was probably more apt given the p!$h spouted by Lovestreet.....zo.
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