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  1. Decided to take the plunge and took out a Premier Sports subscription. Here’s hoping I need to extend it for another month. COYS
  2. Refreshed the browser, video and casting now working
  3. Thought Foley was a class act today. Flynn too, particularly second half.
  4. I think Saints by four is a fair shout for this one. Shaping up to be quite a day
  5. 6th in the top flight. Jan 69 again, like a few posters in this thread. Must've been something in the air at Easter 1968
  6. Read that too although the article suggests Ipswich in the summer as more likely.
  7. Good news. He deserves this after his performances this season.
  8. So many things to enjoy about last night’s performance. The belief to keep playing football after going behind was impressive, Jack Baird getting better and better, and it was great to see Kyle Magennis doing so well. The team really do look like they believe this league is there for the winning
  9. Think Sutton was immense today. Played smart and worked so hard. Although my favourite part of the day might well be the chant: "Lee Miller, your teeth are offside "
  10. Another 2 renewed. First time my daughter's one isn't free with mine so I guess this counts as additional compared to previous years
  11. Really good to see this work getting done nice and early. Probably won't be able to do the same time next year as we'll still have the cup final to take care of.
  12. My daughter will be 14 next week. That's who was the target here, teenage girls. Not an enemy army but children. How brave do those attackers feel toaday. For all the families hurting this morning, you are in the thoughts of so many people.
  13. Delighted with this. He was such a big player for us and fantastic to have him signed up for next season. Like that Jack is going about this nice and early. Looking forward to seeing what he can do with a full pre season with the squad
  14. Cheers Div. that was a great watch. And thanks to for your periscope work this season. Helped us to feel part of the fightback even if we couldn't always make it to the game. Much appreciated
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