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  1. Cheers. I know I'm getting on a bit but I certainly wasn't at any of the last three in the 60s ☺. I don't recall such a glut of meetings around the turn of the the century from 90s to 2000's but as I say, I'm getting on. I'm sure it was the 2001 game though. Thanks again.
  2. Was talking to a Norwich fan at work tonight and was telling him I was at a friendly v Norwich at Love Street once. Couldn't tell him too much as my memories of the game are sketchy. Wondering if anyone can find and post some details. Line ups etc. I told him I thought Ewan Roberts was playing for Norwich. May have been in the 90s and possibly a 3-3 draw?
  3. Remarkable achievement for Mechelen to actually win the trophy in their 1st season of European football. Hadn't realised that was their European debut season.
  4. Is it cos we haven't played those games and so not won the points...yet?
  5. Aye, was a good week that. Was at the 1st two. Carlisle was my first ever away game with Newcastle. Went as a 15 year old in 1982. Terrible showing and a 2-0 defeat in the old 2nd division. The regular away trippers around me were seething at such a display but I was just thrilled to be at an actual away game. Can remember one visit not too many years ago for a 'friendly' when we received a less than warm welcome. Despite that I generally want Carlisle to do well.
  6. Had a train trip to a Barrow game booked before football was halted. Trying to get round the 92 league grounds, although I think it's down to 90 since the demise of Bury and Coventry sharing with Birmingham. Currently on 75 at their current homes. Was gonna risk going to Barrow in anticipation of them hopefully gaining a league two place but had to cancel.
  7. Looks a cracking old place that. Love the 'character' ☺ of the older grounds and pleased I grew up watching the game at some good old venues. Sadly they are all being gradually replaced by functional but dull new builds. On the non league scene down here, I get to the odd Dunston game. They're only a few miles from me. Sure they're in the same league as Workington. Will look out for the fixture over there. Wouldn't mind a trip, tier restrictions allowing of course.
  8. Alright CS? Was all set for a few days at Stanwix park in Silloth before the latest so called lockdown scuppered it. Ended up in York as plan B for a slightly shorter break before it all kicked in.
  9. Slightly off topic, sorry, but anyone know if buying a 1983/84 style saints top is possible anywhere? It was the Adidas 2 stripe one with the Grahams Buses logo on, although getting one with such logo on is no doubt asking a bit too much. Wore that shirt 1st season I watched saints and I think it was a great shirt.
  10. Good job they won't meet Coventry (unless it's in the cup) next season. That Jimmy Hill statue would have been getting pulled down by the mackems Colston style. They hate him and still hold a grudge from the 70s. He was Cov chairman and they were playing Bristol City. Both teams were in the relegation battle with Sunderland. The Cov game ko'd late and played out the draw both teams needed to stay up at Sunderlands expense. Claims of conspiracy of course.
  11. A re-arranged game. Typically I'd travelled up for the postponed Saturday game. Ended up spending all day in the 'Hole in the wa'. God I was drunk that day. Escorted back to Glasgow on the train by a pal who says I was singing woof woof black and white army at someones dog.
  12. Hope so, but we've been through so many 'fake overs' I will remain sceptical.
  13. While I'd love it to happen. I think there's little/no chance of this becoming reality. Why would he? Why would any established premier league player join a club with no other aim than to avoid the drop? Only players that might fancy a stint at NUFC are those up and coming/from abroad who can use it as a stepping stone. A club that simply does nothing other than exist and make the numbers up under the current regime.
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