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  1. Just watched the recording of the game after avoiding hearing the score at work. Really enjoyable for a 0-0. Lots to be positive about on that showing. Thought Coulson and King looked promising. All that was lacking was the finishing but early days. Very encouraging. Doesn't seem right playing competitive games mid July but tonight got me looking forward to the new season.
  2. john scott

    Jack's Return!

    Is that right?
  3. john scott

    Jack's Return!

    I've been on fantastic trips around Europe taking in some of the 120+ European ties my club has played in my days. I've watched some greats wear my clubs' shirt. Malcolm Macdonald, Keegan, Beardsley, Gascoigne, Shearer and more but hey, you've seen a handful of derby wins- a six fingered mackem hand- so i suppose you're the lucky one . As for winning things i see Jack Ross is bringing cups to the stadium of light already. https://www.safc.com/news/club-news/2018/july/exclusive-season-card-holder-event-marks-launch-of-new-kit?gamp=true&__twitter_impression=true F**king fairground teacups . Fans of some clubs sometimes say following their team is like being on a rollercoaster. Sunderland fans have been on the ghost train for years. In a very dark place. I've said before, a St Mirren forum isn't the place for a Newcastle/Sunderland debate. I must remember that. Won't be drawn into anymore discussion about lowly Sunderland, for now at least.
  4. john scott

    Jack's Return!

    YOU obviously don't know Jack all about Sunderland v Newcastle because as a toon fan with a strong saints affinity, i can tell you it was actually 6 in a row. Would have been 7 but for a late equaliser. Not afraid to point that out because I can think of good times with nufc in my lifetime that involve more than success against our derby rivals. Relegated in successive seasons but that doesn't matter because of your 6 in a row? Seriously?
  5. john scott

    Photographs of The Past and Present

    Bet the interior hasn't changed since. No, seriously I like the watermill.
  6. Definitely sounded like that noise was coming from the main stand. At least it sounded that way when i could hear her as i left Gilmour Street station as the teams were being read out once. We got there late that day . Fair play to her though, she's obviously passionate. Aside from her Derek really does seem like a super fan.
  7. john scott

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    It's a St Mirren forum so wont talk about safc too much but Sunderland fans are very selective when it comes to the history of nufc and themselves Pozbaird. They'll say they've won more domestically but forget Newcastle not having been in the 3rd tier and that nufc have played 100+ European ties.
  8. john scott

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    A holiday? Hope for Sunderland fans sake that holiday was in Skegness or that's the budget gone for next season .
  9. john scott

    St Mirren given permission to talk to Ross

    Here's a song to back that up.
  10. I was reading the NEWCASTLE chronicle website and started to laugh as Alex Rae, having played for Sunderland was being linked with the SAFC job. The smile soon disappeared from my face when it went on to say JR was 3-1 third favourite . Please god do not let that happen. The Newcastle is in bold for the benefit of Stu D. Sunderland have the 'Echo as their local paper and not the Sunderland chronicle as he mentioned elsewhere.
  11. john scott

    Chris Coleman takes Sunderland job

    Seems the owner has passed on the club to a consortium led by the Eastleigh chairman and paid off all the debts. Bit of hope for them yet, unfortunately. One hell of a handicap to start in league one though.
  12. john scott

    Victory March From Bankhouse

    I'm sure Stuart Mcinnes will have tipped his constabulary mates off about the march and it'll be well guarded.
  13. john scott

    Latest Scores

    2-1 win for the toon v Arsenal today. What a weekend. Saints champions and nufc in the top 10. Loving football right now.
  14. john scott

    Where Will We Win League?

    Just want to get it done and may even be a bit twitchy if it dragged on for that long but from a selfish point of view, because i'll be there, it would be a fantastic occasion if it happened that day. My daughter's never seen saints lift a trophy of any sort despite accompanying her old man since she was about 10, (22 now). Was at the league cup semi v Celtic but missed the final on NUFC duty same day. A miserable defeat away at Wigan btw . Was also at last seasons diddy cup final but derby day should have her see silverware for the 1st time. Can't wait.