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  1. ☺️ Of course. He was toon saint on here for a long time.
  2. Me and my daughter the only regulars but we've managed to rope a few in for trips over the years. Photo taken post diddy cup final, outside Electric bar, Motherwell. h
  3. I'm not saying you're wrong St Ricky but I've never heard such links living just up the road and coming into contact with Sunderland fans a lot in everyday life. Surprised.
  4. Once asked if I could borrow Batman forever but they said no, I had to bring it back next day.
  5. Got to be up there. The realisation that saints were actually in a major final. Something I'd never really experienced with saints or Newcastle. I say really because Newcastle had reached the fairs cup, FA and league cup finals in my childhood but I was too young to remember much about them and absolutely zero of the fairs cup. Then Ferguson in the final. Not only have we reached a final, we've gone and won it! The 3rd v Celtic in the league cup semi was fantastic too. Knowing that barring a disaster we'd upset the odds.
  6. Judging by some of the reactions in this vid JR needs one or two good results. Particularly venomous, and racist comments around the 10 minute mark. They can have Steve Bruce back if they like.
  7. The wafer cup eh? It's never been the same since they re-named it the Europa league 🙂
  8. Couple of lads, one of them a Scot (Adam Barlow) my wife informs me, were playing bar football. He scored and said 'Mon the Buddies. Other lad said who are They? He simply said St Mirren in reply. I was quite pleased we got a mention to be honest. The little things in life eh?
  9. They're an understandably angry set of fans just now. Maybe they need a scapegoat.
  10. i thank JR for his time with saints. Just soooo wish he'd joined any other club in the world than SAFC .
  11. Think that guy on Monday has tourettes. There was a lot at stake though.
  12. Hopefully at least match Hamiltons result on Saturday. Beat Hamilton then we'd just need to match Hamilton on the last day. Could even lose to Dundee if Hamilton only manage a draw....I think anyway.
  13. A distant memory now but it has been known.
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