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  1. Pleased the game won't actually have any VAR decisions. Would never catch the train home.
  2. Tickets on sale at the ticket office til KO Sunday?
  3. A few years back my daughter was coming out of the post office with her saints top on while an older fella was walking in wearing a Morton top. Not something you'll see often down here in Newcastle ☺️. Haven't seen him for a while but regularly used to spot him in the area. Smelt him 1st of course.
  4. This fella popped up in Benidorm on "Bargain loving brits in the sun" last night. Anyone recognise him? Geordie accent. Was a bit random 20220531_165526.mp4
  5. Might have missed it elsewhere but to save me trawling, what were the 'alleged incidents' mentioned on the OS in Dingwall Saturday?
  6. Way early I know, but thinking of booking trains up for this. Before i do i just want to ask if you can still buy match tickets at the ground on match day. Bought tickets for Hibs away recently and postage was expensive so would feel happier turning up and buying.
  7. Had a Sunderland fan on the local radio phone in tonight. Had to laugh when he said he was in the kitchen and looking at the oven and wanting to put his head in it ☺
  8. Was great to get back to seeing the saints after a long covid induced absence. Was great to see some old faces and characters again. Felt a warm feeling and sense of belonging when we walked into Middletons pub on Easter Rd to see a packed corner of Saints fans. A win as a bonus too. My daughters boyfriend made his saints watching debut and has a 100% win record. Hope he'll go back and he keeps it.
  9. Any particular Edinburgh pubs where Buddies meet pre match for games at Easter Road?
  10. Hope Shull is right. We are up for our 1st saints game in just over 2 years. Really looking forward to it.
  11. Aye, online sales would be a big help. As you say, the ticket office and in particular a lady called Deborah were very helpful but given our location the most hassle free way to order Hibs tickets was to get them posted out recorded delivery at a cost of nearly £7 for 3 tickets. Ordered at about 1 PM they arrived the next day, so very swift delivery. Did receive some kind offers for people to help by buying them and posting them on to us but you never know if you can trust the post. Thanks to those people however.
  12. Went to Accrington v Bradford (friendly) last summer. Asked in the club shop where I could buy a ticket and the fans liaison officer happened to be at the counter. Took me in for a look at the ground etc pre match and told me a bit about the club. Really hospitable. Had previously missed opportunities to get there when Saints and Newcastle had played there.
  13. Carlisle was my 1st away game with Newcastle in the old 2nd division in 1982. In the Pettrill end behind the goal. We lost 2-0 in front of a bumper 16000 crowd and the fans around me were seething with the Newcastle non performance, Me? I didn't care TBH. Was just so thrilled to be at an actual away game as a young lad. Always want them to do well but we don't get the warmest of welcomes whenever we go in friendlies.
  14. Yeah, was there last month. Know what you mean. Lots of temporary marquee type stands too. Think they've plans to move to a new home in the Bristol fruit market which I think is near Temple Meads but will be a good few years yet. If it comes to fruition. Pardon the pun.
  15. Off topic I know, so I apologise but I was kind of in your area on NYD Cumbrian saint. I went to Barrow v Bradford as part of my "Doing the 92" attempt. That's 82 done now. Very old fashioned ground but give me that over these new builds any day. Obviously clubs need to move on in certain circumstances, as Saints did but there's still a bit of atmosphere at St Mirren. Or at least there was cos I've not managed to get back since covid reared its ugly head. I will return though. COYS! Some places are just so dull and soulless. I was at Colchester in Nov and it was awful. Hats off to the regulars there cos it's not a pleasant football watching experience at all.
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