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US Based Bidder Revealed


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If Richard and Chris both leave the board before new owners have been found (who no doubt will install their own people into positons) then that leaves us without a secretary and commercial director. If the sale of the club rumbles on another two or three years then, with Alan Provan already out of the picture, does the club's entire commercial operation - dealing with JD Sports contracts, merchandising, the shop, plus everything he already does at the moment, fall squarely onto CKs lap?

Simple, you for the strips/ Sid as secretary/somner9 for the board, next problem???
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Simple, you for the strips/ Sid as secretary/somner9 for the board, next problem???

A problem that has my interest is who has the desire, energy, ideas, inclination, funding, time.... to make our ready-made stadium shop a warm and welcoming place which is fully stocked with stuff we'd buy, creates a place where we'd all want to drop into on matchdays, looks good, has an online service, overseas fans can get their gear (named and numbered if desired), where it looks, feels and IS an SPL club standard establishment, and makes a profit, even if it's a small profit. Oh, and where you can buy a full range of replica strips with some sort of mutually beneficial arrangement worked out between club and kit manufacturer to facilitate this. There must be some way an agreement can be reached.

Ach, I'm off on one (as usual!)... maybe our new owners will have some ideas. Along with ideas for everything else that needs new impetus and energy.

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