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  1. Don’t get me wrong, the ticket office staff member wasn’t being cheeky with their responses, just matter of fact that it had ‘been sorted’. We just agreed to disagree on that, and moved onto getting my ST put through.
  2. I renewed mine in person at the ticket office, weeks ago, after multiple efforts to do it online failed. I received the ‘no memberships to renew’ message, a few times, and it simply would not work. The user interface remains unweildy, counter-intuative, and clumsy to even try to navigate. As I was going to Braehead from Cumbernauld anyway, thought I would carry on to the stadium first and get it sorted by a human being. The conversation was an interesting one. Kind of went like this... Me: ‘Hi there, want to renew my season ticket please, been having a bit of trouble doing it online’. Office: ‘No problem, but there shouldn’t be online issues, it’s been sorted’. Me: ‘Definitely still problems, I tried many times, including this morning before heading here from Cumbernauld. Maybe it works for those using Windows? All my stuff is Apple’. Office: ‘No, it definitely works with Apple too’ (Me - to myself in my head: ‘No it fcuking doesn’t’) Me, out loud again: ‘Well, I tried it on an iPhone, iPad, a desktop iMac. I tried Safari, Firefox.... nothing. Same as last season. I have encountered nothing but trouble using Interstadia’s online ticketing system’. Office: ‘Oh well’. .... transaction then concluded and I went to Braehead for a cappucino and a lemon muffin fae’ Costa. There clearly is a problem, and if anyone suggests contacting the club, rather than moan on a forum, I did that. Last season when I faced the exact same nonsense. An e-mail to the chairman, which he passed on to Interstadia. So, twelve months later, I thought it might work. It didn’t. I guess most of us who post on forums are ‘die hard’ types to one degree or another. Wonder how many prospective ‘customers’ who go online simply give up with that pish after two minutes.
  3. So, after the efforts to get our stripes back on the backs of our kits, we’ve given up the ghost. BBC Old Firm-apologist commentator fcukers who couldn’t recognise a St Mirren player if they bumped into one will be happy. Can neither Gordon Scott or Tony Fitzpatrick look at what Joma offered up and said immediately ‘if we have a black sponsor rectangle with two black stripes, then it just looks like a cheap Leeds United kit with a big fcuking black ‘H’ slapped on the front’.... can we try the sponsor logo in another way? ... and we never want to mention the ‘H’ word again anyway. Black and white stripes really aren’t that hard to get right Gordon.
  4. If ‘Old Firm’ colt sides are admitted to the Scottish football senior league system, and they are the only two colt sides to appear in it, then I’m finished with Scottish football, and despite my long love affair with St Mirren, I want no part of what would frankly be a sickening development in our top level national game. The entire country may as well just switch the lights off before taking it up the arse from Lawell and King. Pains me to say it, but just my personal view, I would simply be finished with Scottish senior football, and after a while, I’d just become another ‘lapsed’ St Mirren fan. Let’s hope this disgusting scenario never comes to pass. FTOF.
  5. Aye, but some of the guys in the singing section were Stubbs signings, and are on loan from Crawley Town and Dagenham & Redbridge Ultras. Once OK gets to January and shows these ‘no banner’ order defying herberts the door, we’ll be sorted.
  6. It truly was a golden era. No internet. Ergo - no complete shite posted on it.
  7. Didn’t cost me a penny, as I watched it ‘as live’ on BBC Teuchter. I wouldn’t darken Accies door with my presence, or give them a penny piece to sit on a stand not in one, in a two-sided shithole, with a shit playing surface and consistently shite catering. Unfortunately, I spunked £10 of the money I saved by not going yesterday on the new Paul Weller album, which is a load of old pish. Swings and roundabouts, some you win, some you lose.
  8. Drew’s still trying to get home to Dumbarton from the Accies game. Apparently he’s on the hard shoulder near Bothwell services, kicking the shite out of a Renault Zoe’s flat battery.
  9. Saw them live once, in a surreal setting, as they were the opening band at Led Zeppelin’s 1979 Knebworth show. Well, the one I was at, which I think was August 11. Cannot remember much about their set, other than it was loud. RIP.
  10. Made myself useful doing chores around the house and settled down with a beer at 6pm to watch ‘as live’ on BBC Teuchter without knowing a thing about how it went. After a reasonably even opening fifteen minutes, quickly became second-best. Nothing in midfield, nothing up top, no threat, and shaky in defence. I refuse to criticise Oran Kearney. He has come into a shambles of a situation where a championship winning side lost a good manager, employed a charlatan, and recruited extremely badly. We have too many lower level lightweight loanees, and a 75k signing doing the square root of fcuk-all. WTF is the point of King, Kellerman, Cooke, Heaton... If Oran Kearney (and Rice / MacPherson) can avoid finishing bottom or second-bottom with this squad, then I tip my hat to them, for performing a magic act that knocks Oran’s mate’s tricks into a cocked hat. We deseperately need a Shuggie, a Broadfoot, a DVZ, folk who look like they care, or at least know something about the badge on their shirt. On a positive note, watching on BBC Teuchter enabled me to learn the Gaelic for ‘shite’. Turns out it’s ‘Brock Madsen’. Who’d have thought?
  11. ...now they are Mercury Music Prize winners and all over the mainstream media today. Next stop The Hydro, as predicted by yours truly back in 2016 (amongst many others to be fair). I heard their first single in passing when someone in the ‘Soccer AM’ studio used it to soundtrack a goals clip. I instantly looked up from my cuppa’ thinking ‘who are they, that’s brilliant...’ I texted my mate who likes the same sort of music as me, he’d never heard of them. As I posted on here back at the time - we immediately checked them out, bought their first EPs, saw them in a three-quarters full King Tuts, and we knew, instantly, that these four kids were going to be massive. It’s the second time in my life this has happened. Sometime around 1979/80, I was in ‘Listen’ across from the Paisley museum, and the young bloke working in the shop suddenly put on a record that made me stop in my tracks and, like Wolf Alice, just go ‘wow who are they’.... it was U2, and the guy in Listen was a young Irish bloke working there for a bit. He told me these young kids were a new Dublin band and he knew one of them. This was one of their very first Irish release singles and he brought it over with him. Like Wolf Alice, I tried to find out who this ‘U2’ were. I bought all their early singles before the debut album ‘Boy’ even came out. First saw them on a university tour at Strathclyde, with the ticket costing £1.75. I knew they were going to be massive. After the university, saw them at Tiffany’s Ballroom, then a bigger venue, then.... well, next stop stadiums and world domination. I always found it weird, watching U2 at Hampden or somewhere, and thinking back to a half empty Strathclyde University, and that young Irish kid in Listen records... a long time ago, a different world. Anyway, well done Wolf Alice.
  12. Elvis Presley’s ‘One Night’... one of my all time favourite songs, by anyone. Especially when he hammered it out on the ‘68 Comeback Special’ show, looking like a leather-clad rock n roll God.
  13. Opinions, opinions, eh? Personally, I think the Rolling Stones were utter shite. An over-rated bar band. I’ll grant you ‘Brown Sugar’, I might even stretch to ‘Undercover of the Night’. That’s it. I simply never got the attraction. Still going, but ceased to be relevant or write a decent new song since nineteen-canteen. I absolutely love the Beatles though. The way they developed from their first recordings, in an unfeasibly short timespan. These days, some bands will maybe record two albums in the time the entire Beatles career spanned. Annnyway. Whatever floats your boat.
  14. ^^^ on the Californian Merlot way too early this Friday evening. Me? Cracked open a tuly wonderful Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon.... give me two hours and I’ll feel the love for Darren Jackson. Well, maybe six hours and another couple of bottles.
  15. Police concerned that hooligans in W7 might see someone battered.
  16. Meanwhile, the Paisley Gazette thinks the bloody place is in Glasgow... http://www.the-gazette.co.uk/news/16892256.glasgow-shopping-centre-staging-massive-baby-shark-dance/?ref=rss
  17. 31 pages. Could be a rival to the bedsheet bannergate bollocks thread. Here’s the news, love him, loathe him, or merely ‘meh’ about him - he’s here. Best to let Kearney, Rice, MacPherson, Scott and Sir Fitzy of ‘tache crack on now. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Let’s see how all our puddings get on working together.
  18. Was an excellent day and raised over £1500 for youth development.
  19. He shoulders blame for not getting onto that touchline to scream at them to stroke it about, use the two man advantage, and take the chunts into extra time and grind them into the dirt. Walter Smith did the management stuff though, changed his team, and actually won the fcuking thing in 90 mins with 9 men. This isn’t hindsight, at Hampden that day, just about everyone around me was yelling the same thing, imploring St Mirren to basically calm the fcuk down. Sadly, as a collective, we shat our pants. Anyway, we sorted it in 2013. We move on. Hope Gus is a success in his new role. I suppose the fruits of his labour will reveal themselves in better signings, better, erm, management of technical things.
  20. Nice to have celebrity fans IMHO. We piss all over the likes of Dunfermline, Falkirk, Ayr or Morton etc in that regard. Clearly, we are bigger, better, sexier, cooler and generally just more wonderful than these no-marks. Easy the Mirren.
  21. The sad thing is that the issue behind ‘bannergate’ is a serious one. Does anyone deny that the police visited the homes of innocent people unannounced at 9am in the morning, because they are part of a group who congregate in W7? As I posted - I was subject to something similar in 2006 when the police in Inverness contacted me to say I would be hammered by them if any St Mirren fans caused trouble with poles or sticks at the opening game up there. How on earth I was responsible if just one idiot with a drink in them perhaps used a stick as a weapon is beyond me, but the police up there certainly caused me to clart in my nappy. Sadly, the serious underlying issue has somewhat been lost in a fug of accusation and counter-accusation between individual(s) within W7 and the club, specifically GLS. There is clearly a personality clash there. In some ways, it reminds me of the NFL players who took a knee during the anthem in protest against police brutality in their communities. The original serious message was lost in accusation and counter-accusation about ‘disrespecting the flag’. Which is a load of shite, that isn’t what it was about. Anyway, my tuppenceworth is that W7 have merely shot themselves in the foot. No-one from their number came on here and mentioned the not insignificant fact that the club had been presented with the banner, and had declined permission for it to be displayed. All I read was indignation about stewards steaming in to remove a non-offensive banner, and how it was a disgrace. To throw in anything about the Celtic banner and their nickname for Griffiths was laughable. What’s the nickname for one of our players who has a song about him again? When the club refused permission for the banner to be displayed, W7 should, in my opinion, have been in contact with the club, the police, and indeed their MP, to seek talks - about the 9am visits. What seems to have happened though is that unelected anonymous leaders within a group of fans held a vote, and decided pretty much to give GLS a ‘GIRFUY’. Big mistake. Those of us who have publically lauded ‘W7’ for their efforts in creating a better vibe in the ground should watch out as we approach the stadium for the next home game, might trip over the biggest collective petted lip in the new midden’s history.
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