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6 minutes ago, guinness said:

Chelsea goalie DiSallowed. Player 2 yards offside. Why doeslinesmannot flag? Someone will end up with a broken leg due to this problem. You would be as well doing away with linesman.

It's a shit rule, this idea of waiting, FFS, just flag it straight away.

I'm not convinced this "someone will get a broken leg" shite, more than unlikely,. :lol:

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1 minute ago, StanleySaint said:

Really enjoyed that first half, entertaining stuff, top quality football but sadly only 5 English players in a top flight match.

Aye, Brentford are a joy for a "small" team, as Leeds were last season and Wolves the season before.

I see Leeds still haven't won a game, 3 draws, 3 losses.

I said a while ago they need to start winning, it doesn't take long to get into a position that smacks of desperation. 

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Just now, StanleySaint said:

True enough, Burnley have added a bit of ambition to their traditional hold on to what you've attitude to games, Leeds maybe need to tweak their approach to games a bit?

Leeds need to learn how to defend, I said that last season, despite enjoying their "style", you just won't get away with playing badly at the back in this league.

Oh, Brighton are another team currently under the radar, along with Villa. 

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