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Five Typically Paisley Expressions

Bill Lees

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Five Typically Wishaw Expressions

1. Gilmour yer useless, get tae f**k

2. Man thats a quality new Kappa tracky you've got there, whur ye get it?

3. Yer oot o Bucky? That's fine, just gies some El Dorado

4. I'm tired, let's gae tae skool

5. Watch yer motor mistah?

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1. Luck et that big cor :blink:

2. Bolt!

3. That Stuart Dickson is a right fanny.

4. Huv yi seen that St Sid f'k'r, lucks joost like George Clooney

5. Check that baldy looney goin' mental on the other side of the fence

five things you won't hear in Paisley:

1. D'yi no joost wish Pompey was at the game, he's such a great guy. :rolleyes:

2. There's that lassie fae Stars in yer eyes, wee Sainty shagged her. :lol:

3. Nice beard Bajansaint, very trendy :P

4. Bill Lees, what a pleasant man. :unsure:

5. f'kirk should have got into the SPL last season. :D

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Yep I agree with Bill.

My mate....yeah sure Chingford you've done that joke before :rolleyes: ....lives in Paisley near the Observatory....

Anyway last time I walked up there....f**king hard work for a fat b*****d....there were two wasted old alccies lying in a puddle of pish. One was licking and drinking it (clearly trying to recycle the alcoholic content). The other opened his mouth and the first said "Away and lie in yer ain pish, St.Sid"

Never seen anything so disgusting in my life, and had never heard that saying before, so yeah I think it originated in Paisley.... :moony2

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For some reason, that just put me in mind of a scene from the fillum Goldmember, wheere Dr. Evil's Scottish (!) henchman, Fat Bast@rd, lets one rip, wafts the gas up under his own nose, sniffs, and says "Everrybuddy likes thurr own braand, don't they ?" :green

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