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Five Typically Paisley Expressions

Bill Lees

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Views: 2,405  QUOTE (Stuart Dickson @ Oct 3 2003, 11:27 AM)

Fannybaws, FYI, the fall out with the Official site wasn't because I couldn't handle the stick, it was because of some really unfair moderating where I wasn't allowed to give as good as I was getting from one particular member of the official web team.

Sure the same might happen here, but I don't think Div is as heavy handed.

Aye, those official site moderators are a bunch of bampots, Stuart.  You'll be okay here - we B&W Army moderators are all good guys. Just don't go challenging me to any fights 

Bullshit alert Bullshit alert Bullshit alert Bullshit alert

Caught again. :P

How do you explain your posting from Oct 3 then?

How do I explain it ? Because it wasn't serious criticism - as anyone with half a brain could have worked out. Get real.

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I think this is a shocking display of hypocrisy!

If anyone else was involved in a slanging match like this, the thread would be closed. :rolleyes:

Terrible! :P:ph34r:

That's what I meant by the 'it's ma ball' attitude. Lees is the moderator so if he dislikes it, it goes out, if he likes it it stays in, that is what I mean about being allowed to dominate.

He attempted it on the old guestbook, then the official site, now he has found his final resting place where he can rule the roost on the b&w army forum.

For hypocrisy, check his last two postings. He contradicts himself continuously but is too arrogant and egotistical to acknowledge it.

He is slightly upset at being sussed out as the fraud he really is.

See u later tater.

I think the tranmere board should go, I am 300 miles away in paisley but I know what is going on and I go on to the tranmere websites and make myself out to be this BIG tranmere supporter, when really I know fùck all about fùck all :wink:

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Because it wasn't serious criticism - as anyone with half a brain could have worked out. Get real.
QUOTE (Ruggy Bairn @ Oct 22 2003, 09:21 AM)

I think this is a shocking display of hypocrisy!

Dan - you deliberately miss the point again.

You needn't agree with Ruggy - he wouldn't agree with you, I'd imagine...

Because it wasn't serious criticism

It's humour, geddit? :blink:

Lighten up!

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And just for the record, I have never criticised the official site's web team on this site. If I wish to criticise them, I'll go to them. Happily, Kenny and company are always happy to take any criticism in a constructive way. 

By the way, what's the "it's my ball attitude" ?

I'm with Sid here, Lees' you've really lost it now turdburger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Give the guy a break, FFS <_< I've had my disagreements with him, but I don't think he deserves the s***e he's getting just now. He's just like the rest of us - a St Mirren fan, who's posting his opinions on the internet - and sure, folk might not agree with him about closing threads etc, but he's trying to do a job, and trying to keep everyone happy.

Give the witch hunts a rest, it really isn't fair.

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I am slightly worried by just how keen some folks are to see the end of what has become something of a North Bank institution. I'll be a nonentity again if it goes, as opposed to "the bearded guy hanging around the baldy loony who shouts at empty seats". :P:P

On the other hand the £40 here and £10 pledged in work amount to a handsome dividend for a few minutes work. What to do ? B)

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Just for the record SID, Dan Petic and I are not the same chap (although he does have a point to a certain extent).

Dan, whatever you might think of Bill Lees' personal opinions he is a pretty fair mod (along with the other chaps) when it comes to that. The one with the "ma baw" attitude is your baldy webmaster. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Watch it you or I'm no lettin' you in my car on Saturday for the trip to Perth :P

For the record - I have said this before but I will say again - Tom, Reidy and Bill all moderate this forum in their own time, for absolutely no reward whatsoever.

They have been doing it for over a year now and in my book they do a pretty fine job of what is a completely and utterly thankless task.

We've currently got 80,000+ posts on this board and if I look through the moderator logs I think there have maybe been 200 posts or so deleted in the past 12 months - an almighty 0.25% of all posts made.

Isn't this thread getting a bit out of hand ?

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Div B&Warmy members give up their time to post in here for no financial reward, personal gain or plaudits......f"k pumpey even gets abused for it (I've noticed he's been hanging around the SUB-forum a lot :ph34r: )

Being a B&W army moderator should be a privilege and certainly not abused by wrecking the enjoyment of the niteshitters.

However, Bill Lees is a valued member of the forum and should be given the benefit of the doubt as we can all make mistakes - well apart from me, higher being and all that. :D

I don't think ever managed a formal apology but then mates don't need to apologise......just sober up.

Even young pumpey is displaying uncharacteristic levels of maturity of late and is becoming a half decent young saint - not like that gingy fud Stu. :P

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On 10/15/2003 at 7:30 PM, Reidy1987 said:





5. Aye, Greenock's a really nice place.

OK, I was joking about number 5. :D

Hoodoo bet you got chibbed one day aff a lassie selling warm Bridies out her muck chute ?

Scared the go back in case ye get a clabby-doo rammed up your Japanitis?

The only original saying was the one about the Cart.

Heard the rest funking YONKS ago. Was banging a hoor that had most of them tatooed on her shaven vulvatic dome and left RawBeefSpam flap(thats the  wrinkled meat door ).....Same side/Same hand Arabs punch their Mrs with.

Paisley. Don't tell me about that shitbstrip..

Echoandth  Ebunnymen


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