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Binned Again

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6 hours ago, faraway saint said:

How is this possible as I can't send PM's? :lol:

Is Div telling you this or are you so far up his arse you can see what he's reading on here? :booty

PS Just checked, sent Div 2, aye 2, pm's in the last year (before I was thrown in here where I can't send PM's), one about emojis and another that was about an old troll. :lol:

Oh, the old "true supporter" line, omitting he is a sad old troll who posted more drivel, backed up by the amount of people who point and laugh at him, than anyone in recent years. :1eye

Keep digging. :byebye

Youre the one who requires digging.....

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3 hours ago, whydowebother said:

If ever the bin was designed for anyone, Fricky is the number one troll candidate, finally to f**k off the main pages bumping his own comments, replying to himself on others , digging up 13 year old threads etc

f**king magic he’s silent for a while

No apologies for that !

You’d of thought his 30,000 ‘followers’ would keep the condescending old troll busy

WGAF how many games he attends, not relevant !

I can tell your not a fan :whistle

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35 minutes ago, Slartibartfast said:


I wonder if Sweep's report was me saying to him "go **** yourself, ya **** weirdo ****"? Happened the same day. :)

If he did then he's got a f**king brass neck after posting about cancer victims being a consequence of Adam and Eve being chucked out the garden of Eden and that somehow they've brought it on themselves by not being true to the "word of the lord".

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9 minutes ago, shetland said:

Why have I been binned and when am I getting released  ?

Is this because I am a relation of shull ?

btw, , noticed St Ricky is back trolling again

Maybe if you divorced Shull, he's obviously the source of the problem.

Send in the divorce papers, I'll get it sorted.

If you've any saucy pictures send them to @Wendy Saintss, he's desperate. 


Edited by faraway saint

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