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Cornwall Live Article

Incredible stuff from Speedo Mick - Walked 1,000 miles from John O’Groats to Land’s End. He set off in December and arrived at Land’s End today. Not only was he walking this, but he was doing it in just speedos, and has had to battle through both Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis never mind the cold temperatures you’ll find at this time of year.

He hit his £250,000 target as he reached Truro yesterday, and the standing figure is now over £322,000. He came through Bodmin a few days ago (the town where I live) and he was met by the local fire crew.

Mick was walking for Leave The Light On, a charity specialising in helping those who feel isolated.

Mick himself at one point was homeless, and he battled against alcoholism and depression. Mick is proof that with the right help and support, lives can be turned around, and Mick has achieved something most of us never will.

Mick’s fundraising page is here.

A frankly stunning effort from Mick, congratulations that man.

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Brilliant saw this on various social media posts. I'm glad that he's finished it in good health. I feel a bit guilty about binning a run yesterday when you see what this guy has done, even if it is a bit nuts.

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