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  3. Aye, but Killie apparently only won because the referee gave them a penalty that they needed. Like thatโ€™s never happened before.
  4. Anyone who saw ex Accies player Brian Eastons defending at the second goal might think there was something dodgy going on. Bit unfair to blame Jackson though, he's tried his heart out this season. A few times this season if we hadn't conceded late goals we would have got the extra point we needed.
  5. Eh? 2 weeks ago (Won at Motherwell / Dundee relegated!) - It was a case of auto-survival or play-off! Monday- fail to win or play-off! Saturday - See what happens! It was play-off or or survival! - We are where we are - no surprises! Flick a switch, to activate ticket system / STHs Saturday 1700 till Monday 1700, then a free for all, can't be THAT difficult!!
  6. It makes a refreshing change TBH. ๐Ÿ˜€
  7. FORFUXSAKE Why not play it at Murrayfield instead of a sectarian cesspit ?
  8. Better have enough people manning the phones tomorrow. I'm sure I,m not the only one who can't get anything out of the sh*te ticket site,who works all day ( and lives an hours drive away) and who is a season tkt holder ( and have been since 1977). As such the only way I can see of getting a ticket is to phone in for it. No doubt my seat towards the back of the west stand will already be taken and therefore will probably be left with a crappy view seat towards the front of the stand. Under the circumstances can the club not just announce that seating will be unreserved on this occasion.........get there early and at least you have a chance of getting your seat choice. Alternatively can us supporters not just put it out there that we agree to go with unreserved seating ( since its almost certain people will sit in their season tkt seat regardless- especially if they are just put on the smart card and no way of anyone checking if you should be in any other seat other than the one listed on your smart card?). It will only take a few sitting in the 'wrong' seat to have a huge knock on effect and then the allocated seating goes to pot anyway.
  9. Gordon must have the cleanest colon in the whole of Christendom with you rasping away at him like a ferret with your tongue every time he says something. One can only imagine the savings he is making on his weekly shopping trip by not having to buy Andrex.
  10. I'm not worried just stated that despite the results the performances imo could have been better especially first half performances. The next 2 games will be like looking in the mirror of our last 5 games with United doing everything to win like we have we need to be ready.
  11. You were talking about St J players YESTERDAY in that post. I was talking about when they played us. Cool your heels dude.
  12. If you actually read what you quoted I answered the question already. Did they lay down or play in Holiday mode? Probably not. Did they give absolutely every last bit of fight, desire etc to win the game as we have done? Probably not. Just pointing out that United will play like we have last 5 games giving absolutely everything to win the matches and we better be ready.
  13. Yeah I have seen this a lot in my time and I recognise the symptoms. It could be that Interstadia are just a front and they call in other companies who supply the actual software and hardware from offices abroad but under the Interstadia badge. I've seen that as well. That might explain why they have such large creditor figures in their accounts for such a small company. Would be interesting to know who performed the due diligence on them and how long we are tied into using them.
  14. I heard exactly that at the time of Morton's turnstile fiasco.
  15. That was actually quite interesting.
  16. Just had a look at their accounts. They appear to be a tiny company who are making steady losses with no obvious large sums of money coming in. I'm guessing it's a one or two man band operation and it wouldn't surprise me if they are working Interstadia in the evenings after their real day jobs end. How the hell did we get stuck with them?
  17. A binary choice where the action is required if the outcome is positive is entirely different from when the action is required if the outcome is negative.
  18. They had a plan in place should we end up in the play- off. The problems have occurred due to the ticketing site making an arse of it again. If you agree with the company you use that tickets (season , initially) will be made available on Monday and they then make all tickets available to anyone on Saturday, what can you do ? Don't get me wrong, the club have been told time and time again how awful the site is so I am kind of torn between , it wasn't their fault... and it's no surprise that this has happened.
  19. I know your limited bit I'll try to explain, I was pointing out Oaky FAILED to mention the utter nonsense in other posts suggesting another team deliberately threw a game, which you agreed with. He tends to get focused on the poster rather than the subject. He's a buffoon, has no connection with Paisley, has no connection with ANY other supporters and doesn't understand football. That's just my view, you're entitled to yours.
  20. Like you arguing about black and white? ๐Ÿ˜†
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