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  3. Leave him alone, too easy a target, well known to be dim and dimmer when the bevvy kicks in. TBH Facebook is his level, all members pf DENSA.
  4. The poster known as IoBS has started a dicussion on facebook, Here's his opener.
  5. Yesterday
  6. That is true but we would be unlikely to make further progress. Having said that, I employed a first team player in the 1970s and we didn't do too badly.
  7. Stop ridiculing Sweep, he's the forum clown, very entertaining.
  8. We'll be giving it laldi if we do get them
  9. We'll take our time to sign the quality we signed at the start of the season.
  10. We can recall him at any point. We can't register him though until the window reopens (as he's already played for another club in this window) so there's absolutely no point in doing so. Also, any player we would bring in on a short term deal will have been out of football since late August at best, so again you're talking a guy who hasn't kicked a ball in nearly 4 months getting up to speed very quickly indeed. It's time to throw Nick McAllister or Conor McBrearty in. That's our only realistic option.
  11. If those two sign there will be queues all over to get into the ground.
  12. Ross County fans up to no good as usual.
  13. Right Jim, here's my advice for tomorrow. 1. Don't play Paul McGinn at centre half. It's not his position and we miss his attacking play at right back. Play a youngster at centre half, give big Anton a call, pull the boots on yourself, just don't play the defence we ended up with on Wednesday. 2. Play McAllister and Durmus from the start to give us width and go for it. 3. Tell Obika he gets fined if he drops too deep. He's shite running with the ball and when he has too much thinking time, much more of an instinctive striker. Leave him in the penalty box. 4. Don't be scared to wind Açcies players up, they've had loads sent off this season, a few have a short fuse. 5. Remind the players Açcies are fecking shite.
  14. Surely these odds are gash ? Saints 6/4 favs with Accies at 15/8. Is there a plague in their squad or something ???
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