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  1. Yes. Agree. And again I'm not and haven't said it's the clubs fault. I'm just saying from a business POV its poor.
  2. Yeah I get that. By why? All I'm saying is Joma make football tops. It's what they do. And they ran out in week 1. Now whatever way you look at it from a business point of view to run out straight away isn't good. I'd say the club would sell more tops in week 1 than any other week. Could always buy the away top I suppose[emoji6]
  3. M&S will have thousands of other items to sell to help build that profit line. The home top is the number one line the shop sells and it's not even close. Just saying that running out of the top after a week isn't great. It's great that it's popular but weren't they expecting it to sell well? Feel good factor around the club is high. Season ticket sales doing well. Surely not a surprise the home top is selling well?
  4. I could be wrong here but I believe it's because they are all sold out....Poor. Very poor.
  5. I'd buy both of those. Look great. Top effort.
  6. That an guess or a confirmed leak?
  7. Johnny Dumfries
  8. Also seen him when he played the 02 as a solo and the Royal Concert Hall acoustic set. His voice on the acoustic set was out of this world.
  9. I'm sure there are many versions of what happened. I'm sure he did force their hand. He also took control of the club and Willie Todd and his cronies didn't like it and sacked him for claiming expenses and giving players bonuses that weren't previously agreed. The board were in the right. Fergie no doubt thought he came here to crowds of 1k and now we are getting 15-20k and he was gonna do things his way. He was sacked.
  10. Was it fair they sacked him? No.
  11. Confirmed that he did[emoji20]
  12. All great points and well worthy of debate. I loved Billy Thompson. In hindsight he was probably a lot better in my 10 yr old mind than he ever was in reality. Didn't get to see most of the guys you mentioned. Seen everybody I put in my team. Loved big Dougie.
  13. The board did sack him to be fair
  14. Going 4-4-2 with my favourites..... Thompson Clarke Copeland Reid Munro Stark Aber Fitz Weir Somner McGarvey
  15. Probably go Jesus Christ Pose over Outshined.......Just.....