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  1. When Kyle and Top Bin are back that could definitely work. Especially Kyle with his ability to go box to box.
  2. Goalkeeper error Ricky. A howler to be fair.
  3. They’ve been doing that since time began. What’s changed to make them do anything?
  4. Just can’t see that many more players to come in. Don’t think we need that many or OK wants that many.
  5. Think it just means if you have registered with the club to buy match tickets.
  6. A win Ricky. Yeah that would be nice wouldn’t it. A win...🤞
  7. Mate don’t give up. You guys have been great home and away. It makes a difference what you guys do.
  8. Jack said in the post match interview last night that Reilly’s been dealing with an issue and that’s factored in why he’s played less recently.
  9. This is bang on. I’ve been a few times. Quite a lot of people don’t wear a tie. As long as you’re smartly dressed you’re fine.
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