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  1. bender rodriguez

    Stubbs Confirmed

    I am not hugely excited about this appointment but not hugely disappointed either. Realistically who is out there availible who is a better choice ? it would not matter who was appointed there would have been some of us unhappy. He has to get in here asap and start getting the squad assembled quickly. Its going to be interesting to see the calibre of player we will be signing. Good luck alan and welcome just hope we start the season well to keep the feel good factor alive.
  2. bender rodriguez

    Jack Ross - SMTID?

    I am honest to god gobsmacked by some of our so called supporters on here. Jack Ross turned one of the most boring weak saints sides I can remember into champions in 18 months. I don't know what the dealings were between the clubs but some of things I have seen on here are out of order.
  3. bender rodriguez

    Bye Harry , thanks for the memories

    getting a bit worried now morgan away davis away jack ross possibly away going to be an interesting if not scary close season
  4. bender rodriguez

    Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    Cheers drew I can't get my head round how they let 3100 of the mutants from down road in but only 2250 of us
  5. bender rodriguez

    Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    If we have more than 500 patg tomorrow will we get in home end ?there is no way I can get to brechin before about 2.45 desperate to go but been an unbelievable hassle to get to go. I would much rather be in away end but would settle for just being there.
  6. bender rodriguez

    Attendances in the Championship

    Our away support has been amazing this season unfortunately our home attendances have been poor despite our success and style of play . North st buddie is right the size of paisley and neighbouring towns and this is all we get sickens you. When we win the league they will all be out about town though kidding on they are buddies fans
  7. bender rodriguez

    QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    I am talking about in general ! We like a wee moan I know that but apart from that I dont what your getting at faraway!
  8. bender rodriguez

    QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    Only thing I know for certain is this nugget is definitely not a buddies a fan ! Our fans are brilliant seen a few handbags etc in my time but nothing compared to most clubs , really made me angry reading this although i know its probably a wind up.
  9. bender rodriguez

    Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Why do I need to take a look at myself? Whatever way you cut it we were f**kin hopeless last Saturday! If the team do well they get praised if not they don't. We didn't win a 2nd ball or a header all day and were poor but we have been brilliant 90% of the season so am happy !
  10. bender rodriguez

    Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Not going to overreact but that was tommy Craig era bad! Absolutely toothless and clueless I hate sounding like a doom and gloom merchant but there is no way that team can survive the premiership. Ryan f**kin hardie strolling about like a world beater and nobody even gave him a mild kick really got to me! We Defo need to toughen up
  11. Friday night is more important ! Onwards and upwards just frustrating that we let ourselves down on national tv aberdeen didn't come out of 2nd gear
  12. Were u happy with that insipid performance drew? U are one of the more sensible posters on here and I agree with most of what you say but that was pish today.
  13. I specifically said I am not passing judgement on Flynn never mentioned hill but I think whats bizarre is people on here raving about Mullen not seen nothing from him no where near whats required for premier league I hope to be proved wrong though.
  14. Bit of an eye opener today to be honest. We are Defo the best of a bad bunch in the championship we will definitely need strengthening for the premier. Really don't think the boys we have brought in are good enough I am not writing Flynn off yet after 20 mins but looked really rusty
  15. bender rodriguez

    Player of the Season - The Early Runners

    Agree with half of that !