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  1. I think a lot of our problems are starting from the central mid area. I don't think mcginn or mcshane are tracking back and that's putting pressure on our defence. If u watch the dafc highlights 2.30 mins in mcginn loses the ball then jogs back and the pars striker should have scored.
  2. Absolutely spot on apart from eckersley he was as pish as the rest
  3. absolutely souless performance no fight no nothing let down a massive away support 7k there today at eep
  4. Cheers dj! Looking forward to watching him tomorrow terrorizing the pars on that excellent looking big pitch.
  5. Was there any mention of morgan maybe extending his contract?
  6. Lewis Morgan

    This boy has worked his socks off since he broke into our first team. He looked a bit lightweight at the start but you could see he had talent. He came back after pre-season looked a lot stronger and has never looked back. His work rate and determination are what makes him stand out and I know he won't be here next year but he is a joy to watch and whenever wherever he goes I know nobody in the buddies faithful will grudge him that!
  7. Anyone else think collum enjoyed getting fans singing about him ? Wasn't 100% biased against us but pulling up every single niggle nearly ruined a great game.
  8. What time do the highlights/goals get posted?
  9. Billy Davies

    He surely must have been mis-quoted in that article ! If he said that then he must be a crackpot!
  10. Thought we were poor for first 70 mins not working hard enough closing down or finding space . Last 20 we showed our quality going forward stepped it up and scored some great goals. It is a good sign that we played far from our best and still won, if we can tighten up at back and keep all our forward players here and fit we shoiuld be there or there abouts at the end of the season. Next week is massive hope we keep the feel good factor going.
  11. Collum is a dreadful ref but even at his very worst I don't think he can stop Morgan and co destroying ICT
  12. Scotland v Holland At St Mirren Park 5/9/17

    If Morgan keeps playing the way he is at moment how much realistically will we get for him in January? Remember he is out of contract at end of season!
  13. Agree 100% I love the fact we are are winning but it's the way we are playing that makes it so enjoyable. After years of pretty poor stuff the last 6 or 7 months have been a breath of fresh air, can't wait Saturday to Saturday now. I think the morton game was just a blip coupled with that wee scroat collum refereeing. Dont get me wrong there is still areas we can improve and i am not getting carried away but as long as we are in the mix i will be happy. My biggest concern is how long we will keep hold of of morgan though if we lose him it will be devastating blow he will have a good career whatever happens hope he realises seeing out the season here is not a bad thing!
  14. Awesome today all round! I will be devastated if Morgan leaves before the end of this season he is without doubt the best player in this league by a mile. I honestly couldn't believe how dominant we were against so called favourites. Special mention to jack Baird not my favourite player at all but he was brilliant today won every header. The whole teams closing down , desire, tackling was unbelievable if they play like this every weekend I don't know who can live with us!
  15. This boy Reilly has a great chance of making himself a buddies legend. Superb strikers goals yesterday in the right place at the right time. Next week is massive hope we turn out in numbers and we are all happy at ten to 5