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  1. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Not going to overreact but that was tommy Craig era bad! Absolutely toothless and clueless I hate sounding like a doom and gloom merchant but there is no way that team can survive the premiership. Ryan f**kin hardie strolling about like a world beater and nobody even gave him a mild kick really got to me! We Defo need to toughen up
  2. Friday night is more important ! Onwards and upwards just frustrating that we let ourselves down on national tv aberdeen didn't come out of 2nd gear
  3. Were u happy with that insipid performance drew? U are one of the more sensible posters on here and I agree with most of what you say but that was pish today.
  4. I specifically said I am not passing judgement on Flynn never mentioned hill but I think whats bizarre is people on here raving about Mullen not seen nothing from him no where near whats required for premier league I hope to be proved wrong though.
  5. Bit of an eye opener today to be honest. We are Defo the best of a bad bunch in the championship we will definitely need strengthening for the premier. Really don't think the boys we have brought in are good enough I am not writing Flynn off yet after 20 mins but looked really rusty
  6. Player of the Season - The Early Runners

    Agree with half of that !
  7. Player of the Season - The Early Runners

    Cammy smith for me followed closely by most the team but to suggest mcgennis who has been injured most of season and is just getting back to his best in last couple of games is frankly quite bizarre are you sure you don't drink shull? If he is m.o.m for last 14 games and scores 15 goals he might have a chance
  8. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    What happened to elvis ?
  9. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    Excellent performance today on a dodgy looking surface we still knocked it about well. Totally dominated start to finish only slight gripe was that we should have scored far more final ball let us down sometimes. Magennis getting stronger every week he could be our main man next season. Bairdy and Davis didn't look like they had to break sweat and mcginn and stelios had excellent games. Special mention to cammy smith though he puts himself about works hard and links up all the play but it's the consistency of his performances that makes him our top man so far this season imo
  10. St Mirren V ICT 6th Jan 2018

    Baird and davis excellent , stelios and smith had good games too and mcgennis looking more like his old self. Also thought mcginn had a decent 90 min but was a bit worried that we absolutely dominated the first 45 as we did Tuesday but never killed the game game off. The decision making in the final third was a bit suspect that game should have finished by half time but great result .
  11. Jai Quitongo

    I would definitely take him at st mirren park, he may not be as prolific a goalscorer as gav but he is bigger , stronger and quicker . I reckon a front two pairing of quitongo and Reilly would strike fear into defences in this league. It has been working well with cammy playing in behind reilly this season but would always give us another option.
  12. Great night excellent result and really good atmosphere enjoyed the night. Defence were solid, Morgan and Smith were usual selfs and new boy Mullen worked his socks off. Still think mcginn and mcshane need to impose themselves more on game but had better 2nd halves. Tuesday is massive game really looking forward to it. Duffy will have them doubled up on Morgan so we will need others to step up to the plate Tuesday. Has ref been announced for Tuesday ?
  13. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Some of his finishes this season have been sublime
  14. Stephen Mallan

    We have had lots of FK opportunities just outside box this season which we have not taken advantage of and I am sure stevie would have scored a couple. I like mc Shane and mcginn but think they have been pretty inconsistent this season. Going forward they have been good but their defensive capabilities are not great
  15. Stephen Mallan

    I know his old man posts on here but I would have thought he would have encouraged him to go elsewhere. Barnsley were always going to be whipping boys in that division stevie is a great player in a dominant team but he is not a battler I don't know if it's just financially he went there but seems a strange decision to me. Would love him back though would genuinely think we would win the league if he came back