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  1. Agreed on both counts, and now looking forward to the fourth test starting Saturday and the Challenge Cup final on Alba.
  2. And I'll be walking around Frankston with my 59 cup final retro tap on.... again...
  3. Bummer lol
  4. I agree with Shull
  5. Apologies, wrang thread.
  6. 0oooh feathered glove, 324 for six,
  7. Yeah Bud I'm live streaming it even as we speak, tighter than a nuns' nasty, but Oz slightly ahead atm.
  8. Have you checked yer wing mirrors? I used to winch a wee English lassie fae Govan, that's a few big notes I'll never see again lol
  9. I'd be there but the busses from Melbourne are shite!
  10. FFS just go ya feckin auld tightwad
  11. Close, but no cigar
  12. About 20 past midnight, and enjoying a wee bottle of Shiraz to keep me awake
  13. Davis ya feckin beauty
  14. Now lost count of how many times I've voted, but still 70% for Lewis.