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  1. Falkirk tv is shite,out of focus 80% of the time.
  2. Bazil is a wee bit Fawlty
  3. To be fair he'd need to have eyes in the back of his head to see a decent player bite him on the arse... although if it meant that the eyes on the front of his head weren't working that might explain why he can't see a decent player right in front of him.
  4. I've already had a few myself Bud, and still have half a bottle of red left
  5. I nominate Elvis.
  6. I'm thinking I should get a couple of hours shuteye then donate a fiver to Falkirk TV, I love the baldy webmeisters' periscope feed and hilarious lager fuelled commentary but will settle for a steady picture and the sound of a couple of bairns choking while we rip them a new one.
  7. Ah okay, the version given by the Syrian-American commentator on the news earlier today was suggesting that he was accusing IS of perpetuating the attack, then sending their own medics and film crews in to the area in a staged rescue operation for propaganda purposes. It is an old adage that the first casualty of war is the truth, and it is likely that we may never be able to definitively apportion the blame on either side in this instance, while huge numbers of Syrians suffer and die. Truly tragic, and unrelentingly horrific.
  8. Not quite, he just claims that it wasn't him. Don't you love the good old " A big boy did it and ran away " defence
  9. Yes
  10. Just got a wee shiver there, that was my Dads favourit homily
  11. Are you Elvis the cat in disguise?
  12. FFS Elvis you are dead ya fat deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwich eating plonker, your unrelentingly doom and gloom posts have been mildly amusing for a while but are now becoming tedious and repetitive.
  13. Very clever.