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  1. Yeah I saw that when I was on my break at work, he was giving the thumbs up
  2. Clever cunty...
  3. Australia is vast, much of it has little or no internet coverage, so it might not be so bad.... I hear the Simpson Desert is very picturesque
  4. I hear ya, but I am unashamedly celebrating, my heart is bursting with pride, come on you saints
  5. Just joy, just f**kin beamin, just f**kin love you St Murn, just f**kin happy.
  6. oh flower of Paisley when will we see yur like again, who fought and near died for, oor wee bit hill and glen. I've always been proud to bea buddie but tonight I'm absolutely bursting for my town and my team, I f**kin love you all Paisley.. my town and my team
  7. ohhyooooey ohoooyooo saint murrn the saints, northbank agaro
  8. f**k all you nay sayers; we are the Saints GIRFUY
  9. Scotland is a country not a meme, hope this helps
  10. Yeah.... coz they are famous for looking after Scottish roads,
  11. P2 wit, get back under your bridge wee man
  12. You really are shite at this trolling lark, and " this level" that you constantly refer to is your own level. Comedy gold
  13. Falkirk tv is shite,out of focus 80% of the time.
  14. Bazil is a wee bit Fawlty