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  1. Yes it does, unless of course you have been de-selected by your constituents and have been shuffled into the house of lords in which case it makes perfect sense.
  2. Voting Tory doesn't make you a bad person, just a gullible one
  3. So you were ranting about my rant? MODS?
  4. Agreed on all points DJ, but how does this relate to the manure factory that I was replying to?
  5. Bring back the reserves league, let the promising youngsters play against men.
  6. This is bordering on idiocy, and the lack of awareness shown by the organisers of this event is worrying to say the least.
  7. Every forum needs a complete f*ckwit that is so consistently making a horses arse of himself that it reminds us all that the internet is full of idiots like yourself, who are bored whilst waiting for the three billy goats to cross the bridge that you cower under. I am convinced that eventually you will suffocate under the massive piles of keech that you emit, and that I, for one, will have to start looking for a new fertilizer for my veggies, but so be it.
  8. I finally got a chance to watch it a couple of hours ago ( thanks hola ) and it was superb. Like many Paisley folk of my vintage my mother, gran, great granny and most of their sisters were Mill Lassies and it was quite an emotional experience for me to see all the old footage, and listen to the reminisces of those who are still with us.
  9. A thoughtful and sensible post, it'll never catch on in here
  10. You bloody beauty, every team needs a player that can conjure something from seemingly nothing, and the bold Stelios is one of those players. Mon the stellar Cypriot, and mon the famous Paisley Saints!
  11. Clypegate , brilliant!
  12. Yeah I saw that when I was on my break at work, he was giving the thumbs up
  13. Clever cunty...
  14. Australia is vast, much of it has little or no internet coverage, so it might not be so bad.... I hear the Simpson Desert is very picturesque
  15. I hear ya, but I am unashamedly celebrating, my heart is bursting with pride, come on you saints