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  1. I've said it before. How do clubs like Hamilton and Livingston manage to get substantial payments for players and we always seem to get peanuts in comparison?
  2. Absolutely superb from Tiernan!
  3. Welcome aboard and good luck Craig.
  4. The problems at the club are primarily down to the swing door to the managers office. We need to stick with Jack Ross for the medium to long term. If we go down, then so be it. A long term plan and we will get back to the top. We have made this shambles through mismanagement and the fans are culpable too. Look at the players that the boo boys have attacked in recent seasons. Imrie, Harkins, Carey etc, who were good players before they came to St Mirren and good players when they left. The club should stick by Ross even if we go down
  5. Haha a bit harsh but up to you. Personally I have resolved not to rise to his anti SNP bait this year, but he is entitled to say what he likes. Won't affect my life in the slightest
  6. Now now Callum, season of good will to all, including StuD! I rarely agree with him but he is entertaining!
  7. So this season has been dreadful so far. Come on Lovestreet, cheer us up in the New Year. Anything bubbling away?
  8. A win we'll ffs who'd have thought? yaaaaaaaaas
  9. The frustration of fans is totally understandable. We have had 4 or is it 5 managers in a row (I've lost count ffs) , none of whom had a new manager bounce. Dire situation that few if any, could have predicted 3 years ago.
  10. Surely not!
  11. Ffs I've got Saints -4 on the coupon! 5-0 up and slack defending busts it!!!!
  12. Ahh Shull, those were the days. A proper keeper, quality defenders, wingers and goal scorers! For younger readers, these were players who could find the net.
  13. There will be no change of management this season. Our only hope is that Jack Ross can have a massive clear out in January and somehow catch the teams above us. I think 2nd bottom is still achievable! Ffs who would have thought on St Patrick's Day 2013, this was our future? Time to roll up the sleeves and get on with it.
  14. I have a football scores update app and it says Saints had a man sent off after half an hour! ETA just changed it to a yellow ffs. Not good for the stress levels!