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  1. Still looks a bit lightweight up front. A couple of strikers required as Sutton is getting on a bit and must be doubtful as a 1st choice starter. Otherwise it looks promising
  2. Agree wholeheartedly Insaintie. Kezia and her party have opposed every single bill in the Scottish Parliament, with her best pal Ruth. UK Labour borrowed many of these SNP policies and did well down south as a result. Will Kezia now support these policies? She did not speak about them once during the election and, instead of attacking the Tories, wrapped herself in the union flag to attack the SNP. Silly wee girl. She should resign and allow someone who knows what they're talking about to replace her
  3. The great irony of course is that The DUP and the 13 Scots Tories can prop up May until Boris knives her in the back. Boris in no10 and that halfwit across the Atlantic. What a horrific prospect.
  4. I do get that but this is a vile Tory government in London and yet the only part of the U.K. Where their vote goes up is Scotland!
  5. The press can spin it all they like, but I know many Independence supporters who saw the polls and thought, wrongly in my opinion, that they would vote for Corbyn. But Labours support is still only 3% up from 2015. Frankly the rise in Scots Tory support absolutely baffles me.
  6. Still got Charlie Green and Duff and Phelps cases to come and gloriously, The Rangers have to foot the bill for Green's defence, as it was in his contract!
  7. 3 own goals Shull? You'll get tremendous odds on that! Probably jail time as well
  8. Always good to see a Scot being top of the world in any sport. Still wish he'd told them to shove the knighthood though
  9. The board should make an official complaint to Doncaster and co immediately. Dundee chairman has behaved like Sevco!
  10. According to The Daily Rangers!!! So made up by some lazy journalist
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Best 0-0 I've seen in years. Brilliant stuff
  12. Except Sevco. Clubs want the money up front. I wonder why?
  13. Good luck to him wherever he signs. Another signing who was a bit unlucky. Player of the year in a better side before coming to the shambles that was St Mirren. Timing is everything
  14. Shull, John Mowat? He was ok at best, but I'm sure I remember him wearing silver boots!
  15. Without a doubt. Absolute class.