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  1. Diving Cheats 2017/18

    Surely it wasn't given as he was not wearing a green and white hooped shirt!
  2. 21 shots to 1 and a goal down. That's St Mirren for you!! Don't know whether to laugh or greet!
  3. Brilliantly done. Hope you bet it!
  4. Speculation Thread

    Why did you say that Bud. You know he'll score a hat trick against us on Saturday!!!!!!!
  5. Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....

    If the SFA or SPFL strip the old club of the trophies they cheated in, who would sue? The new club or the dead club?
  6. Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....

    So the result is ....... Nothing to see here, move on. Depressingly predictable and no surprise. We really are a corrupt wee country when it comes to protecting the interests of the old firm, as was. Rangers died after years of cheating and underhand dealings, trying to keep up with their better run and bigger city rivals. Allowed and encouraged by their slavering followers in the media to start a new club and walk away from their responsibilities and debts. Keep the history of the previous club as if nothing happened. No punishment, no shame and no inquiry. Disgraceful but predictable.
  7. Liam Smith RB Hearts

    According to The Daily Record he is still recuperating from injury but St Mirren are wanting him on loan
  8. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    Post of the day. Spot on Highlight was when Jags fans were singing "we want 6" and our lot sang "we want 1". Gallows humour, made me smile
  9. If you want to be pedantic TC, three cups. However, realistically we are not likely to progress beyond the groups anyway. I imagine that Jack Ross and many other managers use this trophy as glorified pre season. It is crystal clear that a couple of signings are needed, plus the injured players back as soon as possible. Small squad and found out by a very poor Livi side. It is traditional that St Mirren teams, much better than this one, struggle against poor opposition.
  10. It's still pre season. QOS lost at home to East Kilbride tonight. I am only disgusted that we have been beaten at home yet again by those cheats from West Lothian. A couple of signings needed including a striker asap
  11. Careful Elvis. In Scots Law, a verbal contract is binding!
  12. Our record against Livingston is truly appalling over the years. However, we will get better, rumour has it that Cardiff are signing their 2 best players. I cannot honestly remember the last time we started a season well and I have been a fan for half a century!!!!!
  13. League Prediction

    I predict a top 4 finish. Return of decent crowds and a wee cup run. I do however predict this every year! Being St Mirren, anything could happen and I would settle for a season without the threat of relegation
  14. Latest Scores

    2-0 now ffs lol