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  1. Good luck to him wherever he signs. Another signing who was a bit unlucky. Player of the year in a better side before coming to the shambles that was St Mirren. Timing is everything
  2. Shull, John Mowat? He was ok at best, but I'm sure I remember him wearing silver boots!
  3. Without a doubt. Absolute class.
  4. Connaghan, Beckett, Munro. Victor, Reid, Copland and Aber. McAvennie, McDougall,Torfasson, Scanlon. Subs Thompson, Blair, Richardson, Stark, Aitken, Adam and Billy Thomson
  5. Red card Aberdeen in injury time. Handball by Aberdeen keeper or for not wearing a red, white and blue strip!
  6. Which Livingston is this? Version 3,4,5? 3.5 million! Ffs This shambolic cheating club have around 700 fans at home games. They don't own their ground, I believe. Who would buy shares in that basket case, given their history of folding every 5 years or so
  7. Just read article in Daily Rangers about Pedro. Where do Sevco find these guys? Deluded or what?
  8. Good luck to the boy down south. He deserves his move. There is something wrong with the game when Sevco can get £500k for a 15 year old and we get less for an established first team player and under 21 internationist though. I hope there's a big sell on clause
  9. Arrogance of the week alert! Young Traoire of Ajax is on loan from Chelsea. Commentator "Is he good enough for Chelsea?" Fellow commentator "Nowhere near good enough. Alright in Holland and might end up at a mid table Premiership club like West Brom"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Do keep up DJ, 42-bigot brothers equals........................ You see?
  11. Ahh, I see what you did there Shull
  12. It isn't but at least it's a game with meaning. Why show an utterly meaningless SPL game, in which the latest group of Celtic youths will play. The commentators will drool over them, claiming some 16 year old is the new Messi etc. Boring
  13. Funny that there is no coverage now Sevco aren't involved. BBC bigot brothers corporation covered nearly every Sevco game in the lower leagues and playoffs. STV showed Celtic vs Rangers Glasgow Cup Final live a fortnight ago. It really is pathetic
  14. The Fitz's enthusiasm is awesome
  15. Surely the boy has more ambition than that!