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  1. There is always twats like this guy. Is it Jackson Carlaw?
  2. Boris is beyond parody. Today’s measures are welcome as far as they go. However, the so-called key workers, of which I am one, are amongst the lowest paid groups of workers in the country! We see Universal Credit increased by £1000 a year for a single person. Nurses, council workers and civil servants have not received £1000 increase in the last decade combined!!! But we are suddenly vital key workers, getting partronising video messages from ministers and senior management about how great we all are. No increase in salaries obviously. Of course, once this is over, once again austerity will be brought in and once more we will lead the way in being hammered as an example to everyone else.
  3. Thanks for that. Still 3.4 % is a not inconsiderable number. I did not say that 10 million people would contract the virus. The point I was clumsily trying to make was that if this takes off as it has in Italy, the health service will be swamped. Closing down theatres, football stadiums etc seems a small price to pay to at least try to contain the outbreak
  4. DJ get real ffs. The death rate is estimated by The WHO to be about 6%. If 10 million people in the UK contract it you are looking at about 600000 deaths!!
  5. According to Sevco Media, Morelos is worth £50 million. He has 12 league goals. Obika has 8. That mean he’s worth £30 million?
  6. This is it! Buzzing. Cup Final COYS
  7. I live near Motherwell these days. Can’t see any way this is going to be on tomorrow. It’s been lashing down with rain/sleet for hours
  8. Ffs I find myself agreeing with Elvis!!!![emoji23]
  9. Saints -4 @ 7/2 and -5 @ 9/1 with Skybet
  10. Please Jim play our 1st eleven in this. Saints -4 on the coupon
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