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  1. I see the reserves have scored at least 6 today!!!!! Double the 1st team in one game
  2. I’ve said it before but I don’t understand the boo boys agenda against Baird. Always gives 100% even in some of the dreadful teams he was lumbered with. Hope you’re back soon Jack
  3. That f*****g surface is a disgrace. It’s supposed to be professional football, but that and Hamilton’s pitches are an absolute joke!
  4. Funny how the authorities here cannot see or hear the sectarian bile every single week and have taken no action against either of the bigot brothers. If only UEFA could intervene on domestic football
  5. Looks like he has strength and pace. Also can hit a free kick. What’s not to like?[emoji106]
  6. Hate to be accused of being a happy clapper, but the squad looks as good as we could’ve hoped. Another striker and my optimism will be higher than it’s been for years[emoji106]🥳🥳
  7. Mark Yardley for me. Hit the ground running and never looked back. Gunni Torfason, as I’d never heard of him until he signed and was a brilliant piece of business
  8. Looks a strong lad. Welcome Jonathan
  9. Nurse! Nurse! Aldo has forgotten his medication again!
  10. Oh dear LPM. It really is silly season. For what it’s worth, I hear that good news is about to break. Watch this space. Patience my Lord, patience
  11. Steady Elvis. That is almost positivity![emoji23]
  12. [emoji23][emoji23] very good Ricky
  13. Where is Lovestreet? Need some wild speculation to cheer us up on a Monday morning🥳
  14. Dear oh dear. The manager has been in place for under 3 weeks ffs. He has looked at the squad and will now know what he needs. Let’s see what the next couple of weeks brings before the knives are sharpened
  15. With half a squad Ricky? That would be good for morale!
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