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  1. Misread the post and assumed it was ours! Traditional large black and white stripes for me. No bib just large stripes
  2. I wonder when you step back and look at this away from the Sky rabble rousing, why are the fans of the 6 rebels so opposed to this? It seems to me that these clubs wanted to stay in their leagues and guarantee glamour ties every season. I understand why Sky and other clubs hate the idea but not the supporters of these 6
  3. Woodward has not resigned, he was leaving anyway. So now the PR machines are in full swing. No punishment for the rebels as they’ve done the right thing. Only good news I’ve seen this morning is that any lingering hopes the bigot brothers had of leaving are dead in the water. Watching Sky this morning and the consensus is that punishment would be harsh!!!! That’ll teach them. As an aside, the owners of these clubs cannot be removed. There are very few people wealthy enough to buy out the Glazers etc even if they wanted to sell
  4. Of course it will Faraway. A Champions League without 20 of the biggest clubs will mean less prize money for the rump left behind. I see UEFA are now claiming that Champions League negotiations are ongoing to vastly increase money. This will be to try and change the minds of the rebels and would be a win for them in the short term. Little of these vast sums will filter down to the likes of Celtic and The Rangers. The gap will increase even more and will lead to them chasing the money by overspending. That worked out well for the previous occupants of Ibrox.
  5. You have to laugh at the outrage from Sky. Single handedly destroyed the game by pouring vast amounts into EPL. Now being outbid by this cricket style breakaway. It matters not a jot to St Mirren so let them get on with it. Unfortunately the bigot brothers aren’t big enough to be invited so will suffer financially, so that’s a bonus.
  6. Covid cost us. Players were knackered playing 3 games a week coupled with injuries and ran out of steam. Still it’s great to be going into the last 5 games knowing we cannot be dragged into the relegation scrap. Successful season considering
  7. NO NO and thrice NO. Dreadful idea that benefits 2 teams only. GITF!!!!!!!!
  8. Spot on Norris. All four are integral in this years improvement
  9. Agree that we probably deserve this as we were caught. However I do not believe for one minute that no other players in Scotland were:are carsharing. Bare in mind the logistics of travelling to training for players who don’t drive, live a great distance from their place of work etc. Are all these other clubs seriously saying that all their players have been taking public transport or taxis? I seriously doubt it. Could be an interesting next few days as I’m sure someone will do a Lee Wallace and turn super grass.
  10. Let’s see what happens when inevitably Bigot FC are hit with this. 3-0 St Mirren award? Not a chance in hell!!!! This must be appealed
  11. Saints commemorative bottle of whisky from 1987 cup win. Unopened
  12. What kind of logic is that? So if you are a relatively rich club with a huge playing squad you escape sanctions, but smaller debt free clubs get penalised? Nonsense!
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