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  1. It does look like an omnishambles again. Another major upheaval 3 weeks before the new season. No manager, no signings and no plan. Looks even worse than last year. The new manager will certainly earn his wages to get us anywhere near ready in just 3 weeks
  2. I know it’s not the St Mirren way, but all I ask is for some stability for once. If it’s Jim Goodwin so be it
  3. BBC reporting Popesco now in limbo with the Oran situation!
  4. Hahahaha[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]fair enough my friend
  5. I still think the club should be making some kind of statement on this. 3 weeks until the League Cup kicks off, no signings, managerial shambles. It’s the St Mirren way
  6. Tony does and says exactly what I would be like in his position. I remember way back when he returned to Saints from Bristol City. I was 16 or 17 and was at Love Street when he came back. His enthusiasm and energy was infectious. I don’t care what the man says. He is a true Buddie and one of us
  7. Faraway, that is unnecessary. Tony is a legend as a player and is one of us. I don’t mind his over optimism at all. In fact, I love his passion
  8. Surely this nothing more than rumour. The season is only 4 weeks away and if OK was leaving he would’ve done so after the playoff final. A fortnight to get a replacement and then we’re weeks behind everyone else yet again in the transfer market. I do not believe this but a statement from the club would clear it up
  9. Ziggy Gordon? Craig Gordon or is Gordon Scott going to play himself?
  10. I don’t get the anti Lyons feeling amongst a certain element. Why oh why does there have to be a boo boy for the more rabid fans to froth over? I always felt the boy gave 100% in every game he played
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