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  1. Saints commemorative bottle of whisky from 1987 cup win. Unopened
  2. What kind of logic is that? So if you are a relatively rich club with a huge playing squad you escape sanctions, but smaller debt free clubs get penalised? Nonsense!
  3. If 3-0 defeats are imposed then St Mirren should take it to The COA for Sport. Celtic players twice broke protocols with no sanctions. Aberdeen broke protocol with no sanctions. The blue bigots have so far escaped infection, but should that happen at Ibrox, does anyone honestly believe they would be forced to forfeit matches 3-0?
  4. 58% support for Independence and rising! It’s happening folks. Yoonies have no coherent answers. Lovely
  5. Marc McNulty’s wages are way out of our league. That’s a fact of life. Maybe 2 coming in before midnight?
  6. Always rely on your optimism Elvis. Are you staff morale officer at your work?[emoji23]
  7. Dear oh dear Santaponsa! Had it been McPherson I would’ve been more concerned. We need a couple of defenders pronto by Monday. If we’ve received £250/£300K then fair enough
  8. Conaghan Wilson Munro Fitzpatrick Reid McGinn J Hewitt Stark McDougall Thorfason McGarvey
  9. Livingston fans on P&B saying they have sold only 200 season tickets and owe some guy a lot of money. They won’t be buying anyone as they are skint
  10. Hugh was in the team when I started going to games as a child and was in The Alex Wright Champions Team. RIP
  11. Best was either Victor or Gunni. Worst was Paeslack or Mousa Dagnogo
  12. What happens if either cheek finishes bottom? Do they get relegated to the Lowland League? Or, more likely, would TV money mean they must be in the same league? Get rid of this ludicrous f’in pish now
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