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  1. cambiebud

    Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....

    Rangers died. Sevco took the vacancy and have won f all since they took the bigoted fans of the dead club. Long may it continue! Well done the Fakes today
  2. Just shows how grim this season has been so far. Livi haven’t scored this year and could fail to score for the rest of the season and still stay up. However, if we score we will win this one
  3. Div, just close this thread. Won’t happen and shouldn’t happen. OK is going nowhere and rightly so
  4. I understand the frustration mate, but I firmly believe that the constant revolving door at Greenhill Road is mostly to blame for our predicament. The club needs stability behind the scenes and OK should be given until at least Christmas to put his mark on things. May not be popular but that’s what I believe
  5. cambiebud

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    Fortunately I’m in Edinburgh today for a show. Sounds like a good decision. Roll on the Championship
  6. cambiebud

    Magic has gone..

    Only part I disagree with is the amateur facilities. Scottish football is run for the good of the bigot brothers, but then it always has been. Our top league is too small, because Sky/Sevco/SFA etc need 4 games every season against their green business partners. This transfer window sums up everything that is wrong with the game. Panic loan signings by all three clubs facing relegation. As I keep banging on about, the top league should have 18-20 clubs, so that clubs are encouraged to bring in their own young up and coming talent. The price for relegation is too high at present
  7. cambiebud

    The championship

    This sums it up. I detest the bigot brothers and the fawning media that support them. We are a small country that does nothing to encourage professional football out with the big 2. The top league is far too small, primarily in order to guarantee 4 bigotfests a season. The top league should be 18 or 20 clubs in order to encourage teams to bring their own players through. Will never happen while those 2 are here
  8. cambiebud

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    I have said before, clubs need stability. Oran Kearney should be told publicly that his job is safe, even when we go down. Unless we do what we did the last time and are gritting with a double relegation, he should be backed fully in The Championship.
  9. cambiebud

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    Well that was pretty grim to be honest. One or two positives but with Dundee and Accies picking up points, I am starting to go all Elvis. Really hard to see us not finishing bottom. However, if so, we go again in the Championship. Prefer watching Dunfermline etc to the bigot brothers anyway
  10. cambiebud

    The International Rangers v St Mirren - 2nd February 2019

    Still no news from the Compliance Officer then? Nothing to see here, move along
  11. cambiebud

    The International Rangers v St Mirren - 2nd February 2019

    Today shows why VAR will never happen in Scotland. Not a surprise for anyone that Dallas gives Rangers given 4 penalties!!!!! Ffs[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] One a dive and 2 outside the box! I assume Sevco will be sending a statement demanding action by the SFA?
  12. cambiebud

    Speculation Thread

    Ffs is nothing happening at all?
  13. cambiebud

    Saints v Hibs, 27th January 2019

    There were signs of the fighting qualities needed today, but we are still too lightweight. The real tests will come in February and March against those around us. I am not Elvislike in my pessimism but we really need to grind out points soon
  14. cambiebud

    January Signings

    I see Newcastle are signing a left back. Does that mean Paul Dummett could be sent out on loan?