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  1. The stand doesn't go the full length of the park. I'm sure you will be midway between centre spot and the goals. Not a bad view from the stand as even the front row is about 10 feet off the ground.
  2. Choo Choo.
  3. How are you travelling on Saturday? Court Bar?
  4. Woman in the United ticket office told me they had taken the South Stand off their website as they only had a few seats left at the front in that stand. That holds over 4,00 alone.
  5. I was going to go along and watch as it's fairly local for me but not now as it's on the telly.
  6. Great effort if we can move the rest of the tickets this week.
  7. What seat number are you? They run from number 1, which is the side nearest the "Home" end to approx number 150, which of course is near the "Away" end.
  8. You don't need to leave the pitch if the person who booted you up the arse gets booked.
  9. Great idea. Hope it all goes well for you guys on the day. I am in the Main St & looking forward to seeing the display.
  10. I really couldn't give a toss. But "he" is obviously in the know a lot more than I am so I will bow to his greater knowledge and withdraw my criticism of the member concerned.
  11. Touched a nerve I think. Wonder why ????
  12. Writing a letter is a lot different than standing outside with a placard and supporting the families in the local and national media. Opinions and all that.
  13. I don't disagree about the Health Board making the decision but surely our elected representatives for the area could have at least went through the motions instead of complaining they couldn't get a Big Mac in the High Street. Anyway - let's hope for 3 points on Wednesday.
  14. Fair point and one that my Mrs agrees with. She thinks that the last thing we need is another referendum but it might be the last chance to get rid of the ultra right wing for another 30 years.
  15. The Tory government couldn't care less if Scotland leave the UK or not as it will only strengthen their majority in the UK Parliament without the SNP MP's. On the flip side the SNP couldn't run a bath and as the Paisley MSP can't be arsed trying to save the RAH Children's ward, it's a case of voting for the lesser of two evils. I voted no very strongly last time - This time my vote is up for grabs. I am firmly in the "Haven't got a clue where to put my X camp".