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  1. Travelling to Dunfermline-a warning

    I just spoke with a colleague of mine who lives in Dunfermline and he said to completely avoid the new forth road bridge on Saturday.
  2. Great post, sums it up spot on, I sensed mid way through the first half that Utd appeared a bit gutless and devoid of ideas and were likely there for the taking, third goal just polished the whole day off!!
  3. Our Compere

    I think the tannoy chap is doing a great job, I've stated before that he is trying new things (enjoyed Jack's choice of tunes at the Falkirk game) which can only be refreshing. I found it quite amusing a few weeks ago at the Thistle game when their tannoy was going berserk when someone shouted to Campbell "Cammie can ye no sort that oot!!" [emoji3]
  4. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Seriously though, just passing on train, M8 very busy!!
  5. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Very good point, I already decided against taking my 12 year old daughter and am going on my Tod, but nobody needs any trouble of any sort, it's going to be a highly charged day, warm and drink will be taken, let's just hammer them (on the park) then get out of there!!
  6. Darryl Duffy

    I just c-love all this banter, certainly spices things up for today!!
  7. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Right this is it then, really looking forward to this, I'm not suggesting an absolute rout but I do think we'll beat this mob convincingly, I'm going for Saints 4 Dodgers 0, Reilly 2, Stelios and Morgan. COYS.
  8. Darryl Duffy

    I understand him to be a massive threat at Koh-I-noor's.......just getting my coat!!
  9. Darryl Duffy

    As long as that Morton net Saag's tomorrow this thread will all have been worthwhile!!
  10. Darryl Duffy

    I need to Goa back to work now.............
  11. Darryl Duffy

    Was a rice wee thread while it lasted (sorry)...........
  12. Darryl Duffy

    As long as he Dhalevirs........or we'll all be Sari.......
  13. Our Compere

    I note a big improvement on the entertainment front, the guys are trying their best in mixing it up a bit which can only be good, they are even asking for suggestions and ideas, lets all pull together for the one cause COYS!!
  14. They are truly unbelievable for it, they make me sick.
  15. What did Jack say? I'll get the ball rolling. "You'll never get a cardigan as good as this, ya wee ride,"