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  1. The Scottish National Party And NHS Cuts Thread

    Very disappointing, my 7 year old son has a condition that requires a lot of management and the care he has received up there since diagnosis has been outstanding, as usual it’s all about money, going forward the thought of having to deal with this ‘super hospital’ in Govan petrifies my wife and I.
  2. League or Cup

    Good post. For me the league all the way with a good performance tomorrow where we come away with respect and please god no injuries!!
  3. Very true indeed, I’ve worked up there extensively over the last 12 years and they don’t like us very much at all, fortunately I’m back down the road now!!
  4. Can not argue with any of these posts and whilst I’m a great admirer of Cammy Smith our Captain Stephen McGinn is an absolute Titan in the middle of the Park. Put simply, no Stephen McGinn no top of the league!! The work that guy goes through is phenomenal!!
  5. For me either Cammy Smith or Stephen McGinn, but I do agree all the guys have been outstanding and deserve loads of praise, it’s been such a great season so far!!
  6. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    You have to imagine fitness wise in the latter stages of the game he will dye away??
  7. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    He may ‘plug’ a hole in their front line, I did hear they were a bit thin up top.......sorry, I’ll get my coat!!
  8. 1-3 New Players Coming In.

    I listened and heard him praising Dobbie highly later in the show........I wonder???
  9. How big is the Saints Support?

    Thought the guys who braved the elements yesterday in the WDE were fantastic, I was in the covered stand, the guy in the white jacket just at the back of the goals really made it for me, he was choreographing a large section of the WDE and had a fantastic rapport with our drummer. Just brilliant!!
  10. Jai Quitongo

    Agreed, he couldn’t lace Cammy’s boots, who again by the way was outstanding yesterday!!
  11. Morton v St Mirren 2/1/18 LIVE ON BBC ALBA

    Spot on bud, thank you!!
  12. Morton v St Mirren 2/1/18 LIVE ON BBC ALBA

    Is that covered stand open for buds (the one looking right from the Wee Dublin End)? I am taking my young daughter and would much prefer being in there as opposed to the elements, I recall from the August game that it was sparsely populated. I’ve just checked my tickets and they don’t specify an end as such!!
  13. The Five Games of Christmas

    These are exciting times indeed, this is a great league we are in, all of the teams (and I include Brechin) have something to offer, I hope we beat Utd on Friday night, they need to know we are gonna fight all the way for this title, still hoping they implode at some point in the season!!
  14. Merry Christmas EveryBuddie

    Merry Xmas everybody!!
  15. Captain Fantastic

    I’ve never met him but a colleague of mine is a good mate of his and Stephen kindly got the whole team to sign a shirt for me at the start of the season. Great guy and let’s not forget back to the turning point last season against TNS with that scorcher of a goal, for me he’s been a 7 or 8 out of 10 most weeks ever since!!