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  1. I think we will almost be guaranteed more effort, concentration, intensity and consequently more quality on Saturday after last weeks showing, I know it's too little too late in this competition but I see 3 or 4 nil Saints and I am actually looking forward to this one.
  2. Fair question though, they must have some cracking youngsters on their books that will not get near their first team, makes sense all round!!
  3. I think we should take a chance on the boy Griffiths they have on their books [emoji3]
  4. Got to agree with the last part of this post, with the exception of our captain I saw no fight or dig from the team, we were all over the place yesterday, thistle simply blew us away (particularly in the first half). I am a bit worried as based on that yesterday 'streetwise' teams such as Falkirk and Dundee United could potentially do the same to us if we don't get our act together. For me that was as bad yesterday as QOS at home back in January.
  5. Hi, not knowing the specific design but the previous posters point is a good one, perhaps the joiner could manufacturer a plinth which you could screw the bottom to then glue the top onto, there are some very very strong glues on the market right now.
  6. And there's me thinking this thread would never get off the ground!!
  7. Don't worry Jack and James will propel us right up to the summit of that league next season!!
  8. We'll get off to a flyer this season!!
  9. Really pleased that my cult hero has signed up again, Super Stelios!!!!!
  10. I agree, I think Loy was very good for us in the time we had him, he worked very hard and scored some very important goals to keep us up.
  11. Aye, been a boring week!!
  12. Does anyone think we'll still get Loy??
  13. I do not think for one moment he will go, but if he does it's pretty poor show, as a lot of the lads have signed up due to him, this could really screw up the whole recent positivity around the place, if I was GS I would tell Dundee to feck off and sign Jack up on improved terms!!
  14. Aye, that is one mighty financial boot in the baws for Dundee United, here's hoping we give them a few hidings next season!!
  15. My scenario much more simple (or so it may appear), chase up my 12 year old daughter to get ready on time take the same route along Glasgow road, turn down Greenhill Road, turn right and park in my 'lucky spot' under the railway bridge on Murray Street. Sad I know but hey it works for me!!